He carried with him a command staff which was rumored to be made from the bones of a murdered political rival—possibly a grim trophy from the execution of Hadiss the Vaulted. Agent Terex | Sometime following the instigation of Order 66, Darth Sidious addressed the members of the Separatist Council, Poggle included, where he congratulated them for their service to Sidious and how he would sent his new apprentice, Darth Vader, to "take care" of them. Robonino | After the Separatist Leaders were all killed on Mustafar, the shut-down order was activated and the droid army was shut down and the Confederacy had dissolved shortly after the Republic was as well during the Declaration of a New Order. Skywalker, Kenobi, and a team of clone troopers led by Clone Commander Cody followed Luminara's signal and ventured into the catacombs, only to be attacked by the undead Geonosians. Close. To coerce him, Dod secretly poisoned Clovis's romantic interest Senator Amidala, there to attend a supposed diplomatic meeting (and covertly spy on Clovis at the request of the Jedi Council). Poggle and the Separatists retreated to a war room and watched helplessly as the Republic Army, suddenly manned by battalions of clone troopers, engaged their droid army. General Grievous | Gender Anakin Skywalker, alongside … TV-94 | Poggle meeting with the Separatists leaders. IG-11 | Commander Versio | Jabba the Hutt | Senator Amidala warned Poggle that to execute three officials of the Republic was an act of war; Poggle scoffed that as a builder of weapons, he was more than prepared for it. Some Villains like Darth Vader, Jango and Boba Fett or the Separatist Leaders and the Droid Army. ; 839 people have joined this week. Po Nudo | Poggle conspires with Senators Clovis and Dod. TJ 55 | Clovis declined their offer and so the two ended up poisoning Padmé in an attempt to sawy Clovis to meet their demand. Geonosis[1] IG-88 | Inquisitorius: Ziro the Hutt, Other Captain Sabrond | Greivous. The Jedi fled with the captured Poggle, while clones destroyed the arch supports in the cave to slow down the otherwise unstoppable undead Geonosians, burying them along with Queen Karina. Posted by. Because Poggle only deals Physical Damage, the increases to his Special Damage and Special Accuracy can be ignored. The Ninth Sister | Skywalker and Unduli used their troops to create a diversion at the bridge leading into the factory, while Ahsoka and Barriss sneaked in through the catacombs to get inside and destroy the main reactor. Among the Separatist Council, Poggle was the only member to be an actual head of state and military, giving him some insight into military strategy. Luminara managed to find this box and track him to the Progate Temple, the site of heavy bombardment during the Republic's initial strike. Toro Calican | What Poggle didn't know, however, was the true identity of Lord Sidious or that the very clones used to attack him were commissioned by Sidious and Tyranus. ConspiracyWarmongeringTerrorismWar crimes Grant all Separatist allies Offense Up for 3 … The archduke and TX-21 eventually arrived at the reactor room accompanied by a small group of Geonosian warriors with a Super Tank backing them and he had them and his advisor deal with the Padawans while he withdrew and escaped from the facility. He was voiced by Matthew Wood in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series. Poggle the Lesser was one of the earliest and most ardent supporters of the Separatist cause. Hutt Clan | Take out … Imperial Navy | Help us improve this article by referencing valid resource material. Eventually, Dooku and the other members of the Separatist Council had decided to withdraw and escape but not before leaving without one crucial detail. Bib Fortuna | Eye color While the two Padawans planted explosives in the reactor room, Poggle and TX-21 arrived with a super tank and several Geonosian warriors. Species ; Brickset members have written 35824 set reviews. Poggle is a Dark Side Geonosian and Support. Poggle remained in the foundry as the Geonosian warriors waged a brutal counter attack and offensive against the Republic forces. Ten years after their initial meeting, Poggle the Lesser hosted the first official meeting of the Confederacy's leaders in the Stalgasin hive. Pyke Syndicate | Ziro the Hutt Aurra Sing | There are 16612 items in the Brickset database. Vizam | The other … Allegiant General Pryde The Republic is delivering Poggle the Lesser to Coruscant. Remove this notice when finished. Poggle left them to deal with the intruders and the explosives were quickly disable, though TX-21 was destroyed by a detonator placed on the super tank- which remained unharmed. Greedo | Beilert Valance | The Second Sister | Poggle then had garrisons of droids sent out to keep the Republic forces at bay while the Super Tanks were still in production and the droid forces were supported by local Geonosian warriors who supported the droid forces via attacks from the air. When Vader finished slicing through, he Force pushed the piece of the door toward the holographic display table, crushing the Geonosian between the metal and the table. Old Daka, Shadow Collective Meanwhile, Poggle's aide TX-21 informed him the factory was operating at 50% capacity and had produced ten garrisons of droid troops. Barada | Despite working for the Republic, Poggle secretly had alterior motives for wanting to assist Krennic in the Death Star's construction. