Very synthetic grassy smell in the opening, dries down to an almost different scent with very soft musk that I love and a hint of green. Smells like a Nivea creme to me lol, maybe a bit spicy too,its not bad but not something id spend my money on, and after 6 to 7 hours its completely gone from my skin. I have rejected the 100ml bottle for it looked like a cheap deodorant. Masculine in a good way as well. What a dissapointing. When I frst time smell this prfume in 2019. karşı cins etkilemede en önemli silah!. It was back in '06, I was just starting high school and smelling clean and fresh in the hot summer. But for the 212 Carolina Herrera Men us finds a way and even if it is "filling sausage", talked a little bit just to be. 212 NYC MEN is a surprising and exceptionally attractive men’s fragrance. I have restocked on my bottle of 212 and I just think this juice is underrated in the fragrance community. interesting fragrance, it smells good. I bought this for my brother's Bday gift. A great everyday and signature scent. Its like electrified cool fresh cut grass and rain/meadows. 212 is a classic example. 10/10. On their attachment and silage not I'll discuss, this it is quite relative, and just the fact that there is already compensates for any counterpoint to impede construction are so beautiful, and I think I have said. A password will be sent to your email address. This is a good one for warm weather daytime. Our users have defined the following items for this code: I can't smell the ginger, woods, sage or lavender and the musk just makes it even more soft. nice bottle .. good juice .. cheap price .. refreshing scent .. good perfume overall . 9/10 for everything. This was a scrubber unfortunately for me. Top notes are spices, petitgrain, lavender, green notes, grapefruit, and bergamot; Middle notes are ginger, gardenia, violet, and sage; base notes … Very nice perfume with clean green notes. 212 VIP Men; CH L`Eau; CH Marine; 2010. 212 Men was launched in 1999. Malah saya sempat membaca di sebuah blog, ada yang menggambarkan kalau Wangi dari 212 men ini bagaikan sebuah karya seni, dan saya sependapat dengan penilaian tersebut, ini adalah Wangi yang indah, memberi kesan pada pria pemakainya sebagai sosok yang tegas tapi ramah dan romantic, longevity parfum ini cukup bagus. I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of this fragrance! A modern powerhouse with amazing performance. Initial spray gives my nose a whiff of citrus and after a while it starts to warm up and I find myself being embraced by a warm, sweet and a bit spicy fragrance. I checked the batch code on line, inspected box and bottle. Nice smell but just didn't pop for me. this is one of my brother's favourite fragrances and for a while i had to borrow it from him, because i didin't own any fragrances. I don't really get the citrus notes in it, fortunately. Not sure I understand all the lackluster reviews on it, but what remains true is- not everyone has the same taste or body chemistry, therefore I can empathize, just like how I didnt like dior homme even though everyone praises it. 212 Men was launched in 1999. Initial spray is like spraying a very fresh mouthwatering scent. La primera vez que lo olí me encantó. Today, I got a bottle of this fragrance for a Christmas present (I know it's still early for that season, but I didn't mind at all), and the lady who gave it to me said it smells beautifully, and she's right. I really do like this 1 but it doesnt blow me away as there are the things that I really like about it but also things that sway me away from loving it. I somehow missed this in its heyday, but better late than never. I think its great though and would use it for any occasion any time of day. It probably leans more in favor of younger guys. Overall good Summer daytime scent that is a compliment worthy if used right. I immediately liked 212 Men when I first tried it several years ago; felt that it was a really solid Spring/Summer daytime fragrance and purchased a bottle. I bought a bottle but then I discovered that I don't really like the dry down especially on clothes. I've had this fragrance for about four years and I just about never wear it -- at least on its own. I think I will buy it for myself. So again 2 x 10/10 . I really don't find it masculine at all, when I first smelled it I was surprised that it was a women's perfume. item 6 212 MEN NYC by Carolina Herrera cologne EDT 3.3 / 3.4 oz New in Box 6 - 212 MEN NYC by Carolina Herrera cologne EDT 3.3 / 3.4 oz New in Box $46.79 Free shipping And as far as projection, sillage and longevity are concerned this one has all of that. The scent is light and pretty green-floral and the notes really do shine brightly. El olor de este perfume es como de césped recién cortado mezclado con especias y créanme que yo lo pondría en la categoría de una fragancia que la puedes comprar a ciegas por lo buena que es. I can't say it is a nice scent when it don't last on my skin. An absolute classic, you can never go wrong with 212. Just you need to try it. very good longevity, at least 8 hours+ and I can easily smell myself ''the morning after''. 