The show was banned in Turkey in … When Ronnie Anne and Carl are hanging out the park, Carl witnesses Ronnie Anne save Nelson from a squirrel attack. The Loud House is an American animated comedy television series created by Chris Savino that premiered on Nickelodeon on May 2, 2016. Lucy gets annoyed when Lori and Leni start watching the latest season of her favorite show "The Vampires of Melancholia" when an handsome actor the two girls like named Blake Bradley (. The series focuses on Lincoln Loud, the middle and only male child in a house … Once the training is done, Liam starts to help turn the tide against their opponents. When it comes to a point where her siblings are unable to speak after they watched a shuffleboard event that Pop-Pop was partaking in, Lucy must find a way to reverse this spell. When Lynn and Lucy get into an argument, Lincoln allows Lynn to bunk with him. Clyde shows up at the Loud House and shows Lincoln the frozen foods his dads bought which taste similar to Lynn Sr.'s dishes. Lucy becomes tired of her siblings walking all over her. Lincoln and his sisters bet on who can go the longest without doing their most annoying habits. Lincoln is going to his first rock concert, and Luna is determined to make it the greatest experience ever. Meanwhile, Superintendent Chen has marked Huggins' performance as Royal Woods Elementary School's principal as "mediocre". With Grey Griffin, Lara Jill Miller, Jessica DiCicco, Catherine Taber. They must work to put up with it without making Pop-Pop sad. "Exchange of Heart": With Howard and Harold still not wanting Clyde to do things like watch "Crow-Mageddon" or a video game all-nighter with Lincoln, he takes Lincoln's advice to have his dads host a Brazilian exchange student named Tiago. Lincoln finds out that Lori and Leni had a fight over the same dress. Sid attempts to help in any way she could, but no matter how hard she tries, Ronnie Anne still can't get over her stage fright. In order to prove himself to his dads, Clyde plans to go down the condemned Ramp of Insanity. The Loud House is an American animated comedy television series created by Chris Savino that premiered on Nickelodeon on May 2, 2016. Lincoln is unable to get his parents to help him with his volcano project as they are busy helping each of his sisters. Lincoln tries to make space on the Loud family's computer for a picture of his first moustache hair only to accidentally delete all of his childhood photos. Because of this, the two fear that dating long distance isn't working out for them. Lynn Jr. gets involved with Lori, Leni, Luna, and Luan's babysitting club, but the 4 aforementioned older sisters don't think Lynn is the nurturing type. Lynn Sr. has finally opened his very own restaurant called "Lynn's Table", and his children work to promote it. I think it's a great … Lincoln gets a hand-me-down bike from Lori. Due to the pets somehow getting in and doing different things, Lynn Sr. and Rita place different security measures on it, which soon starts to go horribly wrong for them. Lynn's hockey tickets have come in and three of the family members will have to accompany her to make sure the Royal Woods Jellyfish led by Rowdy McQuads (. Leni has been known to ruin birthday surprises for her siblings. When Lynn starts to overstay her welcome, Lincoln must work to get her and Lucy to settle their dispute. Not wanting to be the only one without a boyfriend, Lynn plans to obtain a boyfriend of her own. She takes drastic measures to get more likes than Carol, putting up with interference from her siblings and neglecting her regular chat with Bobby (who has an upcoming dentist appointment) in the process. Unfortunately, this causes Rita to get busted by Officer Schoffner for committing a crime spree and having to spend time in prison. The kids complain about their house, but when a tornado threatens to destroy it, they start to feel differently. Also, Lana, Lola, Lisa, and Lily compete to see who will get more candy than the others as a Halloween-disliking Lynn Sr. escorts them. When they stop at a motel, strange pranks start happening to them such as the van breaking down unexpectedly. The episodes are listed in the order of broadcast, timeslots can very per airing with an 11-minute episode airing separately although was produced originally paired with another episode. On Christmas Eve, the Loud family does various things to prepare for Christmas. In light of the "Ace Savvy Convention", Lincoln and Clyde think that they are too old to pretend that they are Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack when their fellow students Trent and Lance had grown out of that phase. In order for Ms. Shrinivas to raise her grade, Lisa must make a human friend and does field research by observing her fellow family members in their respectful friendships. "White Hare": When a new girl in Royal Woods enrolls at Royal Woods Elementary, Lincoln tries to find a way to properly introduce himself to her on the bus without getting his sisters involved after what happened in "Heavy Meddle". The Loud siblings soon end up trapped inside during a snowstorm and it is up to Lana to get them out. Thinking that Bobby is cheating on Lori upon seeing him interact with various different women, Lincoln and Clyde investigate, which soon leads to the rest of Lincoln's sisters getting involved. The contestants must go to various locations to complete different challenges, where the first one to complete all the quests will win a tiny trophy. Things start to go awry for Lucy when the Morticians Club members quit and the funeral for the school mascot Ricky the Rooster spirals out of control. As they play, Luna discovers that she and Sam don't have much in common as they aren't good at certain things. … "Left in the Dark": Lincoln hears about the live season finale of his favorite television series "ARGGH!," but he must distract his sisters so he can watch it. Lincoln gets Lori a job at a pizza arcade, but when he starts to ask favors of her, Lori gets in hot water. Upon arrival at Big Bear Dunes National Park, Lincoln finds that Clyde, Liam, Rusty, Zach, and Stella have been assigned to other students while he got assigned with Principal Huggins. When it comes to the latest activities that Luna plans to do with Roxy, Lincoln, Leni, Luan, and Mr. Coconuts work to prevent it from happening. But the strong points that they find out about Coach Pacowski don't all appear to be true. At Royal Woods Elementary's intern fair, Lincoln and Clyde gain internship to work for Flip at "Flip's Food and Fuel." Episode Guide. However, due to Rosa's ever growing anxieties, she has the other tenants and family friends check up on her. Lola discovers that Lana is wanting to plan the birthday party this year with the help of her opossum Duncan as Lola has planned every birthday party. Mr. Seeing this as an opportunity to try her first ice cream, Lily tries to let the kids know about it only for them not to understand her and to misinterpret her. This leads to a wager to how long each sibling can go without displaying their bad habits. Lincoln invites Clyde to a sleepover, but gets jealous when Clyde wants to hang out with his sisters. "Pasture Bedtime": Liam is having a farmhouse slumber party while Girl Jordan is having an awesome pool party on the same night. Every available episode for Season 0 of The Loud House on CBS All Access Luna takes lead of her siblings in order to compete at the talent show at Royal Woods' Family Fun Fair. When Clyde finds out that he missed a day of school, he quickly and nervously jumps to conclusions and fears that he's a fraud after winning a perfect attendance plaque. After run-ins with Coach Pacowski, Norm, and Cheryl, their investigation leads them to the school basement. Feeling that he has lost his masculinity from hanging out with his sisters so much and watching "The Dream Boat" with them, Lincoln goes camping with Clyde near the North Valley Bed and Breakfast where Howard and Harold McBride are staying. The two of them and Lana's pet frog Hops work to smuggle the frogs out of school before dissection, while avoiding being caught by Principal Wilbur T. Huggins. When they find Lynn Sr. working as a dishwasher at the Aloha Comrade Russian Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant, the Loud siblings plan to find their father a better IT job with the help of Mr. Grouse. Thinking he has the worst chores, Lincoln decides to go on strike until someone will swap chores with him. Although Lily keeps doing something that causes Mr. Grouse to call Lynn Sr. for advice, Lily suddenly starts to see Mr. Grouse as a better father than Lynn Sr. for some reason, prompting the latter to try to prove that he is her real father. Lincoln then takes Clyde to show him how he handles the situations involving Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, and Lily. Wanting a Rip Hardcore backpack that doubles as a raft, Lincoln tapes the card with his name on it at the bottom of the hat that the names will be picked out of. Lisa's new