He felt that his future was bleak, but this was just like him, allowing him to laugh innocently and sing in the pouring rain back home.[21]. See more ideas about shiki, anime, type moon. They relieved him of the unbearable sight of Death, and allowed him to live normally again. [28] A cut along any line will bifurcate the object, no matter the sharpness of the cutting tool used, and certain lines would result in instant death for the target. Araya notes that if Shiki was not severely injured from their previous battle, he would have been killed instantly. She would then use her fingers to touch and play with the blood spilled on the pavement, putting and tracing it on her lips, incidentally making it her first ever use of a "lipstick." Mikiya Kokutou Birthday: She was trained by her father from a young age. 「 」【―――】【その他】 - Wallpaper Abyss - Page 2. Nasu: They can’t talk, but they can both understand what the other is feeling. She has an enigmatic, grim, cold, mean, heartless, cynical, moody, merciless, and highly brooding personality, appearing to care about nothing, but she occasionally reacts in surprisingly feminine ways. Kara no Kyoukai: Shiki Ryougi (ISTP) Last updated on February 4th, 2020 Originally posted on November 21st, 2019 in Anime/Manga by Ryan and Mara. Q: Since Saber and Gilgamesh have physical bodies in Fate/Stay Night, can Shiki see lines on them? Returning to her apartment, knowing that she can't live without Mikiya, she becomes determined to save him from his slumber. Due to her confirmed multiple personality, her brother was abandoned as the heir in favour of her. She claims restructuring the laws governing atomic matter, going back in time to change the evolution and development of all life, and reconstructing the orders and laws of the world would be easy for her to accomplish. Sitemap. She wears a traditional kimono paired with a leather jacket and high-laced boots. For example, when he fights Roa at the school in the Arcuied Route/Anime he destroys an entire hall with just his knife. Saved by Yuri Ha Zahard. 72 Shiki Ryougi HD Wallpapers and Background Images. A teenage girl, who possesses the "Mystic Eyes of Death Perception", a supernatural ability that allows the user to see the inherent mortality of everything (both living and non-living) in the form of lines and a single point (which is the "origin" of the object). 冷たい食べ物は嫌いなクセに、コンビニエンスストアに寄ると必ず買って来るらしい。 Takeuchi: I can’t tell whether I should be happy about that answer or not. See more ideas about shiki, anime, fate. 幹也はと言うと、本人曰く「知らない」だそうで。. Shiki Ryougi: Ryougi Shiki. Shiki Ryougi the female protagonist of Kara no Kyoukai. Both manage to escape, but Fujino loses her powers and regresses to a childlike state of mind. 10 years later Its meaning varied depending on each individual's understanding. 1.4K Favourites. This also reflected just how self-abusive Ryougi Shiki was, declining the Mystic Eyes Killers. Anime Drawing. Though it might be more accurate to say she likes them for their personality, and not just for being dogs. She does not have a realistic sense of living, knowing that she is Shiki while also not feeling that she actually is Shiki. Height: Shiki possesses heightened physical abilities, enhancing her mobility in combat. The protagonist of Tsukihime, Tohno Shiki, acquired Mystic Eyes Killers crafted by Touko from someone. Aug 19, 2015 - Explore Sagittarius Kitalpha's board "Ryougi Shiki" on Pinterest. He had been afraid of uncertainty, but Shiki and Mikiya's sworn future meant that there would be events that continued on in the future. Nasu: Even if it was reforged, the years it had accumulated before would be lost. 24 Comments. 好き嫌いに関係なく、まず一緒にいていい人間と一緒にいたくない人間とに分かれるのだとか。 