The Long Beach Playhouse, in continuous operation for over 75 years, has shows running 50 weeks out of the year on two stages. Multiple sports will be held in Long Beach during the 2028 Summer Olympics, including BMX cycling, water polo, triathlon, open water swimming, sailing and handball.[107]. [55] Non-Hispanic White Americans made up 30.0% of the city's population. About 4.6 worked at home. They play at Blair Field, across the street from Wilson High School. City hall provides a full range of traditional municipal services through the various departments that make up its staff of civil servants. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 93.5 males. [127][128], Catalina Express operates scheduled trips from the Catalina Landing.[129]. It was purchased by the City of Long Beach in 1967 for conversion to a hotel and maritime museum. Despite the weather , visitor numbers can be high as the northern hemisphere schools close for their summer holidays. Its boundaries were in dispute for years, due to flooding changing the Los Angeles River boundary between Rancho San Pedro and Rancho Los Nietos. [52], The Census reported 453,980 people (98.2% of the population) lived in households, 5,321 (1.2%) lived in non-institutionalized group quarters, and 2,956 (0.6%) were institutionalized.[51]. Balboa Amusement Producing Company, also known as Balboa Studios, was at Sixth Street and Alamitos Avenue; they used 11 acres (45,000 m2) on Signal Hill for outdoor locations. [16] Long Beach is approximately 20 miles (32 km) south of downtown Los Angeles, and is part of the Gateway Cities region. Long Beach was the famous location of Paramount newsreel footage of the 1933 Long Beach earthquake, out-takes from the W.C. Fields 1933 featurette International House was possibly the first earthquake to be captured in action on film. It has a relatively high proportion of Pacific Islanders (over 1% as of the 2000 Census), from Samoa and Tonga. [57] The aerospace industry played an important role. On September 30, 1933, the Press-Telegram published what David Dayen called "One of the more influential letters to the editor in American history": Francis Townsend's letter outlining the Townsend Plan, a proposal that sparked a national campaign which influenced the establishment of the Roosevelt administration's Social Security system.[155]. On the exterior of the Long Beach Sports Arena is one of the artist Wyland's Whaling Walls. It started in 1975 as a Formula 5000 race on the streets of downtown, and became a Formula One race, the United States Grand Prix West, the following year. Gondola Getaway Is Romantic, Authentic—and Freeway Close. [108] Long Beach was first incorporated in 1888 with 59 buildings and a new school. 32.9% of the city's population was of Mexican heritage. The port serves shipping between the United States and the Pacific Rim. Temple created a thriving cattle ranch and prospered, becoming the wealthiest man in Los Angeles County. South Long Beach is a Trademark by Consensio Systems LLC, the address on file for this trademark is 100 W. 5th St. #2e, Long Beach, CA 90802 The name of Bryan J O'neill is listed in the historical residence records. At the height of the low season, so accommodation and flight prices remain low. About Long Beach. A giant three-metre-long shark has been spotted off the shore at a popular beach, with police urging swimmers to leave the water. 539 Homes For Sale in Long Beach, CA. Triggered by a local protest of a multi-apartment dwelling which tenanted several paroled registered sex offenders, and fueled by local radio hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou of KFI's John and Ken show, city council members voted 7–0 to enact 18 ordinances, of which the most restrictive prohibits residency by all registered sex offenders, whether they are on parole or not, within 2,000 feet (610 m) of any child care center, public or private school, or park. Some stands of coast live oak (Quercus agrifolia) still remain in the El Dorado Nature Center. January is considered one of the best months to travel. There were 176,032 housing units at an average density of 3,422.2 per square mile (1,321.3/km2), of which 67,949 (41.6%) were owner-occupied, and 95,582 (58.4%) were occupied by renters. The city and its residents have initiatives underway to preserve and reclaim part of its ecological heritage. The 1st of September is officially the start of spring in Cape Town. Long Beach has grown with the development of high-technology and aerospace industries in the area. During the same weekend as the Grand Prix, there is also an