212 Zwicks un popolchaka, quparato pupu ma cachaka. I can wear it in almost every occasion. Purchased a small glass bottle. Finally, 212 Men is a dry woody with musk mild and Vetiver aromatizando the backdrop of its "au revoir", with a smoky light of a cramped incense hours appears hours disappears and so on until there is no more trace of this so refined perfume. This is a lovely break from some of the day scents with citrus and the like. The green notes, musk and a slight bit of spiciness are readily apparent here, and they play well together, even in the summer heat. Aromatic yet not cloying. Signup for our newsletter to get notified about sales and new products. This fragrance has gotten me complements almost every time I have worn it. NYC more synthetic. Huge disappointment! It's a great wower and head turner! Since then, I've tried many scents, from generic crowd pleasants to niche allegedly masterpieces. Thank God he likes it. I love it. CH 212 performs like a stunner in hot/humid this could easily be in one's summer/spring rotation. I still get spices mixed with Bergamot and thin Grapefruit. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | It doesn't smell very green for a billed "green" fragrance. So that's way first important aspect - versatile - scores 10/10 - you can use 212 in every moment, every situation: day, night, winter , summer, in the office , at important meeting, in the club, on date - you will always be received positively by the people around you with a lot of compliments from women. I just remember my mom in year 2000. My nose wrinkles in disappointment. It lasts forever on my skin and oh my! Es una … yan ürünleri ile birlikte kullanmanızı tavsiye ederim, kıyafette kalıcılık ortalama üzeri ten de ise orta düzeyde. Very good opening, very bad drydown. I love this one. Smells like a a rich. Wish the fresh cut grass opening lasted longer.Anyway it is a good fragrance,projection is average.smell wise this can be worn year around but isn't strong enough for winter. Not worth the price, only recommend it if you want to walk around all day with it. This fresh and sporty scent has green notes in it that make it stand out from the rest of the fresh crowd. Totally linear smell of caramel (the result, to my nose, of this super sweet grapefruit). Girls love It! This may be a difficult one to wash off. Both of those with the added violet is just too much floral. Thumbs up for this one! Still remember when one of the super boss asked me what I was wearing who sat almost 6 feet away from me. Carolina Herrera CH 212 Men NYC Edt 100ml Tester 85,000/-Ks ⭐️ Pre Order ⭐️ ️ရန်ကုန်မြို့တွင်း Cash On Delivery ️နယ်မြို့များ ငွေလွှဲ လက်ခံရရှိပြီးမှ ပို့ပေးပါတယ်ရှင့် … This juice is very good indeed. Next -let's say-technical aspects: longevity and sillage - perfection - the perfume is always with you -during all day . I ll give it 8 / 10. 212 Men … He knows the best restaurants and the best clubs… and they know him. 212 Pop! Dura una vida, por lo menos 24 horas en mi piel. Smells like a bar of soap from a semi-luxury hotel in Vegas. One of my All time favorite... very masculine... perfect for a man who want to show confidence ... style and masculinity.. very popular here. I purchased a 200ml bottle about a month ago, and I'm ordering a backup bottle this week, because I know this will be one of my main fragrances for years to come. The scent is ok, but does smell synthetic. This cologne can be unisex! I'm pleased with getting a decant of this, and may be inclined to get a FB for next year. Heart Notes: Gardenia, Green pepper, Ginger, Sage, Violet I sense none of the notes cited in these reviews, except maybe the floral and woody notes. If you want cheapest version of it try Lanvin L'Homme. Give me a woody floral musk any day, and I will be happy :-). I sprayed 1 time on my wrist and it has stayed pretty strong for a hour. Nice to say its still mostly the same as a I remember it -- a spicy citrus that I would wear anytime except the colder months. This was a cologne I loved before I started getting into the notes. Only lasted a couple of hours then faded away with a not so pleasant skin scent. The structure of the fragrance complements the women’s version and possesses the same characteristics of elegance and … It smells like a domotic house with glass/metal furniture and a big grassy garden. Just perfect amount of freshness and metallic vibe to go with decent silage projection and longevity. It's such a great green scent. If you don't have this in your collection you need to. overall as a value for money it is not too bad since it is not bad and the price is really low. Top notes are Green Notes, Grapefruit, Spices, Bergamot, Lavender and Petitgrain; middle notes are Ginger, Violet, Gardenia and Sage; base notes are Musk, Sandalwood, Incense, Vetiver, Guaiac Wood and Labdanum. Love the notes! 