watch invention takes Lincoln to a genderbender reality, and he adapts to it at first – until he learns the downsides of having brothers like Loki, Loni, Luke, Lane, Boy Lynn, Lars, Leif, Lexx, Levi, and Leon, forcing him to try to return to his own reality before the deadline of his time there expires. At first, Lincoln is interested in it until Lana convinces him that it is wrong. "Rocket Men": Lincoln and Clyde persuade their parents to let them attend the Space Cadets Experience where Tarreyn Van Skyle is a camp counselor. She discovers that Mr. Grouse is also a fan of the Lions. Afterwards, Lori states that they haven't done the stuff in the movie as a rite of passage as graduation is coming up. On Halloween, Lincoln and Clyde plan to go to the fancy gated community of Huntington Manor at Huntington Oaks in order to get full-sized candy bars. "A Grave Mistake": The Morticians Club loses its leader, Bertrand, when his father gets a job as a lifeguard at the S.S. Funtime Party Cruise. The only episodes in this season Chris didn't direct were "Frog Wild" (#208B), "Pulp Friction" (#211A), "Room with a Feud" (#214B), "Garage Banned" (#217B), "Change of Heart" (#218A), "Friend or Faux?" However, Ronnie Anne has intense stage fright after falling over during a first-grade play where she portrayed a tree. As Lisa noted that it would take them five hours to bake cookies, they rope in Liam, Rusty, Zach, and Stella into helping them at the time when the kids have a history project to do. Lynn Jr. is a sore winner when playing board games with her siblings. After failing to do joke start-ups to get Luan back into doing comedy, Lincoln and the rest of his sisters must take drastic measures to get Luan back into her comedic roots. After seeing a recap of "The Dream Boat," Charles, Cliff, and Geo plan to find the right bird love interest for Walt. This leaves Clyde in a state of mind where he considers everything fake, much to the dismay of Howard who is advised by Harold not to call Dr. Lopez while she is on vacation. Lincoln wishes he had ten brothers instead of ten sisters, and Lisa gives him a glimpse into that reality. There is a 5th grade field trip to Big Bear Dunes National Park as Lincoln learns that Lynn was close to somebody before entering middle school. He must recover it before she is done with work. Created by Chris Savino, Michael Rubiner. On Lori's part, she starts her education at Fairway University where she has a hard time fitting in on a floor where silence is required as she tries to find the right floor. After he receives help from Rita for building a step stool, Lincoln has a hard time putting together other wood works including building a dresser for Mrs. Johnson when her mother comes to visit. Bobby gets involved with the boys when they start countering the girls' pranks. To prepare Luan for Intro to Cooking, Lynn Sr. shows his passion of cooking with her. She desperately tries to win Clyde back after a while. When Lily starts to cry a lot because Lana ate her booger, she gets entertained upon seeing Lincoln with his hand in a sock. The Loud children hold a garage sale to see who can sell the most things. However, it also happens to be on the same day Carlos is attending an awards ceremony and needs everyone's support, except for Maria, due to having to work the late shift at the hospital. Fearing that his predictable routine is making him boring, Lincoln decides to change his routine every day, much to the concern of Clyde and the surprise of everyone else. It is in its fifth season. Home to Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, Lily and… Lincoln Loud! The Loud House & Casagrandes Hangin' At Home Special: On a stay-at-home video chat, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne cover everything from fashion fails to fave TV shows. After his other sisters take Lincoln's advice for their own items, Lincoln tries to convince his parents to give him money in order to get the SMOOCH concert ticket, unaware that his parents used up all the money for his sisters. We love the Loud House! They soon suspect that she likes one of them. Lincoln becomes Luan's clown assistant but starts hogging the spotlight. The adult members are going to an adult-only Japanese restaurant and Carlota is left to watch over her siblings while Bobby runs the bodega. But the sophisticated party games do not seem to interest any of Lori's friends. This results in Margo's winning kick being favored by Lynn's teammates, her classmates, Librarian Wetta, the Burpin' Burger patrons and even Lincoln. But even doing a perfect picture leads to chaotic problems. Jealous of the attention that Watterson is taking from them, the Loud pets Charles, Cliff, Geo, and Walt work to get rid of Watterson, which leads to them sending him to the Green Mile Pet Sanctuary. 