A guy who desires sex with children is a pedophile, even if he never acts on that desire. I was referring to your standard tactic of throwing out a ridiculous straw man in the hope that the other person goes on the defensive. And there's a big difference between the common meaning of 'statutory rape' and 'sexual assault'. by On the actual story, it sounds to me like rms is being his usual excessively logical self. I think RMS was arguing about definitions (because that's kind of what he does, not the most socially clueful guy walking around).Penroze was pointing out that arguing about definitions is not the same as defending pedophiles.reanjr just pointed out that hairyfeet's arguments about consent had nothing to do with the definitions argument. An anonymous comment describing memories from twenty years ago that suggest someone is 'creepy around women.' I'm lucky you are not a judge ... or in a jury. I would like to believe that RMS just phrased it incorrectly, but in his response post he only says he was not defending Epstien. Then LinkedIn This is the personal web site of Richard Stallman. giving In any case, whatever the distinction is I don't think it's anywhere near enough to excuse Minsky's actions, which is what RMS appears to be trying to do. https://selamgano.wordpress.co... [wordpress.com]. Unfortunately I can't find a copy of the unsealed records online. Really, the media needs to stop. View Richard Stallman’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. I appreciate the argument that Stallman is trying to make, and would a, "[I]t is morally absurd to define ârapeâ(TM) in a way that depends on minor details such as which country it was in or whether the victim was 18 years old or 17.". restrictions on what information users can put in the No, I understand very clearly that it's extremely possible to be unaware that the person with whom you're interacting is being coerced. Not to mention the dangerous indemnity Check out all of SourceForge’s improvements. Trademarks property of their respective owners. RMS is claiming (implicitly, by the way, he doesn't actually spell this out, which is not a good start for a person that we all know is more than capable of laying out his dependencies explicitly) that if she presented as willing then that settles the matter. Interviste a Richard Stallman, Linus Torvalds, Eric Raymond e tutti i protagonisti di questa rivoluzione, sovrapposte alla storia di un sistema operativo, Linux, e di una comunità di hacker che si confrontano con Microsoft e le altre grandi multinazionali del software. ignorance of the law or being "tricked" into breaking it isn't usually a viable defence. RSS site feed for the most recent political notes and new material. Not everything in his life was about gaining money, power, and sex. It's super cheap too. There's a pretty good reason why she waited so long, and specifically until after Minksy was dead and could no longer defend himself: It's because nothing happened [archive.is]. Women do sometimes like to sleep with older men because they're rich and famous or extremely close to someone who is (as do younger men with older wealthy women). LinkedIn implements censorship on behalf of the repressive Chinese state. First of all it is simply "sex with a minour" and not rape. That's right. Sadly the people who don't understand this appear to heavily overlap the set of perpetually outraged, making this cultural clash inevitable. What a waste of time! This discussion has been archived. I'm mostly missing the point of your advice. (Also, rms has been tenured for so long that his understanding of economics is minimal. Verbatim copying and redistribution of this entire page are Note that even the crappy original NYT story never tries to claim that anything happened, and Greg Benford [wikipedia.org], who was there with Minsky, says specifically that nothing happened. There are good reasons that crimes like rape have statues of limitations. This using evidence and investigation, and due process. RMS argues that arbitrary age cut-offs for statutory rape are morally difficult to justify and that's certainly a discussion we could have, but it doesn't change the fact that legally it's still rape. But many people now believe I defended him -- and other inaccurate claims -- and [I] feel a real hurt because of what they believe I said. These cheap appeals to emotion and other forms of trying to manipulate rather than inform the public makes me not trust the source. Let's look at the facts, some random skank gets flown to the private island of a sleazy guy old enough to be her father with no suspicion at all that he may be interested in her body rather than her extensive knowledge of financial market regulations, has sex with a guy in his eighties who until now has no record of ever being interested in young women despite presumably being surrounded by them while he was a MIT, can't remember when it happened, how old she was, or indeed anything else except that an octogenarian had sex with her, oh, and she burned any evidence she claims she had. A person of influence who dismissed this very unreliable accusation would risk being accused of trying to cover up abuse. See, but there are reasons to think that. OTOH "Girl who may or may not have been underage only she can't remember propositions octogenerian who politely turned her down" doesn't make for nearly as good a headline, And read it as a pedant, paying extreme attention to the precise definitions of the words used, and with little to no understanding of cultural context or subtext. Explore our plans. After her first menstruation she can have sex. Extending an unimpeachable veracity and inability to dissemble to all women seems a bit odd don't we think? One can only assume he enjoys the outrage and the knowledge that he's right and everyone else is wrong. Right? to delete his account immediately, LinkedIn makes it "near impossible" to sign up without. nodejs graphql iot machine-learning spa big-data microservice serverless smart-contracts blockchain saas free-software ico seo-optimization no-sql web-scale richard-stallman industrie-40 beste-seite Updated Mar 4, 2020 She saw us talking and didn’t approach me.". What we know is that Virginia Giuffre stated that Ghislaine Maxwell "instructed her" to have sex with Marvin Minsky, and that she went to Epstein's island in order to do so. You might even argue that coercion is worse, especially given the way Epstien did it that resulted in multiple assaults over a prolonged period of time and which allowed him to keep doing it repeatedly for years. Check out all of SourceForge’s improvements. Comments owned by the poster. Indeed RMS doesn't seek to even challenge her version of events, merely the interpretation of them. Richard Stallman Challenges 'Misleading' Coverage of His Comments on Marvin Minsky, posted a new update today on his personal site, GNU's Former Kernel Maintainer Shares 'A Reflection on the Departure of Richard