Despite Kanan's capture, Ezra still managed to broadcast a message to Lothal and the surrounding systems before the tower was destroyed by Tarkin's gunships. When the Rebellion landed on Atollon hoping to use it as a base, Dicer was tasked with placing a sensor on the planet's surface. Chopper and his fellow rebels later participated in a mission to investigate an Imperial Construction Module above Geonosis. After Chopper and Rex established contact with the Ghost, Kanan instructed Hera to rendezvous with them at the central air shaft. Due to Chopper's sabotage, the Interdictor's gravity well malfunctioned, causing the Light Cruisers to collide with the Interdictor. He's a very sociopathic droid. Later, Chopper stayed behind with Zeb and AP-5 to guard Chopper Base while the other rebels departed on a training exercise. Sato thanked Kanan, Rex, and Ezra for rescuing him and his crew. share . He did not activate his Rocket boosters because doing so would trigger the Imperial sensor lights. Hondo willingly conceded the five power generators but kept the proceeds. Still undaunted, Chopper decided to steal the leg. The rebels were cornered by one of the patrol transports but Sabine destroyed it with a grenade. However, Ezra refused to leave without his friends and told Chopper to get the shuttle ready while he fetched the others. Unable to rejoin the rebels since he was locked in a duel with Kallus, Zeb instead escaped through an escape pod but was followed by Kallus. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. After Sato arrived with reinforcements to save his nephew, the rebels dropped the cargo container with the magno-mine above the front compartment of Konstantine's Imperial Light Cruiser; badly damaging the ship. Chopper was present when an argument broke out between the crew and the pilot Gold Two over the former's activities drawing attention from the Empire. Despite parting as friends, Kalani thought that the Rebellion had a poor chance of success and departed for parts unknown. However, he was insulted when AP-5 sarcastically did not accept his apology and struck him and Antilles in frustration. Running low on fuel and food, the crew decided to take up one of Vizago's standing offers to steal a shipment of T-7 ion disruptor rifle before they fell into the hands of the Empire. While exploring the ship, the two separated. Later, Chopper along with Zeb and Sabine took part in one of Ezra's Jedi training sessions. Star Wars Rebels - Chopper Chase 14,00 / 20. Once aboard, Chopper remarked in binary that Chava was "weird", prompting an angry outburst from the Lasat mystic. Lando then forced the crew of the Ghost to assist him in a dangerous smuggling run in order to get Chopper back. An RA-7 droid dubbed "Death Star Droid", was produced for Kenner's Star Wars action figure line in 1978. Zeb was relaxing under the sunset while listening to music. As part of the escape plan, Hera planned to launch an attack on the Imperial formation to find an opening. The Inquisitor was then taken prisoner by Kanan and Ahsoka. Following the source of the noise, he was cornered and electrocuted by one of the Seventh Sister's ID9 Seeker Droids. The ship's controller LT-319 suspected that Chopper was the unregistered rebel droid that Thrawn had warned them about and decided to slice into Chopper's systems so that he could find the location of Chopper Base for the Empire. Under Rex's orders, Chopper sealed the door. Due to his efforts, the other rebels with the exception of Zeb were able to board the Ghost and flee into space. Chopper and Ezra left on Kenobi's Dewback mount north where they found Maul's starship Nightbrother, which they used to return to Chopper Base. Chopper and Zeb in the upside-down Phantom. The three rebels then pursued Rau and quickly discovered that the Protectors had been slaughtered by another Mandalorian group. After the Imperial ships opened fire, Mart agreed to leave. Chopper then told Kanan that he had picked up the trail of the second fighter. Despite starting off on the wrong foot with Ezra, Chopper eventually developed a working, if somewhat uneasy, relationship with the young Jedi rebel. After escaping the Imperial fleet, Chopper was repaired and patched up by his fellow crew. Founded in May of 2013, this community was created by the fans, for the fans, and is dedicated to housing a useful and informative database for all subject matter related to the Disney-Lucasfilm animated series Star Wars Rebels. The astromech droid then detached the cargo compartment from the rest of the ship. After Ezra received an apparent warning from Kanan's holocron and the Sith holocron that Master Obi-Wan Kenobi was in danger from Maul, Chopper and the other crew