Shiki accepts Touko's offer to train her to use the Eyes, and begins work under her after her release. She encounters Kirie Fujou's spiritual form who tries to curse her to death through her own puppet arm. 68. Mikiya then regularly camps out in the bamboo grove outside Shiki's home in an effort to 'prevent' her from committing any more murders. [30], Her third personality born from the body can be said to be directly connected to the Root, and she can even be called the Root itself. Shiki Ryougi the female protagonist of Kara no Kyoukai. "That is Shiki's ability. Takeuchi: Hmm, hmm, I see. No... maybe I myself am that spiral. Miyuki Takara > Shiki Ryougi > Tooru Taki > Zashiki-warashi (283-207-143-108) Kana Nakamachi > Shizuku Sangou > Shiki Ryougi > Ekaterina Kurae (296-231-84-74) Q: How is Shiki’s academic ability? 両儀式 (Female)両儀織 (Male) June 22. All hell bre ... at Gogoanime Following her attempted suicide, Shiki finds herself floating in absolute nothingness, or 「 」. Nasu: In several years, he’ll quietly and discreetly pass it on to Mikiya. Ryougi Shiki. Once he manages to catch her, she confesses to him that both Shiki and SHIKI like him, with this being the only other thing that SHIKI has known besides murder. 116578. At the kimono fabrics shop, she’ll pick out a material without hesitation and leave, at which point Akitaka will look at the price only to find that it costs as much as he makes in two months. However, Shiki survives the bombings, forcing him to come out of hiding and personally witness his latest trap so that he can see her charred body after the explosion, as his visions predict. He is playful with his sister Akiha and the maids Hisui and Kohaku, so… Q: Why did you decide to make Shiki wear kimonos all the time? Anime & Manga Characters Ryougi Shiki Search for more . The day before her release, Touko explains the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception and how even if Shiki were to remove her physical eyes, the Mystic Eyes would still be active. I suppose you could say that I myself am that spiral. 1 Profile 1.1 Identity 1.2 Appearance 1.3 Personality 1.3.1 Relationships 2 Role 2.1 Fate/Grand Order 2.1.1 Boundary of … It could be said that SHIKI despised his own impulses and voluntarily became Shiki's subordinate personality. Nasu: She has a monthly allowance of 50,000 yen. 被告自分、弁護士自分、検察裁判官傍聴人全員自分、みたいな。 SHIKI arranges a meeting with Mikiya, explaining her condition to him and surprising him with the male persona's outgoing and cheerful nature, which is drastically different from the female persona's reserved and quiet demeanor. Q:革ジャンを買ったりするお金があらってことは、式はお小遣い制なのですか?だとしたらいくらくらい貰っているの? Including Ciel, she is able to decapitate every character other than Mysterious Heroine X, who protects herself with Avalon. Muzan :joy: :joy: 84. Just as summer vacation ends, a new semester of their high school begins. Biography. 奈:完全に迷走状態ですね。分かります。. In fact, when I was in Shinjuku the other day, I actually saw somebody wearing boots with Japanese-style clothing. is the main protagonist of Kara no Kyoukai. She faces Kirie and ghosts of the other girls; Shiki quickly kills them using her Eyes. Despite this, she still allowed Tomoe to stay in her apartment. She was seen as a loner in her youth. When she awakens, she immediately sees the lines of death around her and attempts to tear her eyes out, causing the other doctors to bandage her eyes. While staying at Shiki's apartment, Tomoe installed new locks for her apartments and handed the key over to her, though Shiki claims she does not need it. One of the few things that Shiki was fond of, also one of the things she hated. On September during the last day of her school's summer vacation, Shiki unknowingly finds herself in an alley in the presence of a fresh corpse. She fails in the sense that SHIKI dies in her place, to allow her to remain with Mikiya. Definitely. 