Muhammad Mirza was the sixth son of Miran Shah, himself the third son of Timur. Following Timur's death in 1405, Miran Shah became embroiled in the ensuing war of succession, having thrown his support behind his son Khalil Sultan. [14], Reports eventually started reaching Timur of his son's behaviour. Here Prince Tahir, son of Sultan Ahmad Jalayir, had been besieged by Miran Shah before being relieved by George VI of Georgia, the combined forces of whom defeated the Timurid army. Chief among these was his inability to capture the fortress of Alinja from the Jalairid Sultanate in 1395. January 1 – The Welsh surrender Harlech Castle to the English. Amongst the main contenders were Miran Shah and Shah Rukh (the two surviving sons of Timur), Pir Muhammad (the son of Jahangir who was Timur’s favorite son and designated heir), and Khalil Sultan (Miran Shah’s son). In 1396 Miran Shah was given control of Azerbaijan, principally the cities of Soltaniyeh, the former capital of the Ilkhans, and Tabriz. That same year, he destroyed a rebellion against Timurid authority by the Kartids. Some of Tokhtamysh's most distinguished followers were taken captive, who were then escorted by Miran Shah to his father's winter quarters in Qarabagh, where they were presented to Timur in chains. He advanced to the Oxus River against Khalil but turned back when Khalil's father Miran Shah, as well as his brother Abu Bakr ibn Miran Shah, marched from Azerbaijan in support. Khanzada reported her husband's rebellious intentions as well as complaining about her mistreatment at his hands. [26], harvtxt error: multiple targets (2×): CITEREFWoods1990 (,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Persian-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Daulatgaldi Agha — daughter of Payanda Sultan, son of Jahangir Barlas, Rajab Sutlan Begum, married to Sa'd Waqas (son of, This page was last edited on 19 December 2020, at 15:06. He was a son of Miran Shah and a grandson of Timur. In the early 1950s, the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and the "Tochi Scouts" of Pakistan's paramilitary Frontier Corps carried out counter-insurgency operations from Miramshah Airfield and Miramshah Fort against the insurgency fomented by the rebellious … Qara Yusuf then had his head impaled before the walls of Tabriz to induce the cities inhabitants to surrender. Transoxiana was then given to Shahrukh Mirza's son Ulugh Beg. Of Timur's four sons, two (Jahangir and Umar Shaykh) predeceased him. The kingdom was then under the rule of the Kartid dynasty, who quickly submitted to Timur's army. Khalil also gained an ally, Sultan Husayn Tayichiud, who had previously also made claims to the throne as a grandson of Timur. Miran Shah was Timur's eldest living son by this point, but was not considered an active contender to the throne and was passed over in favour of his own son, Khalil Sultan. T imur is in the centre and on his right is his son Miran Shah (the first Mughal emperor Babur’s great-great- grandfather) and then Abu Said (Babur’s grandfather). Miran Shah, son of Timur; 1409. Sevin Beg Khanzada (c. 1360 – 1411) also known as Khanzada, was a princess of the Sufi dynasty, the ruling Turco-Mongol dynasty of Khwarezm, and daughter-in-law twice-over to the Central Asian conqueror Timur through her marriages to his sons Jahangir and Miran Shah.Through her maternal grandfather Jani Beg, she was a direct descendant of Genghis Khan. Sultan Muhammad, son of Miran Shah, 1875-1900. As a result of this rout, all of Timur's western conquests were lost, with the Timurids being subsequently driven out of western Persia. [2], Meanwhile, Shahrukh Mirza, who was ruling in Herat, also decided to press his claims. [11] Miran Shah was instructed to arrest the founder of the movement Fazlallah Astarabadi al-Hurufi who was, according to legend, executed by the prince himself. Mirza Jalal-ud-din Miran Shah Beg (1366 – 20 April 1408), commonly known as Miran Shah (Persian: میران شاہ‎), was a son of the Central Asian conqueror Timur, founder of the Timurid Empire. Timur appoints his son Miran Shah as Timurid viceroy of Azerbaijan. This was said to be due to the latter's Semitic descent. View Miran Shah’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Although his designated successor was his grandson Pir Muhammad b. Jahangir, Timur was ultimately succeeded in power by his son Shah Rukh. He was a son of Miran Shah and a grandson of Timur. Tokhtamysh, the Khan of the Golden Horde and Timur's erstwhile ally, sent his army against the invading force and defeated their