1 hour later what I get is a femine, flowery-musky scent with a ton of a soapy effect. Perfect for daily use! Go to fragrance for me during summer. Carolina Herrera and the House of Puig do not disappoint. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. I blind bought this stuff because I wanted something new in my summer rotation and can honestly say that I'm not disappointed. I’m really regret to buy this fragrant because it doesn’t work very well in my skin. And after over a decade, it's still a unique masterpiece in my opinion. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. I prefer the old one. I have nothing against soft and/or floral fragrances but this one doesn't work for me. Carolina Herrera official website. That you want to rate 10/10?? They told me that they could smell me from the corridor. Description: Imagine a moist meadow after summer rain, a sea of delicate flowers still half shut. 6. This started off strong and vibrant and I immediately thought it might be a new favorite. I wish it could have stayed for few more hours. ARMAF CLUB DE NUIT INTENSE FOR MEN EDT 105ML, RASASI SHUHRAH EDP 90 ML MAN+WOMEN (Combo), THIERRY MUGLER A MAN PURE HAVANE EDITION LIMITTE 100 ML(VINTAGE). This is like being reunited with an old friend and still smells as fresh and clean as ever which does make the extended break I had confusing to figure out. I have got a lot of compliments from this fragrance & I used to love it, longevity & projection both excellent. Very long lasting, with very good projection. CAROLINA HERRERA CH 212 SEXY MEN EDT 100 ML (NEW). Eau De Toilette Spray, 100 ml $14.11 ($14.11 / 1 Count) Carolina Herrera 212 By Carolina … At least with my nose. I ended up returning the bottle. Incredible sprayer & bottle! preformance ok. the scent is on the "deordorant style" side. Was one of my go-to fragrances early in my professional life. The last time I wore it which was about a month ago I realized why it had been so long since I wore it. I have a long relationship with this gem. Its beautiful after 1 hour spray till 8 hours, but the first 1 hour smell weird. Would wear out for sure. If ever a fragrance has come to mind, and unfortunately there are quite a few now, that truly epitomizes my complete and utter discust at fragrance reformulation it has to be 212 Men - pre 212 nyc men formulation of current. And this two smells make all composition very heavy and ubwearable just can't wear this. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. I kept the old empty bottle around for years to periodically smell it and I just bought a new bottle. I notice now it also has the Ginger note, which is probably why I like it -- one of my all-time favorites is BLV from BVLgari. Try to combine with cimmanon(body lotion) and it become nice in winter too!!! The green notes come soon after with a nice mixture of ginger. Dave Matthews Band. Nothing special in this one, but it's really fresh. I don't know. Perfect for office wear. this as changed through out the years I still have an older bottle for mid 2000's and from time to time i refill my atomizer and through the glass vial the juices are more of a watery clear with a very light hint of blue! This is more of a nostalgia thing for me. Most fragrances that I own last less than this guy from New York :) so I use it in fall, too. It's really really good. He is urban and knows his way around the big cities of the world. It's more of a clean, fresh, slightly soapy kind of green. Sadly I am not that crazy about it. This is one of the few fragrances in my wardrobe that I dislike enormously. Add to Cart ... Davidoff Cool Water Eau de Toilette for Men… It has wild grass smell, quite masculin and clean. Unfortunately it is is very common. I have used maybe 6-7 bottles so far, this is the scent I used to reach for when in doubt. I'VE SMELLED THIS A THOUSAND TIMES IN THE LAST TEN YEARS. It has strong grassy scent that cannot be confused with any other, which is pretty important for me, very long lasting too. Actually this is pretty standard fresh for me and I've smelled similar fresh scents in cheaper products like shampoos. Secondly, this water is so well blended -by the hands of some genius - that the aroma is simply ...lovely- everybody likes it the songs of Michael. Everybody wears it in here because it is such a great summer fragrance which works really well in Indonesia climate. One of my favourite, try for mild summer. A lovely green metallic fragrance, you can't go wrong with it. Now, I wish I could find it because I haven't seen it around for quite a while. Su olor a nuevo es sin igual. Excellent Jack of all trades kind of frag. I'll keep wearing it a few more times but so far very disappointed. nothing can replace this for me. Metallic and fresh. Ein einzigartiger Duft, für Männer angenehmer zu riechen als für Frauen. This is My most expansive fragrance. CH 212 is a classic....and beautiful-sensual type of cologne. It this stuff one of the best sprayers in the game I was lucky. 212 for men was voted "Best New Male Fragrance Packaging" at the Fifi awards in 1999. I wore it in my early 20s and still keep a bottle, it was my club scent back then lol. Sillage is very good for a fresh a scent overall i see it as fresh, very clean and definately very safe and easy.i see myself in a summer morning in a place like barcelona near the beaches having a cocktail and strolling around while wearing this scent. Green and vibrant, not suit and tie occasion, though. The aroma has quality and, subjectively speaking, I really like it on the spring shelf. 4,970 votes. One of the best all around performers in terms of projection and longevity. It really is flooded with green aromas. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. Over time, it becomes a heavily spicy and burned because of dry ginger presence and Violet acute here is the stem scent and with its fresh leaves, and cat leap this perfume is here, in your heart, which blunts the virility of a man who knows how to take a good shower and even after a hard day of work he exudes cleanliness, hygiene and class, it all printed due to the sage that has its leaves so aromatic that resemble contemporary male beard well made and who know how to dress properly. My first ever fragrance. Ilk koklandiginda beyaz sabun gibi koku alabilirsiniz, Su diseño futurista sobrio frio y magnetico se corresponde con su efervecente y original fragancia azul exuberante y cool, convirtiendo a Carolina Herrera en una best seller, Soy coleccionista de alta perfumeria y conozco sobre el tema, por supuesto que es una herramienta idispensable esta revista y refiriendome a 212 men es la sofisticacion hecha perfume ya que la sensacion de frescura y de exuberancia que transmite este icono es inigualable,limpieza pura, frescura acuatica y sensual. My favorite blue scent forever. I find it perfect. Es delicioso. I like the opening, top 5 from what i've smelled, but the drydown is too sweet. It is just amazing. Fresh and vibrant. Glad to have it in my collection! 212 smells like summer to me. I really like this one, I smell Citrus, Spice, Green notes, Light floral, light wood and a sort of clay like smell, no worries, its not bad, i think its the Labdanum. I don't get the "fresh cut grass" vibe that some people get from this fragrance. And it last forever on my skin. Like Dior Homme Intense. rawrz! Really simple freshie, with no complex isolable notes. I love this stuff and so do my gal friends. I've found it smells more interesting when combined with Debut from PacSun (yes, a PacSun cologne... one I've had for *years* now). The musk comes through after a while. Tiene un toque metálico que personalmente me gusta mucho. There's an elegant vibe and very classy. Another in a line of Alberto Morillas' fresh masterpieces but this time in the shape of a mass-market masculine, people pleaser. The bottle does have a cool magnetic cap though that snaps down into place. You have to look to Spain (via Venezuela in this case) to find a sharp, fresh scent done with dashing flair. La estructura de la fragancia complementa la versión femenina y posee las mismas … A perfume that speaks itself. This item: Carolina Herrera 212 NYC Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, 6.75 Ounce $72.34 ($10.64 / 1 Fl Oz) Nautica Voyage By Nautica For Men. So I use it just in some ocasiones. This is a fresh, clean scent which has great longevity. Search Results For Barcode: 8411061723760. @ Gator83. But i reapeat, at the end i can only enjoy its drydown, but all the hours before that mean headache, 212 by Carolina Herrera EDT Spray 1 ... (. this fragrance is very grassy (a little bit too much in my opinion) and citrus hints . I know this has been around for over 20yrs now. 212 NYC MEN is designed for the dynamic, attentive and, at the same time, masculine man who is intelligent and has a sense of humor. Classic and inoffensive. Musky drydown becomes too sweet and too smoky, all the freshness is barely noticeable. I had tons of compliment with it. 212 for Men Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 Oz / 100 Ml by Carolina … Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. bought this like a week does have a great smell tho honestly the sillage and longevity just doent do it at all,its poor and for me i just wasted money on this. Very synthetic scent ,not my taste,maybe good for young people and for casual dress,but nothing special. 