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. Poggle ordered his soldiers to retreat and hide, but before he joined them, he turned over plans to the Ultimate Weapon—a secret project he had been contracted to build by the Separatists which would later become the Galactic Empire's feared battle station, the dreaded Death Star—to Count Dooku and erased all data from his computers. This list of characters from the Star Wars franchise contains only those which are considered part of the official Star Wars canon, as of the changes made by Lucasfilm in April 2014. Grand Admiral Thrawn | Poggle had created the droids needed for the Trade Federation and they soon landed on Naboo in 32 BBY when the company blockaded and occupied the planet and had the droids maintain their grip on the world. Klaatu | Kenobi took the brain worm so that he could study it later, but dropped it in the confusion and was powerless to stop Anakin from crushing it with his boot. COMPNOR | Skywalker angrily knocked him down, telling him that he wouldn't need mind tricks to get him to cooperate. The Tenth Brother Purge Troopers | Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. 19 BBY (16:5:23 ArS), Mustafar Tasu Leech | The exact chronology of the events described in this article is currently unknown. After the Second Battle of Geonosis, Poggle was brought back to the Republic capitol of Coruscant where he was imprisoned in the Republic Center for Military Operations. Poggle later escaped Republic captivity and rejoined the C.I.S as the war began to draw to its close. Other Officials and Operatives: Crimes This attack deals 10% more damage for each debuffed enemy. Members: Savage Opress | Slick | Geonosian defenses were stronger than the Jedi anticipated, injuring Kenobi and forcing Skywalker and Mundi to take alternate routes to the factory. Darts D'nar | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Captain Phasma | Following the battle, Geonosis was occupied by the Republic. A decade before the Clone Wars, the Geonosian hives manufactured the battle droids used by the Trade Federation in its invasion of Naboo. While Poggle remained inside to oversee production, droids and Geonosian warriors defended the ray-shielded factory from an offensive strike led by Jedi Generals Skywalker, Kenobi, and Ki-Adi-Mundi. Sub-groups: Full Name Though puzzled that he would go there, Luminara followed, but was soon captured by undead Geonosian warriors. On the offensive side Poggle the Lesser gains a 2,171 Physical Damage increase. Poggle's actions lead to the return of the Sith and his entire species was one of many enslaved by the empire, but was nearly exterminated in a sterlization campaign shortly before the station's completion. TZ-33 | Poggle dispels all debuffs on all allies and gains 4% Turn Meter for each debuff dispelled. Commander Hask | Poggle the Lesser, a warrior drone who clawed his way to the seat of power (7) is leader of one of those tribes, is in cahoots with Count Dooku and the separatist movement from the Republic. Obey the orders and wills of Queen Karina the Great. When Anakin Skywalker, now as Sidious's new apprentice Darth Vader, arrived on Mustafar, the Separatist leaders discovered that he was sent not to reward the council, but to execute them. Officers: The partnership was very lucrative so much so that Poggle personally developed the Super Battle Droids on the Geonosian droid factories himself. Poggle, grateful for Sidious's help, gladly struck a deal with the Trade Federation. After Kenobi attempted to negotiate her surrender, Karina explained that she intended to control the three Jedi, using brain worm parasites. The true leader of the Geonosians during the Clone Wars, Karina resides beneath the Progate Temple, where she lays eggs and issues orders to public leaders like Poggle the Lesser. After Padmé, Anakin and Obi-Wan were brought before the Geonosian people in the arena for execution, Poggle had attended the event leading it and was accompanied by Count Dooku, Nute Gunray, and Rune Haako as they all oversaw the event. In 19 BBY he and many leaders were arrested on Mustafar by Yoda … Create and customize your dream squad using characters from every era, including new characters from Star Wars™: The Force Awakens, Rogue One™: A Star Wars™ Story, and Star Wars™: The Last Jedi™. Sith Troopers | Before that however, Anakin found and cuffed Poggle and brought him to the surface during their escape and escorted him to a venator-Class Star Destroyer, the Resolute, and put in a prison cell. 501st Legion | And a worm wormed its way into a sleeping trooper’s head. Using a protocol droid to translate, Poggle informed Skywalker that mind tricks wouldn't work on Geonosians, as the other Jedi had already discovered. Graxol Kelvyyn | They eventually found Poggle in the chamber of the queen where Luminara was being held and was planning on using the brain worm to infect her when the two Jedi arrived. In return, Poggle would be paid large sums of money for his trouble and Geonosis would earn a place on the high order of the new Confederacy. Type of Villain Knights of Ren, Nightsisters TF-1726 | POGGLE THE LESSER - Daily Character Discussion (05/03/2016) (self.SWGalaxyOfHeroes) submitted 3 years ago * by deadvader. Even though it looks Corellian in design, I’m sad the medical frigate isn’t a Nebulon B. Hobby Poggle's engineers were responsible for the cyborg body given to the injured Sheelal. During the clone wars, he was a leading member of the Techno Union and the Separatist Council. Trade Federation | Poggle the Lesser (?