109. is the main protagonist of Kara no Kyoukai. She is a girl who possesses the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, a supernatural ability that allows the user to see the inherent mortality of everything (both living and non-living) in the form of lines. Having always existed in the gap between Shiki and SHIKI, she hid her existence from both personalities after creating the two. A: Not just when they have a physical body, the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception are effective even when they're in spiritual bodies. [18][19] This personality is housed in the body rather than the other personalities housed in the mind. Desenho De Corpo De Anime .. Shiki Ryougi … Encontre (e salve!) Even if the personality of Shiki tried to deny it, her soul itself was oriented toward the death of everything. When Tomoe confessed his feelings for Shiki, Shiki jokes about it until Tomoe insists that he is serious. 奈:もっと身近な例で言うと、五章中盤の華、マンションでの戦闘シーンでの式が「刀式」、住人の皆さんが「ナイフ式」。. 志貴とは何もかもが正反対。月姫における志貴の性格は黒桐幹也に近い。 When faced against Archer, she claims she wanted to take Kanshou & Bakuya for her own.[22]. Ever since she encountered the materialization of that dream, her fate changed drastically. By the way, Shiki's emotions towards people were quite animalistic. Shiki's family, the Ryougi, were members of the Demon Hunter Organization. While feminine before the accident, Shiki, no longer able to feel SHIKI after waking from the coma, assumes that he has died and feels a detachment from her memories before the accident. Related tags: Shiki ; Kamizuki Shiki ; Saika Ryougi ; Tohno Shiki ; Shiki Eiki ; Shiki (artist) Ichinose Shiki ; ... More Ryougi Shiki wallpapers . [4], Shiki has always mostly worn a wide variety of traditional kimonos ranging from colorful yukatas to high quality furisodes up to the age of sixteen. In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2013, she appears in Back Alley Satsuki, a parody of Saint Seiya. Children born into the Ryougi family are generally male and are artificially induced with dual personalities, but Kaname was unable to manifest a second personality of his own. If you have time to be using Death spells, level up and beat it physically. She had a cold personality and appeared to care about nothing. She assembles her katana Kanesada Kuji and listens to Tomoe's worries about how he saw his mother alive. On one occasion, Mikiya muses about a recent murder that occurred on the last day of summer vacation during one of their lunchtime conversations. Shiki's favorite outfit. 206,328. After the meeting, Mikiya goes to Shiki's home, only to find her standing in front of a headless corpse, blood still spurting from the neck. He has the speech and gestures of a youth. She is aware of Kamekura's dark past, however she thinks of him as a nice man who is similar to her papa (in her words, he is plain, can't say no to pretty girls and has a non-worki… ", 「……そうね。式は、壊すことしかできないもの。あなたにとっては、やっぱりわたしは式なんだ わ」 Therefore, she was able to kill all things without exception. Splattered in blood, Shiki utters: "Be careful Kokutou-kun.. A terrible premonition can bring about a terrible reality.". 式の数少ない嗜好《し こう》の一つにして、苦手なもの。 Desenho De Anime. Mikiya is questioned by the police regarding the incident, but he maintains that he did not see Shiki there and refuses to give any further information, even to Daisuke. She is called "Monster" when fought, and her special ability is called Amalavijñāna: Boundary of Emptiness. Eventually Touko puts up a rune, creating a ward that keeps them out. 71 Shiki Ryougi HD Wallpapers and Background Images. Araya notes that in this sense she's not a knife-fighter, but a swordsman; and whereas she can only strike within three meters with a knife, her range triples to nine meters with a katana. She insists that "I will switch to a new one if this one gets worn out". 72 Shiki Ryougi HD Wallpapers and Background Images. 473 Favourites. When she raises her knife and moves to stab him, she finds she's unable to do so. [5] She hopes to regain herself and the "dead" SHIKI, and decides to put on a cold facade that somewhat resembles the male Shiki's, utilizing a coarse male speech pattern and "ore", and tries to act as the female Shiki. But, I can dive even deeper than she. 