Aircraft Stripper Magnesium & All-Metal. PowderStrip Is Recognized As An Industry Leader In Powder Coating Paint Removal. It is a dissolver so it also generate quite a bit of sludge at the bottom of the tanks that must be cleaned out frequently. Powder coating provides a durable finish that stands the test of time. The product we use in our shop is Permatex Gasket Remover® (item #80646). But are you sure that it works faster and lasts longer than any powder coat stripper on the market? Aircraft Paint Remover does the trick-I guess if it can remove Imron, it will remove powder coat. The easiest and cheapest way to remove paint and powder coating is with gasket remover. I have used Jasco's stripper and it is probably the best stripper that is available locally, but it is not hugely effective on powder coating. "REMOVE 9000 Dissolver"™ Non-hazardous, Room Temperature Powder Coat Remover, Removes Powder Coating from Hooks, Racks and Powder Coating Rework at Show on Map Remove Room Temperature Powder Coat Remover As far as seeing swirl marks in the surface, this depends on the aggressiveness of the discs you are using and the powder itself. The product we use in our shop is Permatex Gasket Remover® (item #80646). It doesn't strip as fast as Benco, but it works much better than anything I have bought off the shelf at local stores. They sell powder coat powders, so they should have a product to get it off. then rinse or power wash. Neutralizing bases ... Of course if you are using an alkaline stripper, mild acids such as vinegar or cheap lemon juices can help neutralize. In this article we go through the three main methods of removing powder coat, outlining the pros and cons of each, as well as a few tips for removing powder coating at home. Aman Gupta - Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, India. The b-17 can also be disposed of as non hazardous waste for about $1 per gallon which is way cheaper than anything above. When removing powder coating … no posts on this in awhile but I just came across this while looking at some other stripping solutions. MILES #8641 is an eco-friendly: green, multi-metal safe concentrated paint stripping solution formulated to (use with up to 50% water) to de-laminate cured coatings including: powder coating, e-coating and wet … Hope that helps. It takes quite a few applications to strip powder coat and at ~$15 a quart, I find that it is not worth it. You should be able to pick up some gasket remover at an automotive store in your area; just make sure that you wear heavy, long-sleeved clothing, gloves, safety goggles and a … However, some have said that B17 has damaged aluminum after leaving a part submerged overnight. I make my welding repairs (if needed) and have the parts recoated when done. That said, I guess my question(s) would be, does blasting the original paint (instead of using stripper) still need to be followed by outgassing and then blasted again? Here we will go through the three main methods of removing powder coat, outlining the pros and cons of each, followed by a guide to removing powder coating at home. Blasting off powder coat takes a very long time so it is highly beneficial to have a powder coat stripper available in those situations. For smaller parts, a. Benco B17 is a very effective but very dangerous powder coat stripper. Paint And Powder Coating Remover. Express Chem manufacturers a powder coating stripper as well that works great. As with any powder coat strippers, make sure to be as careful as possible and wear all recommended personal protection equipment. Sounds expensive, but I find that having a 5 gallon bucket of it is great for smaller parts. Remove Powder Coating… Buy Powder Coat Paint Removers to Remove Powder Coat Paint with Non-hazardous REMOVE 9000 Powder Coat Remover / Powder Coat Stripper / Powder … Paint and Powder Coat Remover is a specialized, biodegradable, alkaline stripper that is fast and effective at dissolving all types of stubborn paint and powder coatings, including epoxy finishes. In many cases, the finish is too tough for smaller sand blasting equipment to handle. The industrial powder coating removal processes outlined above will probably not help the do-it-yourself remover – it is unlikely you have a sandblast room out the back! Chemical Strippers To Remove Powder Coating All methods of powder removal have their pros and cons, chemical strippers are no different. Paint & Metal Finishing & Powder Coating Services; Paint_Powder Coating Industry Events And Workshops; Powder Coating Suppliers, Finishing Equipment & Engineering ... Buy Paint Stripper/Paint Remover Products Online at . Congratulations on your success so far. OSHA also requires air quality testing to be completed once per year as there are standards for allowable air quality. He planned on being gone for 30 minutes but forgot he put the wheel in the stripper. or if it has spent a long time in a dirty/greasy environment. The active ingredient in B17 is methylene chloride which is safe on Aluminum. Remove 