Traits Hero, Cosmic, Bio, Protector, Guardian Drain Taunt, Counter, Defense Up Chain, Drain Passive, Bonus Drain, Taunt on spawn.... Groot. Last but most certainly not the least, the site. I take out Falcon and then Colossus taunts and Groot puts on a Deathproof. Rocket Raccoon is an aggressive scrapper who inflicts terrible damage to foes at range. +15 Damage +5 Resistance, Leg Strength Formula Another stun on Crossbones and a Hulk taunt forces Captain Marvel to dispel, and a few hits later CM’s ultimate nearly sets up the death of Groot. Character with Defense Up effect get a decrease in incoming damage by 50% and an increase in resistance by 50%. The guardians need a real healer est un établissement Public œuvrant dans le secteur de la Recherche-Développement en Alimentation et Nutrition. 1 year ago. +2 Focus, Improved Lung Augmentation +14 Health November 3, 4:00PM (PST) - Elektra & Minn-Erva. Both Hulk and Drax have similar speed 65 hulk and 66 Drax, keep in mind Drax gains a pre-taunt at the start of battle and a 2nd taunt+counter+defense up. The second skill applies defense down. – Captain America có thể cường hoá skill 2 của Iron Man khi 2 char được xếp chung trong đội hình. With the former fandom site of the game out of commission possibly forever, the .gg site is the new place to go to. +2 Resistance, Improved Carbide Membrane >15% chance to Revive with 25% of this character's Max Health. Revive, Defense Up, Deathproof, Offense Up, Speed Up, Counter, Slow. He can work solo with non-Shield characters and still be very effective. >Apply Deathproof to Rocket Raccoon. Groot is a resilient healer who defends allies and has a chance to revive. Protective of Rocket Raccoon. MARVEL Strike Force - 2.4.0 Tier List Stream - Daily MSF Streams @ 1pm PDT! +3 Focus, Advanced Bone Augmentation Grant 1 Ability Energy to 1 AVENGER ally. Lead the charge by assembling your ultimate squad, including Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Loki, Elektra, Captain America and Iron Man, as you enter strategic combat against an all-new enemy threat. Traits Hero, Cosmic, Tech, Blaster, Guardian Splash, gain Crit Chance Call random Assist, Groot always Assists and Taunts AoE, Bonus *Damage if... Thor. Apply Deathproof + Defense Up to 4 Lowest Health allies. Add to that the idea that you want your most vulnerable character far away from the taunting tank and … +19 Armor, Advanced Metabolic Glands Gain Deathproof. Since Rocket is the one character here that frightens me I will do all I can to hit him, but an early taunt from Groot is already causing trouble. November 4, 4:00PM (PST) - Deadpool & Nobu. After that, it should be easier. His first two skills can chain attacks vs nearby enemies. Prefers to team up with Groot. Spiderman – Spiderman is your squishy dodge character but has a lot of utility. +30 Damage, Improved Joint Strength Formula Feel free to browse the latest game news, discussions, strategy, and quality creator content that our community offers. Drax’s damage is also far superior to hulk as it takes a long time for hulk to charge his leap ability. +30 Damage, Advanced Arm Strength Formula Gabriella Giachin | Livingston, New Jersey | Student at Columbia University - Columbia School of Social Work | 500+ connections | See Gabriella's complete profile on Linkedin and connect Putting Star-Lord in the middle, Rocket adjacent to him, and Thanos on the other side will keep Rocket firing off like the crazed rabbit he is. Traits Hero, Cosmic, Tech, Blaster, Guardian Splash, gain Crit Chance Call random Assist, Groot always Assists and Taunts AoE, Bonus *Damage if... Thor. Groot is unlocked at 3 stars, which costs 100 shards. 70% chance to gain an Assist from a random ally. DHO is Dads having Fun - gaming, forums, blogs, podacasts and on Discord! 50% chance to gain an Assist from a random ally. I use korath, gamora, rocket, sl and groot/drax. +19 Health I must admit I thought at first this is just another introduction of new MSF characters, and although I immediately recognized the potential of Captain Marvel I never imagined that those two Heroes will have such an impact on the game. >Apply Deathproof to Rocket Raccoon. Specific Strategy: T4 on Jessica Jones' Passive is recommended, to help improve debuff cleansing. It’s not in his kit. Wellcome to the unofficial Marvel Strike Force Tier List, all the characters & teams ranked from Tier SS (The best … A Punisher AoE takes out Wasp leaving 6 enemies on-screen and 11 to go, but that is as far as I can get. +220 Health Clear 2 negative effects from all allies. +37 Damage 1. share. Rocket is probably a better choice for when you have Ultron unlocked for your second run. Johann Schmidt is a megalomaniac and egocentric genius who firmly believed in the Nazi Party's long-standing misinterpretation of Friedrich Nietzsche's Übermensch, over-man, a concept where a race of superhuman beings are destined to rule the normal ones. This one was a bit easier funny enough, so I hope you guys have fun with it. Attack primary target for 340% damage. +26 Damage, Improved Arm Strength Formula by slaystation | Mar 27, 2018 Groot A resilient healer who defends allies and has a chance to revive. Colossus if you need help tanking, or groot for buffs. Protective of Rocket Raccoon. +240 Health Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. TWBHD back again, with another Disney Infinity Playermodel, this time Groot from "Guardians of the Galaxy". The goal is to taunt the first round, then explode on the enemy team for massive damage after in the arena. +19 Health Shield Security / Groot / Fury / Minnerva / Starlord; ... One of the best tanks to have in FtD since his auto-taunt will save you a lot of trouble. Drax is an unpredictable, taunting attacker with rapid attacks that drain health. +2 Resistance, Calcified Membrane He can also clear debuffs and heal (albeit, a little bit) so there’s some emergency healing to rely upon. +3 Resistance, Advanced Ionized Membrane +19 Health If Groot is your ally, gain an Assist from Groot and apply Taunt to Groot. I don’t see it listed in his abilities. The goal is to taunt the first round, then explode on the enemy team for massive damage after in the arena. If Groot is your ally, gain an Assist from Groot and apply Taunt to Groot. Blob applies Taunt only when an ally drops below 50% HP, just like Ms. Marvel, but at the same time, he can gain Taunt through Toad’s Ultimate skill. Falcon / Hela / Colossus / Groot / Strange I really like Falcon for the speed, but having 1 more Hela will grant more Gregs. Another taunt from Groot who brings deathproof and healing, and also Def Up when he dies with a chance to rez. When rocket shoots like he is using a mini gun it applies taunt to Groot, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the MarvelStrikeForce community. This attack cannot miss. Latest from the UFC and other MMA promotions. Ant Man. Notes for Node 1: Greg will not spawn for the enemy Hela … +260 Health While this reduces him to yellow health, Groot is taunting by the time ME takes a turn and she and BB use basics, the latter of which dispels the taunt. Clear 2 negative effects from all allies. But I do have some tips on how to maintain your team’s progression. Maximum Damage; Effects: +29 Health Jessica Jones (Villains 2-9, Nexus 4-9) – A part of our ideal team, she is an amazing debuff cleanser, has a nice dispel to help get rid of pesky taunts and generates ability energy Merc Lt (Villains 3-3) – An amazing Villain who can help get you through the campaign and is viable late game This is because the website has it all. Apply Deathproof to Lowest Health ally. by slaystation | Mar 27, 2018 Apply Deathproof to all allies + Defense Up to 4 Lowest Health allies. Can someone explain the Groot taunt? +22 Resistance, Advanced Cerebral Stimulant

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