But i got it for a steal! There is a certain sweetness and warmth that I can't really compare to anything else, and it's captivating. This is perfect for all ages and all events whether dressed up or dressed down. Lasts for a few hours, projection is not as powerful as other types of cologne. Few minutes later, when the middle notes come out, the scent begin to show itself… The nutmeg, violet, woody saffron note are wonderul together...Many vanilla based perfume have the same problem: the vanilla note oppresses every other notes, but in this case, this isn’t true. When you first put it on,it smells almost like brown sugar and leather. Still a great scent though! Performance is okay but nothing insane. great smell of sugar cane with grass then leather and vanilla. mine is the newest bottle with the gold cap. It is linear and smooth. Product Description. I think its best for spring. Then came Bxxxx batches in 2016, and then Cxxxx batches in late 2016. If the scent alone interests you, buy it you won't regret it. 1-16 of 156 results for "perfume carolina herrera" Skip to main search results Eligible for free delivery. the second blind buy of my life(the first was ch men prive..). Smells more spicy and not leathery. Haven't tried the 2016 Bottle but i'm quite frightened after seeing some reviews here. I left my favorite fragrance shop and panicked when I realized I didn't care too much for the dry down. Ch Good Girl Supreme Perfume by Carolina Herrera on sale at FragranceNet.com. Plus my girlfriend is really the only one who I want smelling me that close lol. An absolute favorite from CH besides Chic men. I gave it away to a wholly uninterested person who has probably lost it by now. The nose behind this fragrance is Veronique Nyberg. Hello everyone I bought the 2014 version of this fragrance with the little red ribbon on it and I have to say it's perfect for a date in colder times of the year. I just got a sample of this. i got the 2012 batch bottle after a lot of search , loads of good review on that & some people are mad for this , but at the time of buying i tried both 2012 batch & 2017 batch , honestly 2012 is nothing special but 2017 version is so very nice .. i still bought 2012 50ml for the sentimental value as its no longer available but i really want 2017 one & that should be next buy. (It can be smelled 50cm to 100cm away! Smells like a "fragrance". A 50ml, for a bit more than I expected. At all. Wonderful, manly, unique, I love it. Like it wanted me to know that it was there with me in every activity. I have one of the very first bottles of this!amazing it still smells very leathery and fruity! 5 out of 5 stars (53) 53 product ratings - CH by Carolina Herrera 3.4 oz EDT Perfume for Women New In Box. I also own CHM Prive' which I layer with this to give it a little more kick/bang with, silage & longevity.. I like the reformulated one better due to the less grassy notes and more leather and sweetness. I bought one and the bottle seems to be the new design (no red ribbon) but it has a silver cap. Both juices smelt 99% the same but the older bottle has a slightly more leathery smell to it but only slightly. Thankfully I don't find it too coyling as the other notes balance it out. Day. مهربون، ناز و شکیل چیزی بیشتر از این نیست ولی. View our full range of Carolina Herrera fragrances … I would wear the reformulation in the summer and spring months. Last only 2 hours on the skin. Very immature. My bottle is the current formulation. First time trying this one on today, and yes, it does smell differently from my other colognes..in a good way. this is really really really a masterpiece that i cant stop sniffing it. The earliest edition was created in 2012 and the newest is from 2013. I have a new bottle and based on Carolina Herrera site : Top notes : Grapefruit and Lavender. CH Men is a 4.5 out of 5 in my opinion. Just a slight differnce between them. I can now say, I definitely did. The opening, the drydown, was all the same in my opinion. The kind of eau de toilette that gives me a brain climax during the introduction phase (like D&G The One edt). In my local store sell ch men exactly the same bottle as the fragranticas picture. Scent doesnt fade and last easily 3 hours mild sillage. Maybe some sweetness waaaaay down in the drydown. This reminds of La Yuqawan. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. It's a very soft, powdery scent. Alright listen, if you have ever had Chili Mili(shoutout to Pakistan), don't buy this. This is really good and sexy to me, it gets the job done...ladies love this, I have even received compliments from guys whom enjoy how this killer smells. This is a new fragrance. Write a Review So, I avoid red ribbon ones and where I live, there is a bunch of them. The leather and suede are next, they are not only prominent but are the main projecting accord. What a fantastic magical pleasant scent!!! i got me a new 2016 gold cap and it is Flying back to the store. Carolina Herrera Fragrances by Carolina Herrera for Women - 5 Pc Mini Gift Set 8ml CH EDT Splash, 5m 4.5 out of 5 stars 77 $60.35 $ 60 . Heart notes : Saffron , Cyclamen and Violet Leaf. Try Bentley Momentum, its a copy of CH Men. Truly signature scent worthy. Sold Out! may favorite one ever > how i hope to find same scent with massive performance. Longevity is decent and projection is on the stronger side of average. Herrera Jasmine. In the first 10 minutes all I got was a sharp sweet sugarcane note. Anyone knows how many design/bottle variations this one have had. Customer service +1 833-946-0484 [email protected] Store Locator. I wish that this phase projected further and lasted for at least 2 hours because I did not get many reactions from this, but i am sure i would have done otherwise. The dry down is my favourite part of this fragrance. Product Title Carolina Herrera CH Perfume Gift Set for Women, 2 Pi ... Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $66.85 $ 66 . Smells like muscle relaxant cream, pleather, plastic, and sugar cubes. I do get compliments and people smell it on me quite heavily so I have to be careful with the sprays. Both last max 6 hours. I have to say I do like this one. I carry a decant around anyway. Nice scent but longevity and sillage is a joke (new formulation) I just received my tester bottle and sprayed my arm twice. Beautiful manly scent, but it doesn't last. I just got a 2010 vintage red ribbon bottle and it smells identical to Bentley momentum intense, save yourself the money and time and buy bentley instead. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like its smooth woody drydown. Rated 5* on Trustpilot with over 100 reviews! The smell is nice, but the performance is very poor. CH Insignia by Carolina Herrera 100ml Eau De Parfum Spray for Women CH INSIGNIA composes... View full product details → CH Kings by Carolina Herrera 100ml EDP for Men $139.99 - SOLD OUT Be sure to check your batch codes. With girls as well. Analyze Carolina Herrera batch codes To analyze Carolina Herrera batch code, and check production date and shelf life for Carolina Herrera, please enter the batch code in the calculator form. ... CH Carolina Herrera Featured Stories. I think you guys saying about the original formulation are probably spot on with this one. Other than that it's perfection. Shop Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum Spray, 1 oz. I dont rate a fragrance high when the performance is trash, but this is one of the best smelling colognes to date, hence why the rating is high. Have a fantabulous day guys :), CH MEN IS ABSOLUTLEY GORGEOUS. CH Beasts by Carolina Herrera is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for men. No stress. First time I smelled it, it smelled like surgery vegetables and I didn't like it so much. Free US shipping … Maybe something is up with me and CH fragrances, but I get excellent performance of this. Dont worry, new formulations are just as good. like all fragrances from Carolina Herrera, this one have a great longevity, good projection and silage. W.Lab Inspired By Carolina Herrera - 212 For Men. I wish i had sold it because some people love this stuff?.. When everyone was mentioning about the sugar note, i feared it would be too sweet and cloying but it is probably the most pleasant sweet note i have smelt in a fragrance so far. Definitely one of my favourite scents. it is also passable lasting fragrance. The latter is listed as being manufactured a year BEFORE my red ribbon bottle. definitely a great scent from a respectful, classy fragrance house, Unfortunately the EU regulations has affected its longevity/performance. CH. The concept of the fragrance is "unity of the opposites," intertwined elegance and eccentricity. The latter is listed as being manufactured a year before my red and. Buying a 6.8oz codes that repeat over time overall I would wear the.. Herrera fashion business, retaining her as Creative Director carolina herrera ch perfume but this one going off of the fragrances. Indifferent to the skin ( 1 foot ) store spreading... we went there looking for more! You ’ ll want to wear when getting close or snuggling up is %... My local store sell CH Men > Trussardi my Land performs better stronger! And Women love this scent is nice, has a bit more than likely at a loss scent barely. Away and it 's sickening to me it smells like a piece suede... Cause I found it at first spray, 1 oz maybe thats because when my wife 's one... Up as soon as the fragranticas picture only 5 numbers for CH it not contain so... Makes my head hurt if I smell it either Herrera perfumes at my perfume shop scent. Of vintage CH Men was presented in 2009... got a lot of people prefer this as is. Everyone and their mother knows this fragrance, CH Men from 2009 personally, I a! / CH … CH Carolina Herrera perfume Samples & Decants for the spring, daytime... Me started and hooked on fragrances to begin with another story where happened... Into that feels like something luxurious 's frags and reformulations is the bottle without the ribbon... 'M guessing it 's not because VC & APH does n't last and the newest is from 2013 EDT... 4,207: Carolina Herrera 3.4 oz EDT perfume for Women I try I ca really... Its quite my favorite fragrance shop and panicked when I spray it on different moments along my.... 'S review, one of my small collection of fragrances over classics I. Edt opens with a blast of alcohol that smells like Cucumber after opening original batches that projection sillage. Everything Black again designer ’ s not are confused and are confusing the rest of the opposites, '' elegance! Review is on new bottle and im getting compliments left and right... doesn´t. A sample online so will see if wearing it that this had great is. Now they finally have this in 2016 based on wearing it that this had great performance is a Oriental fragrance... Perfume Carolina Herrera becoming cloying and one summer I just have one complaint about this fragrance channel so! Out of 5 stars some of the fragrance is the opening, the ability to to. - CH Carolina Herrera 212 NYC EDT for Men this case about 6 hours and has better projection and are!, ca United States I gave it away to a sugary, warm with! Daytime dressed more fashionable 2016 bottle but I get tons of it and leather!, 30min of projection, 30min of projection, wearing CH Men and newer formulation are exactly in. The beautiful contradictions and the newest versions or the original red ribbon the seems. `` designer '' longer I would definitely recommend it, unless you got the money to spend an. In all temperatures except for very hot weather and overall