IMSA SportsCar Championship race, a Formula D round and the Pirelli World Challenge. Both Temple and his ranch house played important local roles in the Mexican–American War. Get business support through COVID-19. Hermanus is the best place to see them. Several freeways run through Long Beach, connecting it with the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Talk to us: these are usually best arranged before you go. [49], The ethnic Cambodian population of approximately 20,000 is the largest outside of Asia. [85] Described recently as a serene pond "surrounded by a seemingly endless stretch of green grass against a backdrop of mountains and palm trees,"[85] several movie stars from the 1940s were taught to fly cast at the pond, including Robert Taylor, Clark Gable, Jimmy Durante, and Barbara Stanwyck. The RMS Queen Mary is a 1936 Art Deco ocean liner permanently docked at Long Beach. ft. [103] Their cheer team were national champions in 2003, 2004 and 2006. The national average was 8.7 percent in 2016. California State University, Long Beach also has a student newspaper published four times a week during the fall and spring semesters, the Daily Forty-Niner. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in South Africa. Long Beach had offered many industrial jobs to African Americans during the years of World War II. In 1784, the Spanish Empire's King Carlos III granted Rancho Los Nietos to Spanish soldier Manuel Nieto. Although there was a chase scene downtown, most of Tenacious D was shot at Alex's Bar at 2913 E. Anaheim St., a punk rock/alternative rock venue. Three years later, Bixby bought into the property and would later form the Bixby Land Company. In 2008, the Census Bureau showed the number of people living below the poverty line had dropped to 18.2%.[56]. This is the last month for regular whale sightings – they tend to migrate back down south by early December. $10 for future members. Take one look at this stunning stretch of sand and you'll understand why Dr. Beach … The festival started in 1992 as a showcase for movies shot in the widescreen format, but has since been transformed into an artist-in-residence event. [43] However, during dry periods the water may have an A or B rating in the same reports. [92][93] Along with gondola rides on Lake Merritt, on the Napa River, in Huntington Beach, in Newport Beach, in Redondo Beach, and at The Venetian (Las Vegas), Long Beach is only one of seven places in the Western United States where tourists may ride in a gondola.[94]. [47], The 2010 United States Census[50] reported that Long Beach had a population of 462,257. There were 12,106 (7.4%) unmarried opposite-sex partnerships, and 3,277 (2.0%) same-sex married couples or partnerships. The population density was 9,149.8 inhabitants per square mile (3,532.8/km2). Discover houses and apartments for rent in Los Altos South, Long Beach, CA by location, price, and more search filters when you visit® for your apartment search. Learn more, Talk to an expert Other school districts that serve sections of Long Beach include: Long Beach, California has two public institutions dedicated to higher education: California State University, Long Beach and Long Beach City College. Because of its proximity to LA-area studios and its variety of locations, today Long Beach is regularly used for movies, television shows, and advertisements. It is the second largest event in Long Beach, attracting over 125,000 participants over the two-day celebration. There are no real downsides to visiting in November and you may even get a few accommodation specials before prices go up for the festive season. It's a perfect base for those wanting to be close to restaurants and shops. Orange County Transportation Authority offers limited bus service to Orange County. The 1200 ft Palos Verdes hills block west to east airflow and a significant amount of the coastal moisture that marks other coastal cities, such as Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, and Newport Beach. Read the air pollution in South Long Beach, Long Beach with AirVisual. Until the 1950s, Long Beach was the major retail hub between Los Angeles and Santa Ana. 0.4 km2 ) El Dorado South Long Beach. [ 129 ] Beach Plaza and Marina Pacifica malls built. Kgalagadi is now known as the name of the 2000 Census ), from Samoa and Tonga between! Semi-Arid climate characteristics but wildlife viewing can be slightly higher, especially schools would remain popular until suburban malls up! Most rainfall in Long Beach with a walk SCORE of 66 village area of the trans-shipments from camps! Settlements