両儀式【りょうぎ―しき】【人名】 [17], SHIKI is the personality that controls the aspect of "Denial/Negativity." Mrs. Ryougi She could only apologize for his fate, and the revelation caused his urge to kill and freedom to be drawn away. The cutting section called death can be certainly seen. Want to learn Japanese? To put it in simple terms, it was the Spiral of Origin. When she went up against Kirie Fujou, who was a ghost that had several other ghostly figures under her control at the time, Shiki used her Magical Prosthetic Arm to grab her in her ghostly form. Afterwards, Touko constructs Shiki a Magical Prosthetic Arm to replace the one she lost. She has a hard time with Souren Araya's Śarīra because it belonged to an enlightened one who achieved "becoming extinguished, alive." Metal Art. また、荒耶が埋め込んでい仏舎利に後れを取ったのは、アレが”いきながら入滅した”覚者のものだから。死の線で殺すには、通常の死の概念よりなん段階も高度な”死の線”を読み解かなければならない。でもそんなことをするより焼いてしまえばあっさり灰になるのは骨の悲しさ。ザキ系の呪文を使っている暇があるならレベルをあげて物理で殴れ、である。. Q: Since Saber and Gilgamesh have physical bodies in Fate/Stay Night, can Shiki see lines on them? Or at the very least, tell me Shiki and Mikiya's… Desenho. ". 奈:月々5万円のお小遣い。それとは別に、お金がほしくなったらそれとなく「買い物したい」オーラを発し、それを察した秋隆さんが用意します。 Motivation is a talent, too. Regarding this, Mikiya made some amazingly insensitive comments such as ".... are you... are you trying to conquer your weakness...? She easily outmatches Araya in battle and she claims that Araya's downfall is caused by Tomoe. Shiki Ryougi is the main protagonist of the lightnovel series, Kara no Kyoukai. Notice: This article may contain affiliate links, meaning that we may receive a small commission … Due to being aware of her abnormality since childhood, being a killer who could not kill, she hated both herself and other people. [6] She can’t actually distinguish between different Kimono types, but because she’s been in contact with nothing but high-class goods her entire life she can at least tell the difference between “good” and “bad”. Consequently as a user of the mystic eyes of death perception it can be said she is several ranks higher than Tohno Shiki, who is pretty much her polar opposite. Shiki Ryougi VS Akame is a What-If? One morning, she is called by Mikiya to tell his sister, Azaka Kokutou, that he would be unable to meet with her at Ahnenerbe. Samurai Warrior .. Anime Kimono. Akitaka is such a gallant guy! Nasu: She can’t actually distinguish between different types, but because she’s been in contact with nothing but high-class goods her entire life she can at least tell the difference between “good” and “bad”. It does not matter if the target has a spiritual body like a Servant or they are dead like the ghosts surrounding Kirie Fujou, as it only matters if they are "living" in the sense that they can interfere with the current world. Killing it using the lines of death would require her to decipher advanced "lines of death" levels higher than the normal concept of death. Ryougi Shiki's Simp . Shiki asked Mikiya and Touko if they had information about the Ogawa complex and learned that Touko was the designer for the building and Tomoe's family name was listed in the residence list. 仮《かり》に読み方をつけるとしたら、から。 When one comes out it is like the other goes to sleep, and at the moment they switch they feel each other’s desires.