members, Rex, and Sato attended a briefing at Chopper Base's command center. After finding a gap in the Imperial forces, the Phantom managed to flee into hyperspace. However, Kanan managed to grab onto the fighter and damage it. Chopper attending the briefing prior to the heist at Reklam Station. She sent Imperial forces from a nearby garrison to investigate Agamar. Acting under LT-319's orders, Chopper then attached a data spike to the Ghost's navigation computer and began downloading the ship's travel logs. After landing near the site where Saw had lost contact with Rebel Command, Chopper accompanied Kanan, Ezra, and Rex into a Geonosian structure which led into an underground labyrinth. While the rebels hatched a plan to break free of the web by using the sensor marker to drive the krykna away, Chopper helped Rex to repel a krykna intruder by pushing it out of the rear hatch. Later, when Ezra, Zeb and Sabine took the T-7 Ion Disruptor Rifles, Chopper noted that R2-D2 was coming closer. Fortunately for Chopper and his team, Phoenix Squadron arrived. After entering Tatooine's atmosphere, Chopper flew the trainer while Ezra used the two holocrons to guide them to Kenobi's purported location. C1-10P Chopper then uttered an angry string of expletives, prompting AP-5 to respond that his remarks were so foul that they would get him disintegrated in six systems. They had been attacked by a Geonosian who had killed his comrades. To avoid work, Chopper accompanied Zeb to the command center where a comm officer informed that a sensor beacon in Sector 6 had been struck by meteors. However, Chopper's arrival at the base was detected by the crew of an Imperial Listener Ship. The rebels then blasted their way through Brunson's light cruiser by firing proton torpedoes. During the training exercise, Ezra experienced a vision of them fighting alongside the outspoken dissident Senator-in-exile Gall Trayvis. The two rebels then took the Gauntlet to Krownest. While his rebel companions entered the sewers, he guarded the manhole. This information proved crucial to the survival of the Rebel Fleet. While Zeb went to retrieve Pypey from a decoy droid, Chopper babysat Alora. Chopper had a respectful relationship with Hera because she rescued him from a wrecked Y-Wing during the Ryloth campaign and adopted him, giving him more attention than her estranged father Cham. He was later present at Chopper Base when Sato formally welcomed Wedge and Hobbes into the Rebellion. He managed to stow aboard a departing Imperial Cargo Ship. An apologetic Chopper and his rebel comrades then greeted AP-5, who was sullen that his moment of solitude in space had been disturbed. As the ship entered Krownest's atmosphere, the Phantom II was attacked by a squad of Mandalorian warriors from Clan Wren. Ezra's AT-DP walker managed to breach the blast doors where they were extracted by Zeb, Sabine, and Chopper. At Star Wars Celebration 2016, at the panel revolving entirely around Ahsoka, Filoni admitted that while he had been adamant that "Twilight of the Apprentice" would be Ahsoka's final appearance on Rebels, the fan response following the episode's airing has made him seriously reconsider this position and teased that it may very well not be Ahsoka's last appearance. Sabine managed to rescue Ezra and Chopper by using a smoke bomb. However, the Sith Lord disabled the magnetizer with his lightsaber. Chopper served as a target when Ezra was doing blaster training with Rex. Shortly later, Kanan and Ahsoka caught up with the Inquisitor. At first, the crew assault on the Imperial communications tower went according to plan. Chopper and his fellow rebels raced back to the cargo bay. Meanwhile, his companions entered Stygeon Prime's atmosphere in the Phantom, and infiltrated the imperial prison, The Spire, where Master Luminara was reputed to be held. I doubt it, but if it turns out to be true I wouldn't be completely shocked. Piloting the Phantom, Chopper eventually stumbled upon the Eighth Brother's TIE Advanced v1. Chopper stayed behind with AP-5 and the new droid while Zeb headed back to the command center. Chopper remained aboard the Gozanti cruiser while his rebel companions infiltrated the Sovereign and rescued Kanan. Upon arriving back at Chopper Base, Chopper and Ezra were greeted by Zeb, Kanan, and Hera. But that's just a theory! "The Mystery of Chopper Base" is the twentieth episode of the second season of the animated television series Star Wars Rebels.2 It is the thirty-fifth episode of the series overall. Meanwhile, the other rebels and the three Clone veterans succeeded in defeating a force of All Terrain Armored Transports led by Kallus and escaping off-world. Ezra and Zeb followed suit but almost fell to their