4,7. Jual Decant CH 212 Men NYC EDT - 5 ml dengan harga Rp65.000 dari toko online Gudang Parfum Impor, Kab. El perfume 212 Men NYC de Carolina Herrera pertenece a la familia olfativa Almizcle Amaderado y ha sido creada por los maestros perfumistas Alberto Morillas, Rosendo Mateu y Ann Gottlieb. The company expanded its offering with the CH Carolina Herrera lifestyle brand in 2008, which includes accessories and home goods in addition to fashions, as well as a new series of fragrances for men and women under the CH … Home / Shop / Carolina Herrera 212 Men by Carolina Herrera 's universes such as CHNY,,... Scent has green notes, ginger, woods, sage or lavender and the notes really do shine brightly hrs... The price is really nice wich I love the scent, which seems to be greater than anything 've. Top 5 from what I 've got so many others are getting excellent.! Bottles so far, this one is highly recommended, has a sexy factor to.... Best new Male fragrance Packaging '' at the office '' at the gym both excellent on... ) mükemmel bir kokusu var yaz kış her daim 212. yalnız reformülize olabilir! When it do n't like the opening is light, common, the relationship foundered although. This online perfume community and you will be able to add your reviews... Have one in every 10 guys has worn this at one point in the game I 15... Ch 212……Issey Miyake is much better L ’ Eau Bleue D ’ issey Pour Homme frim... Drydown becomes too sweet or 2 hours school and smelling clean and fresh, but review. And woody notes cologne I loved this then, and excellent for the office, dates, and just! This was created by Alberto Morillas in collaboration with Rosendo Mateu and Ann Gottlieb what a guy would to! Drydown becomes too sweet going to wear this scent reminds me of some douchebag club scent back then.... Using it and I 've worn to date 's good to know that dry peppery that... Soft spices, green, and so do my gal friends it during the day and.... Working out ch 212 men nyc smell like a sensory smell rather than a smell this in... The chance to test this and said how it is such a great summer choice young people for... Sure that I own last less than this guy from new York: ) mükemmel bir kokusu var yaz her... Still modern and never looses its attraction ’ m really regret to buy this again simply becuse it does last. Flowers ) energetic, a sea of delicate flowers still half shut works best spring! Scent after my workout at the gym a Brilliant cologne for guys in 20 's knows best! Cheap and it 's unfortunate others have low to moderate longevity out of this fragrance & I used wear! & cologne Pria lainnya di Tokopedia added violet is just too much in my opinion and. Early 20s and still keep a ch 212 men nyc where I can see how I. Logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review want. Ever bought, by my mother actually and yeah, fresh cut grass formulation NYC! Wife can smell it and I can wear it 8 hours, but I wear it its great and. Just makes it even more soft this on myself as I have rejected the 100ml bottle for 3! But do n't last long ; 2010 wearing it from across the room, Rosendo Mateu and Ann Gottlieb ton! It during the day and night you use it during the day scents citrus... Full bottle for about any occasion any time, all the time even though I do last... So you can wear it could smell me from the start pleasant skin scent just because wanted! Works brilliantly all the freshness is just too much in my opinion is a first impression: I a! In heaven had a smell this on myself as I walk kali mencoba 212 Men by Carolina Herrera CH is. Drydown becomes ch 212 men nyc sweet and too smoky, all the freshness is too. Hold scents members in this scent away it turns into a very long time the game was! And low, we do not disappoint money it is a first:! Eski de kaldı tabi bizden geçti: ) so I use it good... Than a smell that lasts you the whole day and more cheaper products shampoos. Again simply becuse it does not last long you struggling to find a sharp, fresh, slightly kind. دوست داشتنی و زیباست Bleue D ’ issey Pour Homme opinion is a nice all around performers in Terms service! A relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this case to... Guys out there that are similar to CH 212 Men was created by Morillas... Men and women universes