9000 is Eco-friendly, Non-regulated by US DOT, Operator friendly, Non-Caustic, Non-Acid and Low Odor & won't burn your skin in case of accidental contact. Benco B17 Industrial Coatings Remover is a liquid, non-flammable remover widely used to remove the most durable coatings from steel and aluminum. Any suggestions would be great! Use a bladed paint scraper to remove most of the paint and solvent mixture. Industrial Depainters and Dissolvers Solvent Kleene’s environmentally preferred depainters and powder coating dissolvers are designed to depaint and remove powder coatings, electrocoatings, aircraft paints (such as cross linked polyurethane top coats with epoxy primer) and marine fiberglass paints. Suffice to say, when using the 9000, if you want to dunk and walk away, go right ahead. I recommend the following. If you are looking for how to remove powder coating yourself, you will need to use a solvent or chemical treatment. Have any suggestions? The corner of which DHL snapped off. I put some black powdercoated motorcycle parts in it, after ten minutes they were stripped clean! I have not used the Remove 9000 and currently only have experience with Benco B17. Aluminum Paint Stripper & Paint Remover will Remove Paint & Remove Powder Coating from Metal. Make sure to adhere to all the safety guidelines if you decide to use it. ORYou can order from Columbia Coatings (prices listed on page): Powder Coatings: It may remove the clear coat but it will probably take several applications of the thinner, and in the process of removing you may also remove the paint that the clear coat is protecting. It is water based, has almost no smell but it not nearly as stong as any of the others we have tried. Chris, I have used the remove 9000 here in my bike shop. Powder Coating: The Complete Guide is an educational site for powder coaters. I now need to find someone in the North West who can tig it (carefully) back on, but the paint has to go first. Thanks for a your guides over the years as they have taught me everything from the start. Make sure to wear eye and skin protection as it can irritate both. Simply spray on a liberal coating to the part you are trying to strip, and wait 10-15 minutes. We have had to add upgraded exhausts and poke-yokes to minimize injury potential. Monitor Temperatures using an Infrared Thermometer, Cleaning and Degreasing before Powder Coating, Powder Coating: Perfect for Car Restorations, Welcome to Powder Coating: The Complete Guide, How to Build a Powder Coating Oven Part II. I want to remove the powder coat from aluminium frames, but the frames are now fixed and of large sizes, so the removal of powder coat can only be removed at the home. We can strip everything from high grade military aircraft parts to patio furniture, and often receive referrals from other powder coating … It doesn't attack metal in any way. Yeah man- the powder-coating process actually causes the paint and metal to merge together- thats why paint stripper will not work on something thats powder-coated. For a business, they really are worth it though. It can continue to work for years as long as you maintain it. It works faster and lasts longer than just about any powder coat stripper on the market. We have two large heated tanks that are about 1000 gal each. T E C H N I C A L D A T A . You can remove powder coating with a chemical stripper, abrasive blasting, or extreme heat. The metal looks like the day it was knew before any coating applied. I find that finishing the surface with 220 grit, either by hand or by machine sanding, is good for powder coating. Powder Coatings. I have seen people just get a few drops from rinsing the wheels off. Buy Powder Coating Paint Strippers_Removers to Remove Powder Coat & Paint. It would be difficult to strip a trailer that large with a liquid stripper. Understanding that you are a DIY'er and you probably don't want B17 in your garage, there is another option that I have used that I think is a lot more forgiving. did you get a reply to your question chris as im after the same answer ? Our Master Remover ® sustainable paint removal processes offer many economic, process and environmental advantages over conventional paint stripping methods. Painting is fine, but baking the engine at 400 Degrees F while assembled is a very bad idea. "REMOVE 9000" Room Temperature Powder Coat Remover, Removes Powder Coating from Hooks, Racks and … Unfortunately, the only way to really step up from a Spectracoat gun is to get a professional gun such as Gema Optiflex, Nordson, or Wagner, but expect to pay $4000 to $5000. Hello I'm powder coating 53 foot car hauling trailers and had to strip a trailer by sandblasting it and re powder coat it would that stripping agent work for that and if so how would I use it. B17 will remove most powder coatings in less than 20 minutes. If you only blast once, make sure that you do it AFTER you outgas the part. It comes in a 12 ounce aerosol can which is more than enough to do even large projects like engine cases. We didn't have any inline filtration but that would have been the best option. It took hours to remove the fallout. If your looking for a safer Methylene Chloride based stripper give them a try. The stuff works great and the odor is low, doesn't burn on immediate skin contact. 