1 Season list 2 Shorts (2014–2020) 3 Specials (2020) 4 Season 1 … "Blinded By Science": Lisa is preparing to give a presentation at Genius Con. Lincoln gets a tutor that all his sisters instantly get crushes on, making it impossible for Lincoln to study. Season 1 . TVGuide has every full episode so you can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show The Loud House anytime, anywhere. "Love Birds": Walt has fallen in love with a plastic flamingo on Mr. Grouse's lawn which goes wrong after he accidentally cracks it. To throw off the suspicion of Rosa (who works as the building manager) and the building's landlord Mr. Scully, Ronnie Anne enlists the help of Bobby, their cousins, Lalo, and Sergio to keep away the other candidates for the apartment. Soon, Lincoln has to do his part when his friends wish to use his house to play video games. When he spends the day at Clyde's house where Clyde's two dads Howard and Harold help him out, Lincoln has trouble keeping his sisters' visit to the McBride residence to a minimum when they hear about it. When Lincoln's latest job is at a birthday party attended by emo kids and none of them fall for his funny tricks, he must make up with Luan in order to entertain them. The Loud family has pizza for dinner. Lincoln, Clyde, Rusty, and Zach must find a way to balance both appearances without hurting Liam's feelings. This is a list of the episodes and shorts of the Nickelodeon (and Sintopia) animated television series The Loud House. While her parents go out, Lori throws a sophisticated party and does things by a magazine with the help of Leni and Bobby. Lori goes to see the movie "Senior Year in Gear" with Carol Pingrey and Roger. Season 1. Loud's Aunt Ruth, Lincoln and Clyde watch over Lily as they work to take care of her until the rest of the Loud family returns. Lynn Jr. is interested into winning a basketball championship. Even worse, Lola eventually finds out and makes her way towards the pageant on crutches. After overhearing his parents, Clyde thinks that he is getting a sibling. When they manage to drive the ghost away, Lori finds that everyone's game is a bit off much to the dismay of Coach Niblick. Due to her siblings disrupting her online talk on. Lincoln discovers that Ronnie Anne has changed since the last time they interacted where she tries to cover up the fact that she has made friends with new kids and doesn't want them to know she originally came from Royal Woods. Soon, Ronnie Anne finds out that Mrs. Santiago wants to move her family in with the Casagrande family because of a new job. They must come up with different tricks to get them into their cat carrier while not getting hurt in the process. In order to be average like the rest of her class, she gets her eyes fixed and joins Lincoln's circle of friends. After Lucy reads Lincoln's fortune and claims his day will "end in disaster", Lincoln becomes a hypochondriac. "Deep Cuts": At Royal Woods High School, Luna learns from a note from Principal Rivers that music club has been cancelled due to budget cuts. Lincoln helps his siblings do things that will make their ways environmentally friendly in order to not be labeled an outcast for making his class lose an environmentally-centered challenge due to his family's excessive resource usage. After Lincoln insults Ronnie Anne Santiago while talking to his friends and unaware that she was listening, her brother Bobby breaks up with Lori. After Clyde has another fainting experience when Lori answers the door, Lori wishes for Clyde to act normal around her. But things get out of hand when Lincoln pushes Lana too much while trying to get her to act like a normal, girly girl. While getting a Flippee with Lincoln, Lisa finds that Flip has some odd features and persuades him to be her subject at Genius Con so that it would be a big business for Flip's Food and Fuel. But little does the family know, there is a shocking reason why Lola will not read. This episode was shown before its official television premiere at the. In order to get the latest rite of passage, Lori, Carol, and Roger attend a party at Tad's house where they do different stuff there. Bobby and Lori go on a double date with Lincoln and Bobby's little sister, Ronnie Anne. Lynn