advance-guard, resulting in the loss of forty of Timur's officers. Martin I of Aragon becomes King of Sicily. By collaborating on equal terms with the Sultan Ahmed Jalayir against the Timurids, Qara Yusuf effectively secured the independence of the Kara Koyunlu.] Timur’s legacy is a mixed one. Ulugh Beg becomes governor of Samarkand. Miramshah was named after the Timurid ruler, Miran Shah, the son of Timur. (49.8 x 29.8 cm). Contrary to his usual practise however, Timur treated the prisoners leniently and returned them to Tokhtamysh. Sultan Husayn Tayichiud, a maternal grandson of Timur as well as Miran Shah's son-in-law,[21] also made a bid for the throne before aligning himself with Khalil Sultan. Philibert de Naillac succeeds Juan Fernández de Heredia as Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller. However, after facing accusations of destructive and hedonistic behaviour, the prince was later deposed from these roles by the emperor. He held on grimly and finally liquidated the Kurds in 1394 after fierce fighting. [7][8], Several revolts were also put down by Miran Shah in subsequent years. Shah Rukh, governor of Herat and Timur's other surviving son, made no offensive move against his nephews at this point. Opaque watercolor and gold on paper, sheet: 19 5/8 x 11 3/4 in. Ulugh Beg, eldest son of Shah Rukh, seated on a carpet, Samarqand, 1435-1440 SAMARKAND, UZBEKISTAN: ULUGH BEG'S OBSERVATORY Of all the places we had planned to visit on this trip through the Stans, I was most excited for Samarkand, a city in Uzbekistan that is one of the oldest continuously-inhabited cities in Central Asia. All of these claimants to the Timurid throne, with the exception of Shah Rukh, were dead by 1410. [14][18], In 1399, Timur sent a detachment of troops under his nephew Sulaiman Shah to investigate his concerns. The prince's fief was now the entirety of northern Persia and Transcaucasia, and included the cities of Baghdad, Tabriz and Soltaniyeh. As a result, in 1394 the founder of the movement, Fazlallah Astarabadi, had been arrested and executed on Timur's orders by his son Miran Shah. Timur's appointed successor Pir Muhammad was quickly cast aside, and Khalil gained control of Samarkand. [6], In the winter of 1386, Timur launched an invasion of Azerbaijan, an area that had by that point been sought after by the Golden Horde for over a century. Shams-i-Jahan, however, had Khudaidad Hussain executed for his treason to Khalil and returned Khalil his kingdom. Timur was also the founder of the dynasty that the Mughals belonged to. Mironshoh, Jaloliddin Amiranshoh (1366—1408) — Amir Temurning 3-o'g'lidir va u otasiga koplab janglarda yordam korsatga.Mirza Miran Shah Beg (1366 – 16?April 1408) (Persian: میران شاہ‎) was a son of Timur, and a Timurid governor during his father's lifetime.Miran Shah's first charge was a vast region centered on Qandahar, which he was granted in 1383. [22], However, Miran Shah and Abu Bakr were forced to withdraw prior to being able to do this. In the early 1950s, the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and the “Tochi Scouts” of Pakistan’s paramilitary Frontier Corps carried out counter-insurgency operations … [16] Miran Shah, without posing any difficulties, returned with them to face his father, who had by this point arrived in Soltaniyeh to confront him. [13], By 1393, Timur had conquered all the lands that had formerly been part of the Mongol Ilkhanate. In 1389 the governor of Tus, Amir Hajji Beg Jauni Qurbani, aided by a Sarbadar ruler, sought to make himself independent. Nevertheless, Khalil's position began to weaken. He was unpopular in Samarkand, where the nobility despised his wife Shad Mulk. During Timur's lifetime, Khalil Sultan gained Timur's particular favor. Having tied a rope around his neck, Miran Shah appeared before the emperor and begged for his forgiveness. This was likely due to Miran Shah, who posed a serious threat as he, along with his other son Abu Bakr, had led an army out of Azerbaijan in support of Khalil Sultan. He was later killed whilst battling against the Timurid's traditional rivals, the Qara Qoyunlu. The Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) held a public gathering in Miranshah, the capital of North Waziristan, on Sunday. Abū Saʿīd Mirza (Chagatay/Persian: ابو سعید میرزا‎‎) was the son of Muḥammad son of Miran Shah son of Amir Timur (Herat, 1424–1469), and was a Timurid Empire ruler in Transoxiana, Khurasan and the southern Caspian region, what is today parts of Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Azerbaijan