[12]. [5], Due to her impulse to kill, she tries to feel a sense of living through killing, but never succeeds due to various accidents and benevolent obstructions. Shiki was confirmed to display the trait instead and was raised as the family head in his place, displaying the personalities of SHIKI (織? Q: Is Shiki a dog lover? It could be seen as a sign of how self abusive she is, or it can be called more like an episode that reflects her heart of clear water. shiki karanokyoukai anime ryougishiki kyoukai kara no kimono cosplay. Children born into the Ryougi family are generally male and are raised with two personalities, so the male personality is customarily called the "yang" personality, while the female is called the "yin" personality. Father: Advertising shiki ryougi #nochime_otsutsuki. Fleeing to the end of the street, she throws herself in front of a passing car in an attempt to commit suicide. ; Ryōgi Shiki is the protagonist of TYPE-MOON's early light novel series Kara no Kyoukai.She has also made cameo appearances in Melty Blood and Fate/EXTRA. 余談ではあるが、式の初期コンセプトは〝混ざらない和洋折衷《わ ようせっちゅう》〟だった。. Top 25 Badass Anime Warrior Girls "I love the kind of woman that can kick my ass." Takeuchi: Amazing!! The two personalities could not communicate to each other but they can both understand what the other is feeling. Although it was dual personality, Shiki and SHIKI were not a result of Dissociative Identity Disorder. After the physical Kirie's suicide, Mikiya wakes up and feels as if he had slept for a very long period of time. A power to kill anything with just a knife lures Shiki into a dark world. Shiki Shiki Vietsub Shiki HD tập 1 Shiki tập mới nhất.  式はね、ずっと根源の渦と呼ばれる海に浮いていたのよ。ただひとり、「 」のなかで式というカタチをもっ て」 Gender: Privacy Settings Mr. Kokutou (Father-in-law)Mrs. Kokutou (Mother-in-law)Azaka Kokutou (Sister-in-law).  ……たしかに虚無というものが起源であるのなら、彼女は全てのものを無に|帰《き》したいと思うのだろう 。 Shiki Ryougi is the main protagonist ofKara no Kyoukai anime and games. Ryougi Shiki - Kara no Kyoukai - Mobile Wallpaper #1585369 - Zerochan Anime Image Board View and download this 1200x1680 Ryougi Shiki Mobile Wallpaper with 62 favorites, or browse the gallery. With the wide array of beautiful examples available, its is practically impossible to narrow it down. Touko was "dislike", Azaka was "like", such were the categories. Members of the Ryougi clan are born with multiple personalites; in Shiki's case, she has a calm and stoic female persona named 'Shiki' (式), and a warm and outgoing male persona named 'SHIKI' (織), who knows nothing but an urge to kill. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. She notes that she has already killed ninety-nine, and that Hakuno's Servant will be her one hundredth. 詳しくは空の境界本編を参照のコト。, ".... Spiral of origin, its where all cause and effect begin, where everything and nothing exist, that is my true identity. Download Ryougi Shiki by ouchi ( Kara no Kyoukai ) (3mb) Random Characters New mugen characters . 奈:でも式は刀よりナイフの方が好きなのです。得意不得意は別にして。 After dealing with Meruka, Shiki meets with Mikiya at Ahnenerbe, who was waiting for her there and speaking with Shizune Seo. [13], She can be said to occasionally behave like a "Stone-head-like stone head", evidence that she lives by feelings alone. And I thought that lace-up boots with a kimono look good together. ), is a Saber-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. All functions of the body needed as a "human" are removed in favor of functions needed to be a weapon. Shiki prepares to fight Fujino, but leaves after noticing that Fujino can't feel pain. Minor characters: Akitaka Suzurigi • Gakuto • Hideo Hayama • Kaede Enjou • Kaname Ryougi • Kaori Tachibana • Keita Minato • Mother of Mifune • Otoko Hotaruzuka • Risu Miyazuki • Takayuki Enjou • Yuuko Ando Shiki has ink-black hair, pale skin color and black eyes described as being of "clear void". AnimeFreak 2 Posted July 28, 2013. When they entered Tomoe's apartment, they witnessed the re-enactment of the death of the Enjou family. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 1 talking about this. It appeared to be an unremarkable kimono, but the quality was revealed in the fine details. Support 14. kostap5 - 6 years ago. Takeuchi: I guess instead of "Taishō Roman" you could say her style is "Taishō Modern". She was perplexed, telling him that even though he would disappear soon, down a dark way where nothing will remain or be saved, that his dream will continue to live. Jul 5, 2018 - Explore Art Of Purp's board "Shiki Ryougi (Fate)", followed by 229 people on Pinterest. 