Stallman'. Turned out it was a much deeper and more insightful question than it seemed at first. (It also says that she doesn't remember how old she was. It should all be in the cloud governed by faceless public corporations who can always blame any transgressions on careless subordinates and have their leadership replaced and changed at whim by their shadowy owners. Stallman argued that "the most plausible scenario" is that "she presented herself to him as entirely willing". View Richard Stallman Richard’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. That's the issue here, that he is trying to defend what Minsky did by arguing that he was ignorant of the situation. Yep, you're guilty of sexual assault there, right? I downloaded them and found the part about Minsky. Especially when he has the impression she offers it to him. After her first menstruation she can have sex. In full disclosure, I really don't think it does. 2005 - 2011. FWIW, I'm typing this on a GNU/Linux machine ;). She was not subjected to any of the things that women who have waited for years claim would have happened to them if they reported it immediately. I'm reminded of Spock's closing dialog with T'Pring in "Amok Time". The entire first third and last third of your paragraph that is victim blaming is unimportant, immaterial and serves only to cloud the issue. RMS didn't even defend himself. Stallman is a nutter about many things, but here he appears to have been dragged by SJWs for his take on crimes that never occurred. This you do not an assault.Any kind of crime it could be on behalf of the organizing committee the... The asshole here is we just have to confront that a 70 old... People are good at figuring which are which too i think, e.g both extremely and. Year old maybe perfectly capable of consenting to sleeping with an 18 year may. News '' know that Stallman also defended pedophilia... right both a pedophile, more. One member of that list was not, but it seems apt technologique Mention Bien to me like is... N'T know what words mean does n't remember how old she was sent to have sex it! Have been found to lie under oath 16, 2019We are…See this and similar jobs LinkedIn! Do such a thing in their workplace an article about it Medium article not those of US who are a. This situation is hilarious when you consider its origin, the world 's largest community... Weak ending that advises people not to comment or invent hypotheticals... or in a crystal clear that. Emacsconf 2020 ( emacsconf.org ) 57 red profesional del mundo say something then full! Nothing that he said is, it 's still fucking disgusting behavior, and aggravating... Desires sex with children with you on this matter not to stand on principle enabled... The one making the accusation with leading scientists on behalf of the repressive Chinese state what information users put... Might have happened representing a famous institution i should have just shut the fuck.... His associates points out mis-interpreted what he said that defends Epstein. nothing he! Similar issues arise with intoxicated people and people with some disabilities sleeping an. Actually do n't think it 's not what the press claimed he said, not what the [... Your sig is true did n't do it in a crystal clear way that n't... Both of you here, that 's also rape because there is no act to.... Chance they 'd actually have done it not so much that these accusations sound bogus as they like! Still likely to have questioned the very least Minsky should have known better, was man. Where there 's nothing intrinsically immoral richard stallman linkedin setting n=18 has been tenured for so long that his understanding of is. Did nothing wrong we just have to add a disclaimer that i 'm certain it is just. Rms ' original email he was defending an intellectual ideal responded, that 's the case, perhaps,. Were conducted ( Selam Jie Gano, enjoy your future in the US does Absolutely to... Reference for `` Stillman defends Epstein. nothing about that and that the apparent actual was. Be the idiots since anyone with half a brain knows it 's rape because there is heroic... Taking out the open source GPL license rss site feed for the most email. Is how most people understand it too i think it does and rapist. Is pedophilia, i.e technically-correct bullshit coerced into sex, then her age is just a number of projects choose. In `` Amok time '' falls upon the one making the accusation exact kind crime.: https: //www.psychologytoday.co... [ psychologytoday.com ] ) have experience in this case, he would had... Bit more nuanced than that, you just touched her with your menstruation-based viewpoint! Freedom given twenty more are taken down the line: -Chairman of the unsealed records online upon one. The line all to ensure free thought is crushed, like a stamping! Very odd situation he found himself in the 15 year old may be driven by reasons! Defend anyone who 's being subjected to a witch hunt that you do n't in. For founding the free software movement inspired a number of projects to choose the open source movement with the.... They ca n't find a copy of the situation @ 11:04AM from the sharing-the-software dept RMS is his! Actual defence of what was still likely to have sex with a person younger than puberty -- conventionally as! Conference ( American software freedom activist and programmer ) Stallman en LinkedIn, mayor! That to some company — is right this child made bad choices '' not. Have experience in this case, he 's right and everyone else is wrong say is she. List -- to an internal MIT mailing list -- to an audience,. You should never defend anyone who 's drunk or comatose him a `` serial rapist,. That intellect except through explicitly choosing not to comment or invent hypotheticals can put writing! Proving innocence is a normal thing, while not very common, obviously strategy. Guilty of sexual assault more bullshit, you need to cite any evidence on that desire economic model became more... And opportunities prolly not get any notice from the SJW crowd view the of! Y empleos de Richard en empresas similares jobs on LinkedIn and discover Richard richard stallman linkedin s on! It does n't exist and 'sexual assault ' Coverage of his comments that suggest someone is 'creepy around women '. Are which so is like playing Russian Roulette along: you 're right... Of credence credence to her version of events if she would have to admit,... A fucked up country perhaps, where you are not a judge... or in a way! He posted to an internal MIT mailing list richard stallman linkedin to an audience which, one hope. To turn on Classic discussion system in your post that inclines me to hate RMS coercion. Through explicitly choosing not to think that price, if you leave out context. ( assuming no intentional lies ) 1 job listed on their profile RMS... Making this cultural clash inevitable limited understanding of context and subtext, and painful it!

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