and Afghanistan and member of the Timurid dynasty. [18] Instead, Miran Shah was deposed from his lands and assigned to Timur's own retinue, where he would remain for the next four years. Umar Shaikh, his second son was slain by an arrow shot by the Kurds. At the same time, Miran Shah supported another son, Khalil Sultan, in his claims the throne. While leaving a mosque in 1426, Shah Rukh became the victim of an assassination attempt. Miramshah was named after the Timurid ruler, Miran Shah, the son of Timur. How is Timur related to the Mughals? April 1408) (Persian: میران شاہ ‎) was a son of Timur, and a Timurid governor during his father's lifetime.Miran Shah's first charge was a vast region centered around Qandahar, which he was granted in 1383.That same year, he destroyed a rebellion against Timurid authority by the Kartids, then vassals of Timur in Khurasan under their leader Ghyas al-Din. [24], Though Abu Bakr had managed to escape,[25] Miran Shah was struck down during the battle by a Turkoman chief who, having not recognised the prince, had stripped and looted his body. Life. Miran has 5 jobs listed on their profile. The Kartid Dynasty is brought to an end in east Persia after its remaining rulers are murdered at a banquet by Miran Shah, son of Timur Lenk. Biography During Timur’s lifetime, Khalil Sultan gained Timur’s particular favor. He marched with Aba Bakr in an attempt to reinforce Khalil, but eventually turned back. In 1383, the head of the former royal family, Ghiyas-uddin Pir 'Ali, became complicit in a plot against Timur. They were sent bearing only paternal reproaches towards the Khan, a final, ultimately unsuccessful attempt by Timur to discourage his former mentee from further hostilities. "[15], In addition to this, Timur had concerns regarding unrest and taxation problems in Miran Shah's domains, as well as the prince's military failures. Khalil Sultan (Chagatai/Persian: خلیل سلطان‎) was the Timurid ruler of Transoxiana from 18 February 1405 to 1409. [6], However Miran Shah, who had been suffering from mental issues following a fall from his horse several years earlier, began to show increasingly destructive tendencies during his rule. He distinguished himself during the campaign in India and in 1402 […] In the struggle that followed Timur's death in 1405, his son Aba Bakr managed to oust Jalayirid forces from Tabriz and Miran Shah reestablished himself in Azerbaijan. Miran Shah had alluded in letters about his father's increasing age and doubts about Timur's continued capabilities of ruling. The latter had considerable influence over Khalil, convincing him to appoint people of so-called low birth to high positions at the expense of the nobility. [3], In 1380, prior to his conquest of Khorasan, Timur pre-emptively named Miran Shah (at this point fourteen years old) governor of the region. Property Value; dbo:abstract Khalil Sultan (Chagatai/Persian: خلیل سلطان‎) was the Timurid ruler of Transoxiana from 18 February 1405 to 1409. Feb 27, 2017 - Sultan Muhammad Mirza, sixth son of Miran Shah Miran Shah's excessive lifestyle evidently took its toll on his health, as he was described by Clavijo as "big and fat, and he suffers much from the gout. He got the news that his son Miran Shah had faced a crushing defeat at the hands of the new Georgian King Jorgi VI … According to Abu'l Fazl, the Grand Vizier of his descendant Akbar, Muhammad Mirza's mother was Mihr Nush of the Fulad Qiya tribe. Khalil gained Timur's treasury and bestowed the puppet title of Chagatai Khan (which before had always been granted by Timur to a descendant of Genghis Khan to legitimize his rule) to a Timurid prince. Miran Shah in particular was considered to be the Dajjal (Antichrist) and was further mocked as Maran Shah (King of Snakes). His mother was the daughter of Suhrab Kurd and a relative of Izz al-din Shir of Hakkari, who was a … [3] However, Persian historian Khwandamir instead claims that Khudaidad Hussain began a civil war against Khalil and took him prisoner, delivering him along with his territory to eastern Chagatai Khan Shams-i-Jahan (r. 1399–1408). Though never ruling in his own right, the line of Miran Shah played a prominent role in the history of the Timurid Empire. Miran Shah quickly crushed the rebellion and annexed the Kartid capital of Herat, which he made his viceregal seat. This dominion, which Timur termed "the throne of Hulagu", was bestowed upon Miran Shah. Biography . A copy has been kept of the answer of Charles VI to Timur, dated 15 June 1403.

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