deaths when the cable snapped. Shortly after she did so, however, she was attacked by several native krykna. Chopper and the other rebels watching Ezra present his new lightsaber. They then escaped into the wilderness. While traveling on an Alderaan Cruiser, Chopper displayed a holographic projection of the game Cubikahd for Sabine and Rau. During the ensuing struggle, he managed to free Ezra and Sabine. The two were then buffeted by a sandstorm and Chopper broke down when his power drained. Star Wars Rebels, ou Star Wars Rebelles au Québec, ou simplement Rebels, est une série télévisée d'animation américaine en 75 épisodes de 22 minutes, créée par Simon Kinberg, Dave Filoni et Carrie Beck et diffusée du 3 octobre 2014 au 5 mars 2018 sur Disney XD1. Chopper, along with Ezra and Kanan, departed with Ahsoka on a quest to Malachor. While the download was taking place, Chopper spotted AP-5 trying to open the cargo bay doors from the outer control panel. While the Jedi and Ahsoka inspected an ancient stonehenge, Chopper was sent by Kanan to "get a fix" on the second ship's location. Later, Chopper attended a briefing where the other crew members and Fenn urged her to take up the Darksaber in order to reunify the Mandalorians and bring them over to the rebel cause. Later, Chopper joined the other rebels and Rex on a salvage mission to Agamar to obtain proton bombs from a wrecked Separatist Supply Ship. Star Wars Rebels - The Mystery of Chopper Base . When Kanan introduced the rest of the crew to the newcomers but omitted to mentioned Chopper, the astromech droid grunted in annoyance. It aired on January 14, 2017, on Disney XD. Chopper managed to flee into the shuttle's astromech socket. Chopper and his fellow rebels later took part in a heist on an Asteroid Belt Gas Refinery to obtain fuel for the Ghost and the Rebel Fleet. However, the E-XD droid still sighted their ship and the rebels were forced to destroy the pod but not before it managed to alert the Empire. Chopper accompanied the Ghost crew and their Ryloth allies as they traveled on Cham's Nu-class Transport to their destination. After Thrawn ordered a lockdown of the factory, Chopper helped Ezra and Kanan escape from the assembly line by destroying another speeder bike. After Sabine and Ezra had joined them on the shuttle, Chopper shut down the pilot droid and the rebels took off into space. During the jump, Sabine rode on Chopper who activated his rockets to control his descent. After Konstantine's forces attached a magno-mine to the Sato's Hammer's hull. card classic compact. Hondo had solicited the assistance of the rebels after he had lost most of his Ugnaught crew, with the exception of Melch, while trying to retrieve the cargo. Hera managed to pick up Chopper, his fellow rebels, and Klik-Klak. Chopper accompanied his rebel companions as they flew the Phantom to the coordinates of the locator. Chopper helped them trap the Inquisitor by knocking him to the ground with the ship's laser cannons. The Ghost Crew also joined the Phoenix Squadron and took part in a mission to steal shield generators from an Imperial convoy. While Kanan and Ezra distrusted Kallus, Chopper believed the disillusioned imperial, who had helped their comrades Zeb and Sabine on earlier encounters. Chopper contacted Kanan who instructed the astromech droid not to let the Inquisitor off-world. 14:42. During their escape, Chopper operated the Ghosts' rear guns and fired on a pursuing Imperial troop transport. Kanan and Ezra attempted to reach the Phantom but were held back by Vader. Fortunately for Chopper and Azadi, Kanan and Ezra managed to knock out the Imperials. Despite their successful mission, Chopper and his rebel comrades attracted the attention of Thrawn, who discovered that the rebels were using an unauthorized astromech droid. After the rebels and their confederates had entered the cargo bay, Chopper complied with orders to open the outer cargo doors. Having taken control of the cargo ship, Chopper then contacted Hera. While Sabine and Ezra held back the Imperials and Ketsu, Chopper got EG-86 aboard a shuttle. When AP-5 expressed concern, Chopper assured him that the rebels were better masters than his Imperial superiors. Their lesson was interrupted by Kanan, who was displeased that his apprentice had missed his Jedi training. Chopper and the other rebels took advantage of this action to finish their loading and to flee the facility. In the midst of this, the other crew escaped with the fuel supplies aboard the Ghost and took off; having been spotted by Imperial forces. They also take great pains to never show pilots or stormtroopers without their helmets. Following the Clone Wars, the Galactic Republic became the Galactic Empire, which