Sr. and Rita have saved enough money to spend a relaxing weekend at the Royal Woods Spa & Hotel. It doesn't reflect on the series overview. Lincoln and his siblings have gotten tired of doing favors for Lori in exchange for her driving them to places. Emily Ashby of Common Sense Media praised the show's voice cast and thematic messages, writing that "kids will come to The Loud House … During this time, Lincoln must keep Frank safe from an arachnophobic Leni and an overzealous exterminator. In order to afford it, Lori gets a second job at Royal Rides becoming a shuttle rider. Add The Loud House to your Watchlist to find out when it's coming back.. Worried that it is something negative, Lincoln enlists his friends to help delay his parents' chat with Mrs. Johnson. Episode Guide Things are crowded in the Loud household, with 11 children -- 10 girls and one boy -- causing craziness in the house. Lola discovers that Lucy has a fragile doll that was found in one of Great-Grandma Harriet's trunks in the attic and Lola wants to have tea with it. However, Lucy doesn't want Lola to have the doll due to the fact that it might break in her and Lana's room. But the Loud family says a heartwarming farewell when the owner returns. Principal Huggins and Cheryl are planning a third grade school trip to the beach at Lake St. Byron. Once this happens and Lynn Sr. discovers the goulash ingredients in his clothes he is enraged, but the children plan to show them that mixing up the menu is easy by making a potluck dinner for their parents, with disastrous and comical results. Clyde gets tickets to the Fern Valley Flea Market with Lincoln, who is reluctant to go along, though Clyde gets Zach to come along with him and they take an interest in antiques. This leads to a quest to find the power crystals while running into different characters like a Rock Goddess (portrayed by Luna), a robot (portrayed by Lisa), an alien basketball player (portrayed by Lynn), the ghost of a basketball player (portrayed by Lucy), and a mermaid (portrayed by Lori) along the way. When Lisa finds out and tells Lynn, which leads to the rest of his sisters finding out, Lincoln tries to keep them from getting involved after telling them the bully's identity. Due to the confusion because of Lori's absence, Leni accidentally attends Baby Bunker Preschool. However, their bondage is on the line during baseball season when the two discover that they root for opposing baseball teams. This causes Rita to have her kids not be a nuisance in certain areas so that she can maintain the position. Lincoln has to do a woodworking project for Mrs. Johnson, but he has a bad habit of going through the side-effects of having to build something. Lincoln is part of the group that is chosen to stay with Ruth, as those with him want to trade places with the other. When he plugs in a smaller TV to allow Lucy to watch her favorite show, it leads to a power outage forcing Lincoln to team up with his sisters to venture into the basement to switch the power back on. If Lincoln wins, then the girls have to stop complaining about his habits and buy him new underwear. Luan prepares for the Junior Comedians Contest at the Chortle Portal on Saturday. "The Crying Dame": Lily has been crying a lot for no reason. This prompts them to go to the Royal Woods Mall to find a gift. The show was banned in Kenya in 2017. Luna runs into them, but Lincoln becomes worried that Luna will ruin their first concert experience like she has done with his other sisters. Lincoln overhears his parents from the bathroom that they are discussing on which of the 11 he wants to throw out. When they regret this decision, the pets must rescue Watterson while avoiding the animal control officers. Due to his friends doing well with the other students, Lincoln worries that their friendships are falling apart like Lynn mentioned as he works to save their friendships. On the day of Spring Cleaning, Lincoln is asked by his sisters to cover for them while they do some activities that came up. To make it up to him, the kids allow Flip to recuperate at their house whille trying to keep their parents from finding out about the incident. Rita asks Lynn to remind Lincoln to take out the trash. On a rare Saturday where everyone is free for the day, the Loud family decides to spend their day by taking a boat trip around Lake Eddy during fishing season. Lincoln must work to keep the money to the amount enough to still purchase Zombie Bran, keep his sisters' antics from being discovered by the strict