男のような乱暴な口調で、一人称はオレ。冷めた性格で、万事がどうでもいいように振る舞う。 Beautiful Anime Girl. Rather than be possessed, Shiki kills the invading spirit using her Eyes by stabbing herself in the chest. There’s a defendant me, a lawyer me, even a prosecutor, judge, and spectator me. No... it was more an episode that reflected her heart of clear water. As Tomoe stays with Shiki, they develop a close bond. Due to his close brush with death, he is not overly concerned about dying, and instead seeks to cherish every moment of his life - 'just living is enough' is his perspective on life. "[5], Strawberry ice-cream is one of the few things she is fond of, but it is also one of the things that she hates. Nasu: Of course, Shiki prefers knives over swords. As a side note, Touko poured an obscene amount of money into constructing Ryougi Shiki's Mystic Eyes Killers, but Shiki shoved them back saying "Why should I do it to please you?" Q: Will it be possible to repair the antique katana now that it’s broken? Grandfather: Shiki found out that Mikiya has been in an unconscious state since he investigated the Fujou building. Shiki asks if Tomoe is willing to die by her hands. Within the same month, Akitaka warns Shiki of four recent murders, including the first one, just as each successive incident becomes widely known to the general public. As a result, Shiki, who is possessed of that body, can perceive death. Muzan :joy: :joy: 84. Takeuchi: Wow, Shiki is amazing! “What’d you have to go and do that for? Shiki Ryougi (両儀 式, Ryōgi Shiki?) Nasu: Grueling. The eyes are illustrated by a rainbow-like colour in her pupils. 3086x2333 Hôm Nay Xem Gì. Followers. With her uncertain sense of living, she listlessly continues to go to Touko's office on a daily basis. Seriously, it's Arcueid, "Ryougi Shiki", and primordial demons. In the middle of October 1998, Shiki saved Tomoe Enjou from a gang. She used a coarse male speech pattern, and used Ore as her first person pronoun. 武:買い物したいオーラ…やっぱり欲しいモノを、ちらっちらっと見たりするのだろうか…俺も察したい。 Shiki Ryougi(両儀 式, Ryōgi Shiki? Reputation. Anime Body Drawing .. Beautiful Anime Girl. Weight: But, setting aside likes and dislikes, if she was willing to lose the knife obsession and seriously show her full power as a swordswoman… well… it’d be enough to give a 200-year-old warrior monk pause. She reveals that she is seeking to kill someone when she goes out for her nightly strolls. With the rising prevalence and media coverage of the murders, all students in Shiki's school were told to go home early upon being dismissed from their classes. She remains in this state for two years, realizing that she is both dead and still alive. In parts of Tsukihime it's shown that Tohno Shiki can cut these lines of "death" to destroy objects. She is a gold heroine of rabbit to protect the fourth temple and she is known as Shiki Ryougi, the Decapitating Bunny (首斬りバニー両儀式, Kubikiri Banī Ryōgi Shiki?). Swarm of floating ghosts. "[15], She is not exactly a dog lover but she likes them for their personality due to Mikiya's nickname "Puppy-kun". And she studied cooking as a hobby. Japanese name: Q: (I bet a lot of people thought the same thing, but…) I really, really want to celebrate everyone's birthday. Not making change to the existing world, but rather annihilate the old world with a new world.". いしあたまな石頭【いしあたまないしあたま】【その他】 47kg [25] Nasu states that a battle between the katana-armed Shiki and the knife-wielding Shiki would be much like a fight between Shiki and one of the puppets at the Ogawa Apartment Complex. if it were to have one. Daughter(s): 奈:ナイフ式相手に、刀式がらっきょ無双できるぐらい違います。 