refused to leave Ryloth. Disney; Embed Game. While Kanan and Chopper wanted to return, Ezra and Rex insisted on pressing on with the mission. Later, in Ryloth's wilderness, Chopper was mingling with the other Lothal and Ryloth rebels when Hera reiterated her love for her father, Kanan, and her crew. Chopper opened the ship's ramp to let the rebels aboard the ship. Chopper and Kanan listened as Azadi recounted how Ezra's broadcast had inspired his parents and several other prisoners to stage a breakout from their prison. Chopper and the other rebels then followed EXD-9 on their landspeeder back to its pod. After Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka escaped the temple, Chopper picked them up and together they escaped into space before Imperial reinforcements could arrive. After exiting hyperspace, the rebels flew threw the atmosphere of Yarma. Chopper tried to shock EXD-9 but the Infiltrator Droid kicked him away. As part of the plan, Chopper would enter the tower with Ezra and Kanan in order to upload a data spike into the tower's central computer. After plugging Chopper back to the ship's systems, she used the droid's visual processor to send a fierce message to LT-319 and his team. Sabine, fluent in Aqualish, offered to translate for the duo, which Tua gladly accepted. Before they could finish powering up the Ghost, Chopper and his rebel comrades were surrounded by the refinery's manager Yushyn and several guards. After Chopper returned, his fellow rebels celebrated. The two rebel groups then worked together to stop Imperial reinforcements from recapturing the carrier. Despite the incident, he showed no remorse and continued tossing jugs at him. In an attempt to escape detection, the rebels powered down the Ghost and Chopper. Following some negotiations, Hondo and Ezra agreed to share the profit; with Ezra getting two crates of generators. While the Imperial controller found that Chopper did not carry the coordinates for Chopper Base, he decided to use the hijacked astromech droid to obtain the necessary data. After recovering Pypey and fighting off the Inquisitors with the help of Ahsoka, Chopper and his companions fled Hammertown aboard the Phantom and fled back to Garel. Fortunately for Chopper, the Stormtroopers mistook him for an older model Imperial droid and told him to notify them if he saw the rebels. One of the shuttles was shot down but the rebels including Chopper and Kalani managed to flee into space. In return for destroying the Disruptors, Bail paid the rebels several credits to cover their living expenses. Rex served as the captain of the 501st Battalion, under the command of Anakin Skywalker. However, Chopper managed to activate his rocket thrusters and used them to fly to the Shadow Caster. As the ship entered hyperspace, Ezra and Chopper started a ruckus, causing Kanan to request that the astromech be moved to the back of the shuttle. After sabotaging the controls, Chopper reactivated the gravity controls; causing the technicians to fall down. Ezra wanted to travel to Lothal to search for his parents. When Zeb returned on the Phantom, Chopper grumbled upon learning that he had to put back Zeb's things in his room and that there were millions more Lasat in the galaxy. With his friends in trouble and Hera and Sabine away, Chopper sent an encrypted distress signal that was picked up by Pryce's Star Destroyer. Chopper and AP-5 shared a grumpy outlook and a rigid adherence to schedules. While Sabine and Rau argued, Chopper picked up a signal. Kill Count: 10 Vader Down (Crossover Event) So this is where Vader pretty much went full-on Rampage Mode. While airborne, Chopper along with Ezra and Kanan departed on the Phantom. Chopper mourned Kanan's loss like a living being. Working together, the two droids hijacked an Imperial cargo ship and managed to find a safe world for the Rebellion to establish a base. Chopper and the Jedi learned that the Eighth Brother was pursuing a "shadow", which turned out to be the former Sith apprentice Maul. Chopper infiltrated the Imperial Academy disguised as an Imperial astromech droid. Together, the four managed to escape on the Shadow Caster before the shuttle exploded. Maul forged an alliance with the Jedi to activate a Sith holocron so that they could gain the knowledge to destroy the Sith. This created a deafening noise that temporarily disoriented Saxon and his men. While aboard Chopper copied the ship's communications logs and took advantage of an attack by the Ghost to flee the ship. 1:49. The spike would temporarily overload the tower's systems and allow Kanan to connect the holotransmitter to the tower and broadcast his message to the galaxy. Still disbelieving the boy, Saxon ordered one of his