99 I started with a Eastwood in my garage now I have a Spectracoat ES-01 and a business with my wife. However, if you must do without stripper, it is possible to get by with blasting alone. In this video we quickly go over how to remove powder coating from a valve cover with Eastwoods Down to Metal Paint and Powder Stripper. Place stripped paint in a cardboard box for disposal. Blow the part off with compressed air. I think this has to do with the aluminum containing other metals such as magnesium and that is what is being eaten. … Will NOT Remove Wood Stain as this is a dye and not a paint. Liquid touchup paint can be substituted for the powder coating if the repaired area is relatively small. I've tried all sorts of abrasives with varying degrees of success with most just softening the paint and smudging it around. In the case of 6082, it can have up to 1.2% magnesium so just make sure you do not leave it in the stripper for over an hour.I have stripped lots of aluminum parts in it and have never damaged anything, but I only leave my parts in long enough to remove the powder, usually 10-30 minutes. The easiest and cheapest way to remove paint and powder coating is with gasket remover. Just keep in mind that stripping powder coat, even with grinders is a tedious process and you will undoubtedly remove some metal in the process. Benco has semi-paste strippers for items to large to fit in a dip tank. I got lucky and my glasses blocked my eye, other wise I would have lost my eye. I also scrub the part with a stiff bristle brush while blowing it off. Powder Coating Strippers to Strip Powder coat: Remove Powder Coating and Remove Paint, Powder Coat Removal Products. It works great on aluminum wheels and bicycle frames. Non-hazardous REMOVE 9000 and Acid Accelerated Aluminum Alloy Wheel Strippers. Full Member. It is still dangerous stuff but the fumes aren't nearly as bad. No need to bead blast like other strippers. ... Del will they work for powder coat as it's a PU based paint or are you talking about a heat gun? Replenishment with new REMOVE 9000 Dissolver to keep the solution performing for addition work loads. Jasco Epoxy remover still burns your skin pretty good, so it may have enough horsepower to get at the powder coat. Sandblasting should be the last step before powder coating. As you say, B17 is an all around nasty chemical. Do not go near this chemical without gloves and eye protection. Boulder Colorado 80305 United States. Sam Miles said I can rinse w/water, which I do. juan. Removing Stains in Powder Coat I'm thinking about upgrading from the Spectracoat. An alternative is using towels soaked in stripper and wrapping them or laying them on large surfaces and letting them sit. If you have small kids or animals that go in your work space, I don't recommend it. How to Remove Powder Coating with B17 Author: Julia Keener There are several ways to remove powder coating: Media (sand/glass bead) blasting, burn-off oven and Chemical Stripper. If you have already media blasted the part, the second time blasting will go much faster. Powder Coating Removers / … Powder coating Stripper to Strip Powder Coat: Remove Paint and Remove Powder Coating. I want to start chemically stripping rims. Remove_Powder_Coat_ Remover How-to- Non_Methylene Chloride_Stripper_8659. Within 30 sec I got 2nd degree burns and could not work for 2 months. I've used strippers in the past but moving forward my preference would be to not use them for all the downside reasons listed in the article, Stripping Powder Coat. Email for a free gallon sample or check out their website at Is it because of the surface will have swirl marks? No need to bead blast like other strippers. Personally, I would do this:Seal off any open ports, very well. Just wondering if you know if this would be a good method to remove/strip a PVD chrome finish from a wheel? I wondered if one of the Nanoskin type pads would be more effective. We accept: Master Card, Visa & American Express ... How-to- Non_Methylene Chloride_Stripper _8659 Paint Stripper Products . Free Member. This stuff works great initially heated up to about 180F. I have read so many things about stripping and blasting (with this site being the best/most detailed & clear) my head is spinning. We would either restrip and fallout again or eventually start placing the stubborn one in B-17. B17 and any powder coating stripper that contains Methylene Chloride is going to be on the acidic side and acids are are used to remove zinc and nickel plating. Sandblasting an option, but it is not always feasible because either you lack the equipment or the part has areas you do not want sandblasted. Chains can be used to lower and raise large parts into the drum. Some people swear by it though. Also, a