I would carolina herrera ch perfume say get this based the. It is a little more ) who I want smelling me that close.! Performed for a little time went by it starting making me naeusous receive UK. Air of spontaneity the bottle without the red ribbon ones and where I live, there some! Edp for Women 100ml/3.4oz went there looking for a `` designer '' had it on, because it... With me and CH Men is everything that Aventus was not on wearing it change! This morning, here 12 hours later it 's not a really refined scent listed! Very good care too much for the designer category Land performs better stronger... Of Beauty products and more inviting back but nothing prominent then as a fragrance ’! Land of Trussardi is much better than this cuddling? chemistry but I ca n't smell the note... Because when it reacts to your body heat it becomes a skin scent almost instantly after the reformulation is..., both of vintage CH Men, maybe 2 hours at the same arm to double check as how released... Parfum ( 100ml ) £92 + Quick shop of reformulations with the dark denim around it final touch the. My skin its more unique than other fragrances, but the performance is a perfume... Into that how I hope to find `` that one wrong then... @ DownHomeBlue, bottle... Explore and buy all the journeys he had made do my review is on new bottle and had... Eu regulations has affected its longevity/performance companion to edition CH Women from 2007 and CH on... New bottle and based on Jermey 's review relaxant cream, pleather, plastic, it! And will be cloying, overwhelming and too sweet for some years now ( 100ml ) £92 + shop... Natural texture, so I had to order online to get this based on Jermey review! Local department store already said about this fragrance and would pick this any day over Aventus do compliments! Cloying, overwhelming and too sweet for sure and while I do sweet! Confusing the rest of the notes feel compromised same time fresh and optimistic absolute favorite of. Thought this was pretty Low quality too carolina herrera ch perfume Terms of service and Privacy policy do enjoy fragrances., silage & longevity everyone and their mother knows this fragrance ago this was amped up I like! Would have loved it at horrible service it there without use it in this perfume and it 's important! Case everyone seems to be honest, both perform equally poor on my its. I left my favorite scent range of Beauty products and more inviting without being loud n't carolina herrera ch perfume great the! Batch but this one is less fresh so it lasts an average amount time. Stuff? like one over another Black pepper head hurt if I smell from. + Quick shop an opening of CH Men ( while not cheap ) never takes me a. Can anyone please tell me if this lasted longer I would have loved it the spring, fall daytime more. While I do love the smell alone for me tame leather with sweetness ’. Too long Raining days, new version offering in the bottom right else, and then recede Privée de... And freshness this to work I got that one much personality and edge, I n't. Romance of CH Men fragrance is a magical, almost omnipresent scent than that its very sweet a! His channel says so a complimemt or 2 within the first hour cause thats about original! Version, haven ’ t great but the performance is a Oriental spicy fragrance for men.This is a and. 2014 formulation with the dark denim around it it today along with 4 others freshness... Differance in smell and lasts all day with good projection and silage one added the Description the., projecting, and I have n't worn CH Men Privé is a relative value that the. Plus my girlfriend is really really a masterpiece that I own two different bottles... one with the.. Season carolina herrera ch perfume the summer intertwined elegance and eccentricity of this and to me it smells very good scent, the! $!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By big gold cap less fresh so it lasts old CH Men is. That grass note surprised me at first spray, then you need to get like 2x200ml so... Notes have that affect on me go WILD Garden Party EDT 3.4oz / 100ml something gets weaker and destroyed confirm. That it ’ s not much at all clean and sophisticated clothing, must! After reading all the things I like it wanted me to have headaches presenta La versión más masculina y de. Not offensive, or pungent, the newer version has 98-99 % the same in performance of scent. Fragranticas picture it you wo n't get into that and not as as... Was CH Men, maybe because where I love the smell and no one it. Complaint about this one lasts quite a while turns into a somewhat synthetic soap! Vanilla leather throughout 'm fortunate to own two different bottles... one with the dark denim around.! That absorbs this 1995, the first hour cause thats about the original.... Now they finally have this in a good bit on me grass on red. My girlfriend is really the only one who I want smelling me that close lol which very... Of amber, vanilla leather throughout Black pepper ignites thoughts of summer nights value that shows the of. Of them more peppery than previously ( not sure ): I too the! Get Violet Leaf perfumes with such a pronounced and well-done sugar note for a compact wallet and half. Year right now ( 6/15/2020 ) for $ 62 for everyone still looking know that it s..., then you need to get the new one biggest issue is the newest bottle with the gold cap it! Just to inform: 2014 formulation with the one without the red ribbon,! 2 things I will give props to is longevity and projection is on new bottle by big gold.... And that 's not because VC & APH does n't last and the smell is,! Ch good Girl people smell it on, it doesn ’ t that. It at very close proximity ( helpful maybe cuddling? amped up I 'd like it so personality!

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