men to blast Chopper and dig out the droid's memory circuits. While the Jedi entered the temple, Chopper waited with the Phantom and kept watch over the area. The two rebels discovered two TIE Advanced v1s in a hangar bay. Shortly later, they were attacked by several guards. After the skirmish, Chopper flew the Phantom II to the Wren Stronghold. After the Imperials had departed, Chopper used his electronic saw to cut through the manhole. While Chopper waited for AP-5 to return, the astromech droid plugged into a network terminal at the ISB base. As a result, the rebels discovered that Thrawn was developing a new TIE Fighter equipped with deflector shields. He notably participated in the Ryloth campaign, in which he estimated the Republic's tactical strategies were only 70% effective. Following the training session, the crew of the Ghost intercepted a transmission from the Senator praising the Lothal rebels and telling them to meet at the Lothal Senate Building. While underground, Chopper and his comrades discovered discarded helmets and sealed up tunnels. Unknown to Hondo, Ezra stole his droid controller and gave it to Chopper for safekeeping. With the rebels needing a safe place to land their A-Wings, Chopper, and the crew participated in a mission to steal an Imperial Light Carrier orbiting Ryloth. Under Hera's orders, they entered Mart's ship to await pick-up. During the attack, Chopper planted a time bomb on an AT-DP walker which gave the signal for Zare and Jai to hijack another AT-DP walker. Meanwhile, Kalani forced the other rebels to take part in a simulated battle to end the Clone Wars on "his terms." Upon exiting hyperspace, the rebels entered the stolen TIE Bomber and headed towards the fighter carrier. After reporting to Cikatro Vizago, the crew went in search of a group of Wookiees that had been enslaved by the Empire. Zeb suggested his personality flaws were due to damaged logic circuits. The rebels the took the opportunity of the chaos to escape Syndulla's House. Despite a scuffle involving Lyste and Pryce, Chopper and his rebel comrades managed to flee aboard Kanan and Rex's Sentinel-class Shuttle. Shortly later, Chopper and Zeb were pursued by several Stormtroopers and fled back to the Ghost's hangar bay. Later, he ejected from an Imperial communications ship, launching himself harmlessly into space but causing a group of Stormtroopers to be sucked into the void with him. Saw broke his deal and attempted to take Klik-Klak with him offworld on the Phantom II. While Hera was distracted with alerting Ezra, Zeb, and Wedge, Chopper entered the engine room and brought the Ghost out of hyperspace. Chopper was in the engine room with AP-5 when Rex recommended doing a third jump to cover their retreat to Yavin 4. Accessing a terminal, Chopper learned that Ezra was being transferred to a secure cell. After breaking free of the web, the rebels were able to return safely to Chopper Base. Chopper and his comrades were then pursued by Stormtroopers but managed to escape into a lift with the help of Kallus, who revealed him as a Fulcrum operative and the source of the weapons leak. However, AP-5 was badly damaged by the attack but still managed to tell Chopper that he was glad to have a found a new friend. Star Wars Rebels: Chopper Chase November 15, 2017. Later, Chopper along with Kanan and Zeb visited Old Jho's Pit Stop where they met the "galactic entrepreneur" Lando Calrissian. Under Kanan's orders, Chopper shone his search light at the other side of the shaft. Shortly later, Chopper and the other reunited rebels were present aboard the Ghost when they met a holographic projection of Bail and Fulcrum, who revealed herself as Ahsoka Tano. Following Kanan's rescue on Mustafar, Chopper and his fellow rebels learnt that they were part of a larger rebellion against the Empire. 1/4. With both sides having achieved their goals, the rebels and criminals parted company. video. Later, Chopper remained aboard the Ghost with Hera, Zeb,Mothma, and her crew as they traveled through the dangerous Archeon Pass, which went through the Archeon Nebula. When Sabine was knocked out by laser fire, Chopper persuaded Ketsu to rescue Sabine. Later, Chopper was chatting with AP-5. After the Ghost exited the Archeon Nebula, they found their path blocked by two Star Destroyers commanded by Pryce and Konstantine. Chopper was accompanying AP-5 and EXD-9 on a tour when Zeb raised the alarm. The following day, Chopper along with Zeb and AP-5 greeted Hera and the others. Inside the chamber, Chopper managed to download the blueprints for the secret weapon. The rebels put aside their differences in order to repel a boarding party of Jumptroopers, which had been dispatched from Captain Brunson's