These children’s single seat trailers with a roll-bar do come at a price (£400 to £900) but give you peace of mind that they are built to last many years of regular use. In a one wheel designed trailer the weight of the trailers load is shared between its only wheel, and the rear wheel of the bicycle. Extrawheel has been producing single wheel bicycle trailers since 2006. The premium brands are often available used on re-sale sites like eBay, which is testament to the quality of their build and their durability. This video explains the main features of the Chariot Cross and shows how to convert from one mode to another – the video shows the double trailer, but the same features apply to the single mode: BUY SECOND HAND:  The Chariot Cross 1 was only released in 2017 so there aren’t currently many available secondhand. If you’re looking for a double trailer with two seats all the advice is the same, and all the manufacturers do a double version. It’s worth pointing out that the advice is to ensure your child is wearing a helmet whilst sitting in this trailer, and it’s not suitable for children under the age of 12 months. This unique placement allows the load to be … Introducing two new single seat classics SHOP NOW. When it comes to the details we’ll be featuring the best single seat bike trailers for pulling one child or baby behind you in order to maintain consistency between measurements and weights. This means some parents choose for their child not to wear a helmet inside these trailers, although this is entirely your choice. Cut the frame with your hacksaw along the lines shown in the first photo. The Minnow is Burley’s “Recreation” range single seater bike trailer, aimed at families using a trailer for cycling on smooth surfaces (it lacks the suspension of the D’Lite). The best 16″ wheel bikes for 4 and 5 year olds, Kendal Mountain Festival discount code – films from 80 pence. This makes it a much more affordable option, especially if you’re only planning to use it a couple of times, say during a holiday. Buy second hand:  The Minnow is the new name for the Burley Solo, which quite often comes up on eBay if you’re searching for used bargains. The Minnow is Burley’s “Recreation” range single seater bike trailer, aimed at families using a trailer for cycling on smooth surfaces (it lacks the suspension of the D’Lite). Other families (ours included) commute successfully on a daily basis with a cheap trailer. Nearly three years of design and testing later we launched the TourMAX in 2009, the first in a range of single wheel motorcycle trailers. One of the most popular accessories is the infant sling which attaches inside the trailer and is for use by babies who cannot sit unaided between the age 1 – 10 months old, weigh less than 10kg, and are shorter than 75cm. HAMAX Avenida  – their budget trailer/stroller without suspension. The Halfords single seat trailer doesn’t have this roll bar, meaning it’s much cheaper. Here Customize your trailer … This means it’s a great choice for shorter everyday trips, but you may want to consider the Chariot Cross if you’re planning longer adventures or if you know your child is going to be sleeping a lot whilst it’s in use. Be aware that there are double and single versions available so check with the seller if the listing is not clear. The D’Lite Single is wider than the cheaper Minnow, giving more room for your child to spread out inside, plus it has more cargo room. However, it does have slightly less headroom, which is worth knowing if you’re planning to use with a much older/taller child. It is therefore up to each family to make a risk based assessment as to when they wish to start cycling with their child. Sales volumes are very high at the moment, as you can imagine. Great Savings Free Delivery / Collection on many items ... Burley Coho XC Single Wheel Suspension Cargo Trailer. As with most of the other top of the range trailers, it can be used for cycling, walking and jogging plus ski-ing if you purchase the conversion kit. Buying a bike trailer to pull your baby or child behind you is a big decision – you want to make sure that they’ll be safe, secure, and comfortable during their ride. Read more. Guide to Bicycle Computers & GPS Navigation Devices. Running errands, commuting or touring cross-country, BOB Gear Bike Trailers carry the load. The Thule Chariot Cougar was their initial premium single seat bike trailer, and we’ve included it here as it quite frequently comes up for sale secondhand on eBay. How far can I go with a fully charged battery? Use these kits to convert to a Jogger, Stroller or Sled. Compatible with 12 mm thru-axles & fat … We often have bicycle trailers on sale or in our outlet by top brands like Thule, XLC, Hamax and Burley. This means they often come up for sale on eBay. Rent:  Find out more about renting Burley double trailers here. How do I pull a child’s bike behind my bike? If you’re just getting into cycling with your child be sure to sign up to get our regular updates about family cycling to help you through the years to come. When you’re attaching the trailer to your bike or swapping between different modes there’s a safety feature which shows green when you’ve connected it properly and red when you haven’t. I doubt there’s anything much cheaper but was wondering if you’ve heard of anything. It’s got the roll bar safety features of all the other trailers above, plus you also get two hitches, making this a good choice if you’re planning to share the pulling duties. They also come with two universal adapter hitches, great if two different people are doing drop off / pick up duties. As they don’t have the roll cage, they don’t provide the same level of protection to your child if they overturn or are involved in an impact, which is something you need to make your own risk based decision on. Hi. For more info, go to All of the trailers featured above come with an integrated roll bar, which offers a reasonable degree of protection to your child should the trailer overturn or be involved in an impact. Thule trailers come with a roll bar which provides structural protection for your child whilst they are inside, which is something missing from the much cheaper trailers available. You also don’t get the built in light in the frame but virtually all the other features are the same as the Kid Plus. These obviously aren’t manufactured to the same rigorous standards, but can provide families with a budget way to cycle with their child and are popular for gentle bikes rides on smooth traffic free surfaces. All these brands also have double seat trailer for two children – we’ve just not round to writing that post yet!! When your child is old enough to pedal but not able to ride long distances, what do you do? Penny, Sign up to receive our newsletter straight to your inbox. a “flex connector” which allows your bike to lay flat while the trailer remains upright – very useful whilst sorting your child out; a full internal aluminum roll cage for protection in case of an accident – hopefully never needed, but designed to protect your child and means many parents choose not to have their child wear a helmet when inside a Burley trailer; and.

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