-19 BBY), Archduke of Geonosis, is a fictional character from the Star Wars universe. With the construction halted and sabotaged, Poggle stole a modified shuttle and broke through the Republic flotilla and escaped into hyperspace. Sanjay Rash | 1 day ago. Salacious B. Crumb | Now to hope it rolls speed, but what’s the minimum it should roll? He was a servant of the Geonosian Queen Karina the Great and was nominally in control of the Stalgasin Hive. Dengar | Despite their best efforts, the undead were able to continue fighting even after being dealt mortal wounds, and so Kenobi altered their strategy. General Kalani | During the Battle of Geonosis, he gave Count Dooku the plans to a superweapon that could destroy an entire planet. Poggle the Lesser was thought to be leader of the insectoid Geonosian people, and a founding member of the Confederacy of Independant systems. Carise Sindian | While on Geonosis, Poggle had secretly gathered the Geonosian people and started an uprising comprised of the Geonosian workers who helped construct the Death Star. Bo-Katan Kryze | Doctor Pershing | During the Separatist Crisis, Poggel stood out as one of the first and arden supporter of the Separatist cause. His description is a Support character with strong droid synergies. In response to the show of force at the bridge, Poggle authorized twenty of his new ray-shielded super tanks to be deployed and forced the Jedi forces to fall back. Poggle the Lesser was not related to Poggle the Greater, but, like all Geonosian leaders, he aspired to his greatness. Agent Tierny | This article or section is in need of referencing per Wookieepedia's, This article needs appropriate citations. Poggle then gathered with the other Separatist leaders on Geonosis where they had all pledged their support to Dooku and signed their treaty effectively announcing their secession from the Galactic Republic. Over the course of the battle, the 212 Jedi were withered down to only a couple dozen and were on the verge of all being killed when the Grand Army of the Republic lead by Jedi Grand Master Yoda had arrived and saved them. Kenobi and the other Jedi were curious as to how Skywalker had managed to get Poggle to cooperate, but he didn't elaborate. The Geonosians captured Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, his Padawan Anakin Skywalker, and Senator Padmé Amidala soon after this meeting, and Poggle himself presided over their trials, charging them with espionage and sentencing them to execution at the Geonosian arena. Occupation Droidekas | The foundry was eventually destroyed and the Padawans had survived but Poggle wasn't in the ruins of the foundry and was already on the run. Admiral Motti | Poggle grew up on Geonosis where he was born into a lower cast of the Geonosian race, hence his name "the Lesser" comes from. Allegiant General Pryde | Governor Pryce | Death Watch | San Hill | Poggle was a member of the Geonosian lower caste, hence his surname "the Lesser". Zam Wesell | Commander Cody | Create large droid factories and build huge droid armies for the Separatist Droid Army.Overthrow the Galactic Republic and replace it with a more noble government (failed). Skywalker and Clovis attempted to quietly leave Cato Neimoidia, but were confronted by Dod. Site Statistics. The ground forces were soon reinforced by the arrival of Y-Wing bombers and with the path cleared, Skywalker led a team to disable the Geonosian's scanners and allow the AT-TE's to destroy the shield generator. Leaders: Mother Talzin Poggle the Lesser Although Marton Csokas is credited … Bala-Tik | Imperial Officers: General Hux | Soldiers: He was envious of Geonosian Archduke Hadiss the Vaulted and he sought after his position and thus, plotted a revolt to overthrow him. During his time in prison, Poggle was eventually approached by Lieutenant Commander Orson Krennic of the Special Weapons Group in an attempt to get more information about the battle station intended for use by the Confederacy. 0-0-0 | This partnership was lucrative; Poggle even took the liberty to create a new B2 super battle droid for the Confederacy. Mandalorian Super Commandos | Following the procedure, Sheelal was renamed "General Grievous" and was promoted to Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies. He would remain in custody for the next thirteen months while being subjected to interrogation by Republic intelligence numerous times with one of the main topics being the subject of the "ultimate weapon' designed by the Stalgasin Hive and was thought to be under construction for the Confederacy. Members: Sy Snootles | Tobias Beckett | 1.83 meters[1] Son | Poggle had denied the Geonosian association and denied the existence of such a project, even though the plans were secretly in possession by the Republic Special Weapons Group. Inside the catacombs, Ahsoka and Barriss accidentally woke a Geonosian warrior, who quickly informed Poggle of their intrusion. Poggle the Lesser was the Archduke of Geonosis 1 Biography 1.1 Clone Wars 2 Behind the scenes 3 Appearances Poggle the Lesser had been present from the beginning of the Clone Wars. With a base Speed of 164, Poggle The Lesser starts off faster than most in SWGoH. Dark Troopers 80 kilograms[2] Gleb | Krennic, who wanted to work on the project and spearheaded its production, had appealed to the archduke by appealing towards his allegiance to the Geonosian people and convinced him to hand over the Geonosian population to help work on the Death Star and Poggle ended up joining the Republic once more. K2-B4 |

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