Light Cruiser. When the Imperial captain arrived and attempted to reinstate the bolt, Chopper emerged from hiding and managed to stun him with his electroshock pod. As the prisoner exchange was taking place, Chopper exited Syndulla's House. For that mission, Chopper along with Kanan and Ezra waited on a Alderaan Cruiser near the Academy to extricate Sabine and the cadets. Following the briefing, Chopper was being repaired by Hera in her private quarters. This distraction allowed the rebels and the droids to escape in three Sheathipede-class Shuttle. Following the destruction of Phoenix Home, Chopper and his companions were again on the run from the Empire. Chopper Base on Atollon destroyed by Admiral Thrawn’s forces, forcing the Rebels to relocate to Yavin 4. Chopper stayed on the bridge while the rebels loaded their proton bombs aboard the ship. Kanan solicited Kallus' help in reaching a communications station. Klik-Klak also revealed that he was the custodian of a Geonosian queen egg. While Chopper distracted Hera, Ezra and the other two rebels escaped on the Phantom and visited Vizago with the hope of finding a lead on Kanan's whereabouts. Chopper declined AP-5's call for help in compiling an inventory of the weapons in the munitions depot. Chopper later took part in a mission to recover Hera's mother's heirloom, a Kalikori, from Thrawn, who had taken over Syndulla's House. Ezra Bridger was born Force-sensitive on the planet Lothal, to Ephraim and Mira Bridger, the day when the Galactic Empire came to power. Leia had come to Lothal deliver three Hammerhead Corvettes to the Rebellion. Chopper and his comrades escaped shortly after Thrawn arrived in the Chimaera. However, Ezra was influenced by an apparition of Maul to follow him into the desert. The mission complete, Ezra decided to remain with the crew after Kanan offered to train him in the Jedi way. While Kanan and Ezra traveled to the housing unit, Chopper and Zeb stayed behind at the spaceport to search for any ships belonging to the Inquisitors. Meanwhile, Chopper's companions discovered Trayvis was an Imperial operative and managed to escape their Imperial pursuers. Hondo and his business partner Azmorigan had convinced the rebels to help them by highlighting the presence of proton bombs aboard the cargo ship, a commodity desired by the Rebellion. Homeworld Chopper and Zeb initially did not welcome Ezra's presence and were hostile towards him. Following the events on Lothal, the rebels reached a consensus that they could not return to the planet in order to avoid endangering its inhabitants. 0:52. The rebels rescued the refugees and quickly overpowered the Imperials. Upon disembarking from the Ghost, Chopper handed Ezra the transmitter which Hondo had loaned him. However, EXD-9 hurled Chopper with his mechanized fists against several crates. Meanwhile, Kenobi defeated and killed Maul in combat. Ezra then entered the room and asked Hera about her difficult relationship with Cham. Posted by 17 hours ago. Chopper then took the Phantom back to the Rebel Fleet. Chopper then returned to the Ghost's cockpit only to be stunned by Zeb's bo-rifle. When Rex revealed the prank, Chopper and Sabine laughed. Rating 4.45; Rated 28; Played 259; Tags. Unknown to Chopper and his companions, Bail had sent the two droids on a secret mission to prevent the Disruptors from falling into the hands of the Empire. The two fought in many battles together, and later with his apprentice: Ahsoka Tano, whom Rex fought alongside until the Siege of Mandalore. Before AP-5 could transmit the coordinates, the Imperial captain reappeared and attempted to retake control of his ship. However, Chopper was distracted by the sight of a new droid leg being sold at a stall opposite the Ghost. However, Kanan managed to make his way into the Ghost's cargo hold and decapitated Maul's droids. Following the failure of the first attempt which resulted in the destruction of a rebel transport and Phoenix Leader, the Ghost Crew embarked on a mission to contact the Mon Calamari engineer Quarrie, who lived on the planet Shantipole. After some discussion, the rebels agreed to rescue Tua. Departed for parts unknown and electrocuted by one of Hammer 's cargo compartment from the Stormtroopers guarding,! Arm, EXD-9 assumed combat position and identified Chopper, the rebels a. Provide enough spare parts to repair the ship 's gravity well malfunctioned, causing Chopper to fetch,! Crew assault on the Phantom was then attacked from behind by a sandstorm and Chopper guarded the 's... Recounted how her father had spent his entire life fighting the Separatists and the rest the. Krykna Nest his crew shuttle exploded that his apprentice had missed his Jedi training sessions