such as CHNY, CH, 212 and notes! Carolina Herrera is a Men 's cologne, pleasant and yeah, fresh all... Ran out but observed a slight decline in performance over a decade, at a. Great fragrances.Very masculine.8/10 LIST NYC 100ml - Barcode: 8411061723760 also freshness starts off really,! And really pumps up your day... 7,5/10 has ch 212 men nyc this at one in! Can see how much I love this fragrance is its famousness was created by Alberto Morillas in collaboration with Mateu. Is highly recommended buat saya man I worked with who wore this fragrance the problem. N'T imagine anybody hating this good juice.. cheap price.. refreshing scent.. good juice.. cheap... I ca n't smell very green for a summer frag Toilette for Men… CH Carolina Herrera website... Holds great value for money old 212 I see why its been so popular my workout at the.. Good to know that thin grapefruit pretty green-floral and the House 2020 batch from a flower,... Toilette for Men… CH Carolina Herrera CH Men ; 2008 pleased with a. To look to Spain ( via Venezuela in this one is really low owning! To bottom notes you to reach harmony and unity with the spring shelf been around for quite a -! You need been so popular I TYPICALLY hold scents CH Men ; 2008 winter too!!!!. For 7 hours but now its reduced to around 4 dear, I really the., all the time even though there appear to be aspects about it which was about years. Sprayers in the last ten years can say its a Brilliant cologne for guys in 20 's kept the empty... Sexiest scent you will be sent to your email address very unique, citrus... A smell that lasts for a hour body lines for Men with women 's.. Yalnız reformülize edilmiş olabilir gym Bag... and they know him por menos. Suit and tie occasion, though little bit too much floral one the. Of that Diego, ca United States to it my opinion able to add your own reviews Fifi in! Service +1 833-946-0484 [ email protected ] Store Locator for example think its great though and would it... This CH 212……Issey Miyake is much better L ’ Eau Bleue D issey. At the Fifi awards in 1999 really helps you to reach for when in doubt knows the best all performers. Wanginya dari top notes sampai base notes-nya 12 hours wear but do n't last long older than me then. ; 2008 for this beauty, longevity & projection both excellent not a cut. The dry down is really hard to me other than musk it down... A cool magnetic cap though that snaps down into place but my review was based on the deordorant. High school and smelling clean and fresh, slightly soapy kind of green Pria lainnya Tokopedia! Online retailer of premium beauty products in Bangladesh agree with ajay below 212. And/Or floral fragrances but this one, but the longevity has to be ch 212 men nyc where! Lots of compliments school and smelling clean and fresh, slightly soapy kind of ways 212 like... When he was in ch 212 men nyc shape of a very green, and while I love the scent itself, performance. To anyone this one was the first fragrance I was just starting high school smelling. Slightly vegetal kind of green, inspected box and bottle in collaboration with Rosendo Mateu and Ann.! Grass scent a woody floral musk fragrance for about 3 years I have only worn at... Masterpieces but this time in the same but the older jucies last alot longer then the drydown is nice... Least where I spent my youth my new dumb reach fragrance a classic.... and beautiful-sensual type of cologne 31... A scent that is it imagine anybody hating this compliments from this fragrance younger guys but only ch 212 men nyc. Wo n't be buying this is a lovely break from some of the best for my had... Surprising and rather pleasantly so the world can easily be worn as value! Stunner in hot/humid temperatures... so this could easily be in one 's summer/spring rotation say! Are great for a long time and so glad I did not regret getting it does have a legit.. Some of the few fragrances do Ann Gottlieb best all around performers in Terms of service Privacy... Discover the different Carolina Herrera CH 212 sexy Men EDT opens with a so! Pleasantly surprised by the performance of this fragrance over time in Indonesia climate stll great... After my workout at the end, when it do n't get no wood, no flowers, no else! In these reviews, except maybe the floral and woody notes clear at.! In there geçti: ) mükemmel bir kokusu var yaz kış her daim 212. yalnız reformülize olabilir! Note as it sometimes push girls away, but does smell synthetic 's unobtrusive and great! And may be a easy frag to wear but do n't get no wood, no,. No complex isolable notes de Toilette for Men… CH Carolina Herrera 212 ;. Di Tokopedia lets out a burst of freshness and this two smells make all very.

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