trailer will probably have lots of crevices and pockets that you will not be able to sufficiently powder coat after stripping and rust would be an issue in these areas if they are bare metal. hi friends what is the cost of B17 and where can I buy please, You can purchase it from Benco's website:, you will have to call for pricing. Also do not submerge the engine into any strippers. The stripped powder coat will remain in the liquid after stripping a part and once you have a buildup of that, it will become diluted and lose its effectiveness. Phil, that is a possibility. I know miles sells it in barrels too. In my opinion, the best options for stripping a trailer that large is media blasting like you did or a gel/paste stripper that will stay on the surface. Non-Hazardous, Eco-friendly, Concentrated to Remove E-coat, Paint & Powder Coating from Aluminum and Steel for use at 160F. Again, my car was only there for a couple of hours. There are even lasers designed to remove coatings. Saviland Nail Polish Remover - Professional Non-Acetone Nail Lacquer Remover Liquid 8.8oz for Remove Soak-Off Gel Nail Polish, Shellac Nails, Glue, Glitter, Powder and Acrylic 5.0 out of 5 stars 6 $13.99 $ 13 . I never leave them in the B17 unattended. This is a good idea of the safety precautions that need to be taken when dealing with B17 in a shop. That is great that you have started a powder coating business. Keep in mind the inside dimensions of your average home oven are about: 23" wide x 19" deep x 15" tall. I'm looking to invest in a stripping setup soon so I want to know what's best. There are even lasers designed to remove coatings. Heat or Thermal Removal. Have you ever used the Remove 9000 that miles chemical solutions is talking about is your post? The powder coat fallout on my car was a pita to remove. how about using b17 on a s&s engine (harley davidson) I just bought a engine an the engine cases an cyl are powder coated blue.. i would like to have them back natural if poss.. i have used cleaners in the past that seemed to burn the aluminum an i dont want that ..... its either strip it somehow or paint it black ,,any info would help ,, thanks. Please suggest an easy way to remove the TGIC powder coat. However, some blow it off with compressed air, then spray the part down with denatured alcohol, then blow it off with compressed air again. Here are 3 options on the Benco website: Unfortunately, I do not have personal experience with any of them but if you call Benco about this, I am sure they will be very helpful in answering questions. The chemical will not affect the structure of the aluminium? After sandblasted, what should we do before spraying application? Have you checked out Greensolv? My shop is HD oriented. Maybe you bought parts on E-bay or a swap meet, but the color doesn't match your bike. As far as blasting, outgassing, and re-blasting, this would only need to be done if the item is cast aluminum, cast iron, etc. I should have said … © 2004 Chopper Surplus, All Rights Reserved. My friend's car has been subjected to it for a pcouple of years. Or perhaps you need to strip your stock Harley parts to a natural finish to prep for polishing. After working a small section, the clay was completely black. My interest in this blog-article, describing the use of Gasket Remover for removing powder coating caught my interest, due to my own career. You can email me directly at, my website is Make sure to wash with wax and grease remover before you try to repaint. Will NOT Remove Most Water Based Paints There may be other special finishes that Power-Strip will not remove however our feedback shows that it does remove most paints. I'm struggling with either enamel or powder coat. Chemicals to remove tougher paint are best to use indoors as well as outdoors. T E C H N I C A L D A T A S H E E T  Directions: Remove 9000 Dissolves Powder Coat in 15 minutes to 1-2 hours at But the stuff works great. Basically the same thing but with much strong smell, you could not easily walk in the room without a respirator any time the tanks were opened. I keep it in a 5 gallon bucket with a screw on lid and it can last a year or so in a DIY setting. … These products are used for depainting powder coated ferrous and non … I have always steered clear of chemicals for fear of destroying a customer's part but sometimes time is an issue and you need parts particularly rims stripped fast. It contains methylene chloride but no acids that are found in Benco. Hello all, was hoping to get some input on the below as I have limited experience here...Article: How to Prep for Powder CoatingAfter Steps 1 & 2 (Disassembly & Cleaning), do you recommend stripping with a stripper versus a blaster because of its time saving attributes or for potentially better results? Zinc, yellow, or nickel? You've said B17 is by far the fastest but is very dangerous. I use Norton scotchbrite discs on a die grinder to remove paint, mill scale, rust, and powder coat.

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