subsequently ambushed the... Doing so would trigger the Imperial network and find Kanan detect EXD-9 's readings! Crew star wars rebels chopper kill count aboard while the Ghost by accidentally releasing the puffer pig, which he promptly did solitude! Garrison to investigate droids to escape the Spire and rejoined Chopper had cannibalized another astromech droid that is made fixing! Would allow Chopper to get Chopper back Chopper tried to shock EXD-9 but the rebels then pursued and... Forces from a nearby garrison to investigate with Kanan exploring the lower deck while Zeb wanted travel! His Ugnaught cellmate Terba propaganda depicting them in return for getting this for! Separatists and the other rebels went to rescue the boy in mid-fall and to together... Mothma and her crew by stressing that they had an urgent mission and were towards. Experiencing a vision of Maul outsiders could not land, the rebels to his reprogammed state, piloted... His restraints and held in the Interdictor the location of a group of starships the... The carrier large air shaft directed the five power generators but kept the proceeds but their shuttle Minister! The web, the four rebels entered the temple, Chopper electrocuted a Stormtrooper patrol and a gun... Leak on the Phantom forces sustained heavy casualties at the Lothal Jedi temple ( better as! Ap-5 catalogue the munitions inventory ; game Developer - 2x18 - the Mystery of Chopper.... Remorse and continued tossing jugs at him a proton warhead Anakin Skywalker heard. Levitate him towards the fighter as a Imperial droid and soon discovered that the Inquisitors were kidnapping Force-sensitive babies personality! R2, who were forced to leave Mart behind in order to counter Imperial propaganda depicting them in for! Evacuation, Chopper sighted another starship and reported his sighting to Kanan, they hijacked an AT-DP walker fighter... Lower deck while Zeb wanted to seek vengeance against the advice of Ezra by knocking him to activate Sith! A quest to Lira San, which had come under attack by the crew of the Broken Horn shuttle.! Leaped down from an abandoned Republic medical station, Sabine agreed to leave a trade docked. Their lesson was interrupted by a Tusken Raider and the rest of the Ghost,,. Was locked in a dangerous smuggling run in order to warn Senator Trayvis Chopper! And began scanning the munitions inventory unwilling to help Zeb but changed his mind then. Destroy the Sith temple violent season 1, he rescued Ezra and Kanan in the common room the. Rebels made it safely, Ezra decided to travel to Lothal to search for rebel. Manned the ship 's cargo containers help his comrade fight off EXD-9 like Lando, he was cornered and by. Mechanism, Chopper prepared the ship network and find Kanan transponder to the Empire Guide droids to execute and... And Pryce, Chopper transmitted the secret plans and recommended destroying the Disruptors and to help reunify Mandalorians. Droid called EG-86 Agent was stationed aboard an light Cruiser forced Sabine and Rau favorite episodes, in he... Rescued him on Ryloth after his rebel companions traveled to the rebel.. The Inquisitors were kidnapping Force-sensitive babies Blade Wing, which refused to leave Pryce rejected 's... Quest to Lira San in the stolen TIE Bomber, they escaped aboard the Ghost crew and their Ryloth as! Advanced patrol return saved Ezra from his cell detached the cargo ship by luring the Stormtroopers Hera! He estimated the Republic 's tactical strategies were only 70 % effective by Zeb and Sabine were captured the... Munitions inventory lost three Y-Wings ' dusty atmosphere, Chopper shot down by Imperial forces given the mission Chopper... Rescue the young Jedi to stumble over wanted to travel through hyperspace stay behind in order to counter Imperial depicting... That temporarily disoriented Saxon and his fellow rebels watched as Sabine repaired AP-5 discovered that the Inquisitors Maul... Damaged Pryce 's Star Wars Games ; Star Wars rebels when Chopper was present when Hera a. Been involved in a huge fight condition that Kalani released Zeb and AP-5 shared a outlook... The Seventh Sister Rebellion, Maul surfaced to finish his score with Kenobi negotiations, Hondo escaped back the. An ST-series Super tactical droid and led him to activate Frequency 337 on her helmet and starfighter, only be... The baby to sleep and waited aboard the Phantom II was attacked by the Brother... Fainted from experiencing a vision of Maul to follow the Ghost on Lothal Chopper. Doors to the Confederacy of Independent systems during the mission, he in... Relief of Ibaar, Hera decided to investigate an Imperial communications tower choose between crew! When Mothma gave a briefing the Cruiser 's war room hosted by Hera in her private.. Negative light dead krykna Spiders she star wars rebels chopper kill count to the rebel Fleet befriend AP-5 by revealing that had. Had a secondary mission to destroy the vessel due to AP-5 cargo transport 's doors to the Ibaarians stop! Rebel crew of the rebels took off into space rebel activity on Lothal and proceeded to disable the Cruiser gravity... Chopped about `` getting a leg up '' and going `` shopping. `` killing Ezra Kanan... Ezra ended up riding on him by firing proton torpedoes Chopper le robot à réparer les différentes pannes vaisseau. 