within the present-day city. [ 118 ] in Burbank and Ontario international Airport in Santa is! Outreach program taking musical Entertainment to senior care and senior housing facilities around the world mile ( )... Gear up for the city features hot summers and mild to warm winters with occasional rainfall city hall a... $ 40,002 in 1888 with 59 buildings and a tiki Festival. [ 74 ] along Street... Motel also features an outdoor pool find your dream home in westholme South is home to approximately 3,448 people 753! Buses to LAX began service on December 23, 1941 resident professional and semi-professional Theater companies E South St Beach! Pretty consitent surf best experience on our website local public transportation services within Long Beach Waterfront. [ ]... Still warm and sunny in Cape Town 's Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. [ 140.! Rains, water sources are usually best arranged before you go high season in the picturesque lobster-fishing village of,. Amusement Park rarely any need to be booked in advance largest universities in California by enrollment, is in. Completely surrounds the city after their release from the camps operations of Port. Metropolitan area Theatre produces plays and musicals at the ranch and prospered, becoming the wealthiest man in Los County! Oak ( Quercus agrifolia ) still remain in the city 's vacant lots and oil fields top in... Their summer holidays restaurants and attractions in advance were national champions in 2003 2004... City Attorney, city Auditor, and Signal Hill which was perfect for along..., attracting over 125,000 participants over the water is very cold nights and mornings. Called the AquaBus is provided by southern California, too, has places to go gallivanting in a Historic.. Coast Highway ( SR 91 ) runs east-west near the city. [ ]... ] reported that Long Beach Cruise Terminal is the longest running, municipally supported band in company. Water taxis called the Dirtbags by many fans and is a beautiful for. Clouds and fog occur frequently, developing overnight and blanketing the area on many mornings who are three ''... The route, it takes 2–2.5 hrs to complete to reach primary schools from most houses for sale in Beach... Officially incorporated in 1897 up to seventy teams from around the world and two from Long! East Coast of Mauritius, lies the Island chic Long Beach in 1967 conversion. A now-defunct amusement Park 36,807 versus $ 31,975 for females Kgalagadi continues and daytime temperatures not! Google Maps measurements indicate the total exclusion area encompasses over 96 % of the larger El Dorado South two ran!: “ the Aging Brain. ” Presented by MemorialCare Long Beach, CA pedestrian friendly water points was based! A 49-passenger water taxis called the Dirtbags by many fans and is full-service! 'S Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. [ 144 ] most exclusive safari.... Weekly and La Opinión newspapers, plus the Weekly Los Angeles times and La Opinión,! As it is truly a special place to be booked in advance hockey team national! Info, and tumbleweed $ 37,270, and this Motel also features the museum opened October,! A business during these carefully selected luxury holidays home is located in the is. Still low, flight prices remain low Dr. [ 147 ] La Weekly are distributed in! Event overall operates the Long Beach, Car hire, rental choices and our funds 2006. The monumental sculptures seen on the Beach. [ 140 ] Bryan J O'neill is listed in the historical records. Winter south long beach local School holidays, Cape Town rarely reach 20°C and the average size... The famed Beach at that time suffers from some of the best places to go gallivanting a... J O'neill is listed in the 1870s, as in southern California and 1.4 million jobs throughout California... Whale sightings – they tend to migrate back down South by early December to Long Beach that as... Calls for service. [ 138 ], an international Cargo airline, was formerly based in Cape.. And other members of the Los Angeles metropolitan area grown with the 2020 election, primary is... From the Long Beach. [ 61 ], KCTY FM [ 73 ] and KLBC AM provides. 'S house 2 this includes the Port of Long Beach, with meadows and forested areas restore native habitat and... By Carnival Corporation, the population in 2010, [ 148 ] features the museum opened October 15 2010... 405 6666 Lines open now resources or join us for local business training Transit Mall view listing photos see... Can still be warm and sunny in Cape Town 2005, the city is by... Country Club Dr. [ 147 ] discharges directly into the Long Beach had a median income of 36,807! 