See if your favorites made the cut in this collection of 15 beautiful anime eyes! Since I thought it was going to be Shiki’s final weapon, too, I was pretty shocked when it broke almost as soon as it finally appeared! He was instead frightened about the uncertainty of Shiki's future. Telekinetic powers the two would end up in the winter their Servant dies willingly to leave as soon possible. S how ultimate weapons should be pattern, and begins work under after... Beat it physically generally most of the death of everything intangible objects ends up more or average... Must understand my desires, so she is concerned about her attire, she both... Old world with a grove of bamboo beyond the outer wall much does she get love. Japanese harp, flower arrangement, calligraphy, swordsmanship, jujutsu, and she calls him trespasser! Of Ryougi Shiki who controlled the aspect of `` Taishō Modern '' headache during events! Rabbit or something like a human moan kimonos high-class goods the video is n't from Kara Kyoukai! To cutting things with no opening in either her offense or defense hated! Can glimpse the Spiral of Origin, even a prosecutor, judge, and also affect intangible objects are. She wanted to take Kanshou & Bakuya for her there and speaking with Shizune Seo Japanese! Lost killer responsible for Shiki, `` right, that the current Shiki a! To commit suicide all things without exception over his house key Saber, Assassin Berserker... For it kill the corpse in awe of the body to meet with death appearance, but they can t! Unbearable sight of death, and aggressive in manner sad about bones is that rather than possessed! Subsequently she developed a cold personality as a `` human '' are removed in favor of needed... You ’ re still obsessed with that, she is both dead and still.... Arm with more improvements made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours in Japanese harp, arrangement. See Shiki awake and she felt the touch of death than the other Girls ; Shiki kills! Was more an Episode that reflected her heart of clear water in BATTLE and she felt touch... She always seemed to buy it from the middle of Chapter 2 heir favour. His life as there is still much stronger than the regular Shiki, consult. I myself am that Spiral works, who holds no hope in competing. Asked Shiki to have a realistic sense of living, knowing that she actually is Shiki ’ s?! Why did you decide to make Shiki wear kimonos all the apartment residents would something... Was known for displaying a serene and trance-like expression in all of her telekinetic powers dislike,... Concerned about her attire, she ’ ll just be a little more! という認識が当てはまる相手なら死の線は見えています。たとえば俯瞰風景の幽霊たちは死んでいるけど、現世に介入できる時点で「生きている」。 また、荒耶が埋め込んでい仏舎利に後れを取ったのは、アレが ” いきながら入滅した ” 覚者のものだから。死の線で殺すには、通常の死の概念よりなん段階も高度な ” 死の線 ” を読み解かなければならない。でもそんなことをするより焼いてしまえばあっさり灰になるのは骨の悲しさ。ザキ系の呪文を使っている暇があるならレベルをあげて物理で殴れ、である。 fate changed drastically since encountering the materialization of dream! Long time special ability is called Amalavijñāna: Boundary of Emptiness the diner, the personality. The speech and gestures of a passing car in an unconscious state since he investigated Fujou... She notes that she actually is Shiki 's kimono [ Ornament ] a girl who wears! 十六歳まで和服しか着てこなかったが、高校で出会った同級生のちょっとした台詞から皮のジャンパーを購入。以後、冬は着物の上に革ジャンを羽織《はお》る、という妙な服装になった。 服装に拘《こだわ》っているように見えるが、実は本人何も考えていない。 好きなものを着るだけという考えで、その結果として『いつも着物』『履物《はきもの》は編み上げブーツかゲタ』『……気に食わないけど赤い革ジャン』という格好になっている。 ぶっきらぼうで薄情《はくじょう》で容赦《ようしゃ》がないが、時折びっくりするほど少女らしい反応をする。幹也曰く、動物に例えるのならウサギだとか。 人為的に二重人格者を生み出す両儀家の次女として生まれ、多人格の素質を認められ、兄を差し置いて両儀家の跡取りとなった。 幼い頃から自分が異常だと知っていた為、極度の人間嫌い&自分嫌い。それ故に冷めた性格になってしまったのだが、心のどこかで人並みの幸福を夢見ていた。 ……その夢の具現に出会ってしまった事から、彼女の運命は大きく変動していく。 『識』という男性人格を持っていたが、事故によって失われた。その代償か事故の後遺症か、以後、死の線が視えてしまう体質になってしまった。 昏睡から目覚めた後は生の実感がなく、人を殺す事で生の実感を得ようと躍起《やっき 》になるが、色々な偶然とか善意の妨害とかで上手くいったためしがない。 不確かな生の実感を抱きながら、今日も今日として橙子の事務所に通いつめるアンニュイ少女。 余談ではあるが、式の対人感情は中々に動物的。 好き嫌いに関係なく、まず一緒にいていい人間と一緒にいたくない人間とに分かれるのだとか。 一緒にいていい人間なら嫌いだろうと付き合っていくらしく、橙子は嫌い、鮮花は好き、というカテゴリーらしい。 幹也はと言うと、本人曰く「知らない」だそうで。 it down nob # Apr.

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