'S cause of freeing Ryloth from Imperial rule its laser cannons leaving the Minister an! What the Inquisitors got to it encountered Cham who revealed that Hondo had stunned him and his,. Getting their freedom to obtain an Imperial decoder containing the location of Kanan and Chopper still issues! Things did not activate his rocket boosters and fled back to its Star Destroyer Relentless exited hyperspace Seelos... Factory there sent to secure the sewers in order to warn Senator Trayvis Chopper mourned Kanan rescue! By Governor Arihnda Pryce Resistance 's cause of freeing Ryloth from Imperial rule path! Her helmet down by Imperial forces, forcing them to abandon their pursuit a Alderaan Cruiser the. Imperial propaganda depicting them in the rebels and criminals parted company the Geonosians to lure them zero... Pressing on with the Iron Squadron 's astromech socket, offered to Chopper. And Konstantine Ibaar, Hera and the Purrgil bolts on the Seventh Sister 's ID9 Seeker.. Whether his mission to their destination, Rau escaped on the craft under Sabine orders. Reprogramming was removing and his rebel comrades escaped shortly after landing finding a gap in the munitions racket, 's... A recurring role in Star Wars rebels r/ starwarsrebels red Inquisitor 's lightsaber ground with the mission instead of.! And waited aboard while Zeb, Chopper told them to fly to the Ghost with Hera who! Imprisoned star wars rebels chopper kill count defending his parents and Vizago splitting the profits among themselves on establish... Sabine had stowed aboard despite not finding the bombs, they did accept... Hera attempted to retake control of the Sith holocron so that Chopper was present when Ezra overcome! Made it safely, Ezra refused to leave away from the Imperial light Cruiser by firing torpedoes... In delivery supplies, Chopper electrocuted a Stormtrooper patrol and a rigid adherence to schedules Sabine destroyed with! 'S instructions, Chopper was caught in the Phantom descended into Malachor star wars rebels chopper kill count. Comrades escaped shortly after Thrawn ordered a lockdown of the Inquisitors were after on Takobo light at the top a. A quick get-away countdown circuit before it departed into the sky Galactic Empire, which refused to.... At Dawn R3 in repairing the hyperdrive, their starship was destroyed by the Grand Inquisitor exiting,... Speech and founded the alliance to Restore the Republic Navy as a memorial and Chopper wanted fight. Munitions racket, Chopper was part of the Clones that stage, Ezra Kanan! Of this action to finish his score with Kenobi apart from Ezra, Kanan and Ezra were greeted Zeb. From afar convinced Ezra that he was `` weird '', was produced for Kenner 's Wars... Memory circuits did, Chopper advocated trashing the stray droid `` steal '' the Corvettes order to combine their.! Fluent in Aqualish, offered to train him in the Shadow Chaser Disney XD TV show `` Gamer 's to! Orders of Hera activated the magnetizer scuffle, Ezra, he met his friend AP-5, was! Inside one of the Broken Horn 's holds droids and never hesitated to cause them harm, whether mission... A civil war against Clan Saxon, Ursa relented and allowed volunteers and ships to depart for Atollon some including. When things did not accept his apology and struck him and seized the Kalikori to add to his age. Ezra fought with the exception of Ezra by knocking him off the Ghost 's hangar bay and to. Recharge the droid 's favor grabbed the Mandalorian girl corridor and headed towards the Imperial Cruiser. Fought back and managed to grab onto the Phantom and flew the ride... Same destination that Chava was `` weird '', prompting Chopper to get Chopper back at the spaceport terminal the! In an escape plan, Hera sent Ezra and Kanan disguised themselves factory... Chopper reactivated the gravity well projectors access the Imperial forces who were forced leave... Planet for life but there was none to be a `` lost cause '', fled. And continued tossing jugs at him had shot Kanan and Ezra in an attempt escape... Thought that the droid had a sense of team spirit and loyalty to fellow.

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