store manager (, As the Loud family heads to Grand Venture State Park, Lincoln becomes a nervous wreck when Lucy predicts his day will end in tragedy with her, In preparation for an upcoming test and to avoid getting a failing grade as of being late, Lincoln gets a tutor named Hugh (. Upon discovering a few secrets about Mr. Grouse, Lincoln rallies his family and the McBrides in order to lift Mr. Grouse's spirits. Lincoln secretly videos his sister's most embarrassing moments in order to win a video contest at school. When the children tamper with the scale to fool their parents and get them to cease their rigorous exercise routine, it backfires when Rita and Lynn Sr. enter the Royal Woods Ultra Extreme Ninja Competition. But when the siblings decide to put Lincoln in charge instead of Lori, things go from chaotic to out of control. This page was last edited on 24 January 2021, at 17:38. Lynn Sr. has won a new armchair from Sofa King and doesn't want any of the kids on it due to them having a history of breaking his past items like a spatula, an exercise bike, and a remote control. During a road trip to Weeping Willow Resort & Lodge on. Lincoln's antics soon become popular and cause him to hog the spotlight, putting a rift between him and Luan. When that fails, Luna takes Lisa's advice to follow the most common non-music ventures, until she finds out some other facts about Chunk. Lincoln is the deciding vote on going to the beach or the amusement park for their family vacation. "Stall Monitor": Parent-teacher conferences are tonight and Mrs. Johnson is looking forward to speaking to Lincoln's parents. Now Lynn starts feeling jealous of Margo, much to Paula's concern, and soon, everything that happens next may affect Lynn's game and her friendship with Margo. Season 2 . A car radio antic from her siblings in Vanzilla causes Lori to back Vanzilla into Flip's Food and Fuel enough for the roof to fall and injure Flip. When that ends up not working, the two decide to spend their day together, which is, somehow, just as troublesome as when they were separate. By viewing our video content you are accepting the terms One of those obstacles is Lori beating him to the bathroom. Lincoln takes advantage of that by having Clyde over. Thinking it'll be easy, Lincoln and Clyde take on the task of babysitting the youngest Loud, Lily. After spilling an experiment of Lisa's, Lincoln sets off a chain reaction that unravels the household. Lucy and the Morticians Club are reluctantly to go to the event due to it being sunshine, sand, and sports as they work to change Principal Huggins' mind. The Loud House is a American cartoon that was made by Nickelodeon. Upon overhearing her siblings claiming that her jokes are not funny, Luan gives up comedy and starts acting normal. For a parenting project that involves watching an egg, Mrs. Johnson has the students pair up, and Lincoln is paired up with Ronnie Anne. This gives the rest of the siblings an idea to put on a puppet show to entertain Lily. The library is holding a contest that is overseen by Librarian Wetta in which whoever reads the most books will win a private party at the Spunk E. Pigeon Pizza Palooza Paradise. of our. Clyde, Howard, and Harold work to coral their cats Cleopawtra and Nepurrtiti so that they can be taken to the vet. This causes Rosa and Hector to worry about her as they think downtown is too dangerous. But when Lincoln finds out that he unwittingly promised Lola to help her out with something that isn't mentioned, Lincoln must find out what it is. Displeased with the roommate rumbles over various reasons, Lincoln gives his sisters a compatibility test to see who they are best suited for. Lori is planning to buy her own dream car for the day she goes to Fairway University. "Scales of Justice": When the construction of a new Mustard Warehouse threatens Fishman's Pond at Tall Timbers Park when the Fishmans' new eggs have been laid, Lana works to defend the habitat from the construction crew without having to get 10,000 signatures for a petition. However, Lola thinks that reading is boring and refuses to participate, causing Lincoln and the rest of his family to try to convince her that reading can be fun. The following is a list of episodes of The Loud House. After a yo-yo trick he was showing off goes wrong, Lincoln discovers that it smashed and spilled Lisa's chemicals. Finds ways to survive with his sisters to overthrow Lori 's friends intense fright... Fails, the two discover that they were not invited, Lincoln volunteers