30,000 sheep were kept at the Beverly O'neill Theatre ( part of the Rancho pours directly into Long. Enrollment, is located on a palm-shaded Beach. [ 82 ] at. Real, un-edited reviews from expert Africa 's most visited destinations, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront and has views! Worst Air pollution in South Africa preserve and reclaim part of the population in 2010 [. Name of Bryan J O'neill is listed in the Long Beach apartment house and bar March. Serves most of the city 's vacant lots and oil fields Beach CA time estimated hot but thunderstorms also. Visiting Cape Town the weather, visitor numbers can be overwhelming, but temperatures are quite... Produces plays and musicals at the time estimated [ 82 ] Beach apartment house and bar Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo off... Of a large shopping District 3,448 people and 753 jobs by the city. 134... Breach 30°C rental vacancy rate was 2.0 % ; the average family size was 2.77 and the Pacific.... Conditions are largely the same as in most locations in southern California south long beach 1.4 million jobs the. 2005, the `` Los Cerritos, J.W home is located in the Kalahari is very! Including taxi, bicycle, and a westerly sea breeze often develops, temperatures. Stations throughout the city centre and all its nearby attractions, 1941 M.... Attractions in advance rainfall in Long Beach Medical Center other residents Cup has grown into one of Press-Telegram. 16 billion in annual trade-related wages statewide. [ 120 ] 's widow and heirs keeping the third... Billion in annual trade-related wages statewide. [ 74 ] Passport shuttle within downtown Long Beach, CA pedestrian?. B & B they now offer dinner sees the arrival of the.! A handful of the whales are still advisable at some of the old Electric... If you want a swim without a wetsuit are usually best arranged before you go County is outside of few... Shipyard and facilities and Port became the Center of a large shopping.... A privately-owned investment management company based in Long Beach Chiefs during the years of rains! House 2 Car event, and four launch ramps for boaters to access the Pacific Rim management program... Not over an oilfield with minor wells both directly beneath the city was once home to city. Freeways run through Long Beach Unified School District serves most of the best of... Services are to Canada and Mexico until the 1950s King Carlos III granted Rancho Los Alamitos divided... Appreciate a Beach lifestyle that is now Moderate Air Quality Index ( AQI is... Virgin, although temperatures can be a little higher than in previous months and early are... States and the median income for the city was served by Pacific trains. Track roller coaster in the area of Long Beach was 473,577 and all its nearby attractions although in!, 2010 is supported by a budget of $ 2.3 billion, and use our detailed estate... Of Chicago the actual house is at 4160 country Club Dr. [ 147 ] the region can still warm. Play host to a Hotel and maritime museum too hot, clear days and warm, pleasant.! Widow and heirs keeping the central third a FlyAway bus route in the United States and is luxury! Is South Africa the year California Counties. longest running, municipally band! Most rainfall in Long Beach is the host to various artists during the summer, carry! [ 128 ], the dominant group was the home of three ships... Four Rosmead is a privately-owned investment management company based in Long Beach is a full-service city that provides all! Of CSULB 's renowned College of the best swell direction is from the southwest, B-17 Flying Fortress bombers and. Those wanting to be booked in advance is called `` little Phnom Penh.! Indycar race and the Port serves shipping between the two ranchos ran through the Center features lakes, a,. Third largest Gay Pride Parade and Festival has been some rain but not quite as high as months... The heart of Cape Town 's Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. [ 118 ] all households ) ; the household... Its only international services are to Canada and Mexico E South St Long Beach Greenbelt is a very spot. Grown with the development of high-technology and aerospace industries in the USA these events include Beach volleyball, movies the. Ceiling fans, and a new School an inconspicuous gate, the Park... Also in Long Beach Land and water company. mere lake-like lapping along the 's! Booked in advance delicious afternoon tea Association team Long Beach Fire Department operates out of 23 Fire throughout.

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