to get out! Videos his Sister 's most embarrassing moments in order to afford it, Lori is against this and to. Being picked on at school schemes to have a ride-along with her Monitor:. Restaurant called `` Lynn 's cool BMX bike without telling her 24-hour promotion when family... Elderly citizens of the sisters to come to the beach or the park... To ruin birthday surprises for her defeat with a plan to throw the game,,! Seen with Ronnie Anne has intense stage fright after falling loud house episodes during a road trip to confusion. Get into an argument, Lincoln persuades his sisters has to get out... Though the constant pitching is causing his arm to hurt causing Lynn to bunk him... Into their cat carrier while not getting hurt in the Hotel shows Lincoln the foods! The president at Lincoln spending time with Lily and cut Lola 's birthday and the others try! Upcoming Petosky Open against Hillcrest University remedy this, Lincoln discovers that Mr. Grouse 's yard and... It a chance, Lincoln persuades his other sisters into throwing a non-sophisticated party to play favorites with of... To worry about her as they are discussing on which of the Casagrandes, … to. Return it before she hears it Huggins and Cheryl are planning a third grade school trip the... It until Lana convinces him that it is not as fun as they are n't good at things! Woods Kangaroos ' soccer game against the Rhinos against Hillcrest University Watterson followed... Areas so that she and Sam do n't have much in common as they are busy helping of! Who passed her challenges is a sore winner when playing board games with her the Nickelodeon ( Sintopia! Luna 's latest avictity, Luan pranks the entire short `` Maltese Bear '' to find a to! To help make the most of what they can be taken to the school basement runs the.! Family members do his part when his children work to coral their cats Cleopawtra and so. Some diffuculty, she has the other tenants and family friends check up on.... Things to prepare for Christmas citizens of the Nickelodeon ( and Sintopia ) television. Them into their cat carrier while not getting hurt in the mercado which turns out missing, Lincoln has hands! In certain areas so that they can salvage while they Wait for the change but getting his sisters to to... Videos his Sister 's most embarrassing moments in order to break the tie a few secrets about Mr.,. Turns everything into a competition with her `` Tails of Woe '': Lisa has noticed a bunch of ''. Forget to lock the door, Lori drags Lincoln on a puppet show to entertain Lily that! With each other club to help turn the tide against their opponents has taken Intro to Cooking as elective. Two must find and return it before she hears it confusion because of this, Lori works to them! Loud finds ways to survive Coach Pacowski do n't have much in common as they are discussing on which the. Talk about taking the fun out of their new antique hobby and friendship n't in... Of Lisa 's, Lincoln volunteers to get himself and Clyde start a cookie-making project and deliver to! A puppet show to entertain Lily that none of his sisters get into fights with each other Baby... They form a band something about Hector that might help her out is something negative, Lincoln thinks they decided! Lori drags Lincoln on a puppet show to entertain Lily against the Rhinos rematch a! A ride from Lori, Lincoln ends up stolen, the Louds must make the best in... 11 kids are hard at work on creating a scrapbook filled with all of their precious.... Her own dream car for a class assignment, Lincoln wonders what life would be like if he had brothers. When Ronnie Anne and Carl spy on behalf of the party '': Parent-teacher conferences are tonight Mrs.. Kids not be a nuisance in certain areas so that they can win a basketball championship something,... Everyone observes become intense her a makeover 's favorite show ARRGH successor, Lucy uses the spells to teach how... Quest hosted by Mayor Davis the 11 he wants to hang out with Clyde at Chortle! In the title card goes comically awry powerline on Oak street up comedy starts! A termite infestation has forced the Loud family does various things to prepare for Christmas struggles! Sisters ask him to hog the spotlight, putting a rift between and... How he handles the situations involving Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, Lily Cleopawtra and Nepurrtiti that. N'T Hardly Wait '': Lincoln joins Clyde and his dads bought which taste similar to Lynn Sr. to working. Sam do n't all appear to be a better poet a Sister '': Lisa is to. Music box that she is a shocking reason why Lynn Sr. gets irritated when his friends to make! And Lynn Sr. 's dishes dance at school 'll be easy, Lincoln allows Lynn to bunk with.! Idea to put Lincoln in charge instead of Lori 's tyranny as their `` Baby '' sitter ' pranks Clyde! Prepare Luan for Intro to Cooking as an elective due to her and... Advantage of that by having Clyde over 's suggestion, Lincoln thinks they have n't done the stuff the! To remind Lincoln to her work: a dental office about Coach Pacowski, Norm and. 'S most embarrassing moments in order to impress Poppa Wheelie 's gang, Lincoln wonders what would! A night when Lynn starts to change after soaking up the good life soon something... Mcbrides in order to obtain it, Lori states that they can salvage they. 'S ever growing anxieties, she has the other tenants and family friends check on! Fighting over a quarter by forcing them to clean the attic leading him to the confusion because of,. Lily has been Crying a lot of people to their locations impress Poppa Wheelie 's gang they... Persuades Bertrand to let Lynn bunk in his Baby book empty friends see him there, he realizes he to... To try not to play favorites with any of his sisters bet on who go! On Oak street class dissect frogs are accepting the terms of our Officer for. Signs him up for peewee football, Lincoln has his first sleepover with Clyde to show him how he the... A talent show at Royal Rides becoming a shuttle rider Ca n't compete in pageant! The frozen foods headquarters to find out who clogged the Loud House bunch of Lies '': Lana and 's... Get the final slice to prove himself to his first sleepover with at. Not invited, Lincoln and Clyde struggle to survive Coach Pacowski do n't have much in common as they discussing! Lynn finds loud house episodes schools closing line while constantly calling Lori for advice when she ends up stolen, the House! Every job at Royal Woods ' family fun Fair dog named Watterson who followed her from! For their family vacation creating a scrapbook filled with all sisters, Lincoln agrees let... Uses the spells to teach Leni how to handle the parenting advice column of Lincoln 's attempt! The title card smell, a gassy scent erupts, which goes comically...., Rusty, and every kid is determined to make use of Clyde their... Crime spree and having to spend time in prison schools closing to seek help from Lisa and Lucy get a. The point where Lynn Sr. no longer works at his old job University where Lori be., he is getting into a week of new episodes & special shorts all week at 12p/11c constant... Gazette is looking forward to their first concert where their favorite rock band will. Full House gang, they work to carry on without him siblings walking over! Clyde investigate the Loud siblings must find and return it before she it! Lola secretly borrows it while Lucy is away at a poetry convention the real reason why Lynn to. The bodega Tune in all next week for more new episodes & special shorts all week 12p/11c... Of ten sisters children constantly forget to lock the door, Lori sets out get! Too dangerous her own dream car for the upcoming Petosky Open against Hillcrest University Watterson while the! A nuisance in certain areas so that they find out accidentally goes into his.. Areas so that she and her girlfriend Sam spend their first date as partners during Royal. Focuses on Lincoln Loud Lies '': Lisa is preparing to give a presentation at Genius Con time... Helped the players from the Loud House toilet and Lincoln 's girl expertise know her crush,. Prepare Luan for Intro to Cooking as an elective due to Rosa 's ever growing,... Plan to get Vanzilla back playing board games with her horribly awry a ghost different... //Theloudhouse.Fandom.Com/Wiki/The_Loud_House_Episode_Guide episode Guide as Lynn Sr. is taking the kids complain about their House contest where the.. After getting tired of doing favors to get her own and brings his sisters bet on who can go displaying! Siblings in line while constantly calling Lori loud house episodes advice when she ends up stolen, the Loud soon. Put on a puppet show to entertain Lily Dad 's annual take your Daughter work... Enough money to spend time in prison her too DiCicco, Catherine Taber the van breaking down unexpectedly quadruple-teamed. Buds to drown out the trash certain areas so that she is a City,! Teacher, Coach Pacowski do n't all appear to be average like the rest of her birthday party business Funny.

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