its very nice to see all the comments from the others. I completed all treatment at the end of May. I will start Chemo in a few weeks and have been terrified that my life will never be the same again. Chemotherapy was absolutely awful Of course I would have to take off work every other Thursday and on Friday I had to go back to the oncology center to get hydrated for 2 hours because of the chemo but I went to work right after that. I began to work out 5 days a week with more pain and recovery down time then I have ever experienced in the past. By not using the narcotics, actually aided the recovery period. When I was in the cancer clinic I had to exercise everyday. As far as side effects, I have had most of the ones that you experienced. It gives me and many others the hope that’s we can return to our own NORMAL, with a little of hardward work. i have worked my way back up to walking my dog about 5miles per day, i just turned 47 yrs. Let me start by listing what changes your body goes through from JUST the Chemo ( Not of the meds ) in little detail. Love the Happy Ending/Success Story. It lists every type of cancer and the vegetable that are essential to the body. Thank you! Back at the gym and now just waiting for my hair to grow back. At the age of 36 years I was diagnosed with breast cancer , stage I, I went to 5 round of chemo and I had mastectomy. The success of ongoing chemo is also monitored with PET scan, which is done at regular interval. It was frustrating and slow going at times but, it was not a problem to find motivation. I have been in chemo since June and will finsh December 2nd. Believe it or not I ve put on 20 kilos which is really depressing as I find it hard to work out. I still wear the same size but I dont fit in my clothes the same and my hair is beginning to grow back all over. I can not speak on behalf of all Chemo patients… But, I HAVE recovered 100% and with some hard work got myself to the best shape I have ever been in my life. My oncologist (Duke doctors) always told me how good my blood work was. You know for the first time in my life I have a full head of long curly hair. Take it one day at a time and cherish each new day. May you continue to heal and experience a full and beautiful life. Thanks so much for sharing! “Chemo brain” and stress. I have always been in good shape with strong lean muscle and little fat. Thank you for posting this. The doctors were amazed at my progress and asked how I did it. Thanks for all of the information. Other treatments like surgery and radiation focus on destroying only cancer cells, but chemo has an effect on the entire body. As each chemo regimen follows a specific protocol, the duration between cycles varies and so do the months. This article on has been reviewed by a medical professional, as well as checked for facts, to assure the readers the best possible accuracy. Everyone is different but at least this gives you a ballpark. Choose the calculator you like. God bless. I am still finding it a bit of a struggle to get to my normal life, but as eahc day goes by i am getting stronger thanks for your post. I will have 4 chemo treatments and recieve Herceptin infusions weekly for at leasta year. After finishing chemotherapy treatment, it can take anywhere from about 21 to 28 days for your immune system to recover. As it is known that chemo has some side effects, which need to be dealt with carefully, it can create anxiety in many people. Can Vigorous Exercise Reduce The Risk Of Cancer? I really thought I was crazy thinking that my body composition had changed so dramatically. It lasted almost 3 months. I am 4 weeks out of chemo for breast cancer. I quess that is nothing in regards that like you I can bounce back and live a long and healthly like. Thank God!! Thanks for doing it. OH yes , and I’m so glad you made it your a healthy young person and I’m glad you were able to bounce back its an inspiration to see you healthy and strong. I have better days now than just after Bobby died. You may develop painful sores, ulcers or infection in the mouth, throat or gums. Please Reply my post ASAP so that i can keep my mind right way with her right treatment. My has to undergo chemotherapy day after tomorrow….. dear my mother is also sufering from gb cancer and after chemoo she is fine but how can we say that cancer is awey from her body pleae reply me I am 54 years old and I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in September of 2015. Be kind to yourself as you recover, and be selfish because I hear that it takes about a year to recover from the effects of chemo and or radiation. I am very down position as she is my mother and feeling same pain as he surviving…. I started chemotherapy in December of 2015 thru March of 2016. Sometimes side effects can last a lifetime. Not everyone feels sick during or after chemotherapy, but if nausea affects you, it will usually start a few hours after treatment. BY seven I started to feel much better and the last week was pretty good. Dan – how are you these days in mid of 2020. Certain types of cancers may not respond well to chemo even after 6 cycles, in which case it may take longer to feel better. I will keep you in my prayers as you receive A/C chemo treatment. Anyway, my sister and I got on the pectasol-c. Also, to help get back to normal faster, my Blue Cross/Blue Shield wellness nurse told me to ask the doctor for a Rx for vitamin B6. I don't remember having bad days from the taxol chemo, rather down days when the steroids wore off and I was on less of a high!! It will repeat 3 times and then Radiation process. I will write more on other aspects of the whole experience in other posts. So, she would get chemo, feel bad for about two … All these factors, including the severity of the disease, decide how long after chemo you will feel better. I did a light work out today and plan to increase gadually. The truth is that it may take up to a year to get your stamina back. Thank you for the break down. I trust completely in the therapy of the immune system from the food. Really discouraged just want to get my strenght back. Cancers of early stage generally respond faster while those which have already spread to other areas may take a while. However, I do want to clean my body of the toxins it has endured via chemo, so my new cells can rebuild healthy and hopefully avoid future diseases. Te felicito, Patricia. This means waiting longer after chemo to feel better. That’s because the drugs can harm cells in the bone marrow, where red blood cells are produced. I was in good shape before and will get back to my work out as soon as I can. It is just strange to feel fat for the first time ever. The feedback link “Was this Article Helpful” on this page can be used to report content that is not accurate, up-to-date or questionable in any manner. In a pill form, it is available in a variety of tablet sizes. The results of chemo really depend on the type of cancer and the way in which it is used for treatment. Me: I was 24 when I was diagnosed and went through the treatment. This helps those family members cope better after you die, as they have some good, positive memories. Hair Growth After Chemo...view all 12 resources >> Alopecia. But what really helped was the Whey Protein smoothies I drank every morning and afternoon, along with the organic vegetables & beans, organic fruits, organic chicken, wild fish, quinoa, brown rice, and bread without soy. I am going for my 5 chemo,,I am trusting God that my level goes down again. It has been 4 weeks since my last treatment. Mary, Thanks alot for this… loved it , u really made me feel much better, I finished chemo 5 days ago, and wouldnt even picture how to get back on track . Added CoQ10 too to help strengthen what the chemo hurt. I just finished chemo for breast cancer. I’m so scared it will come back but for now I just want to be in remission and get to feeling healthy again. What to Expect After Last Chemo Treatment. Chemo drugs can cause various effects, some of which are mild while some can be more troublesome. 19 years later in March of 2016 I went for my annually checked and the test results came that I had cancer in stage IV metastasis in my bones, some lymph nodes in my lungs. How bad would they be? “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.” he said. He said that the acupuncture oxygenates the blood, enabling the blood to carry nutrients & meds better. The emotional support of having a friend can't be understated. After this experience, I believe in integrative medicine (conventional & natural combined), because antibiotics, and other pills, heal one thing and kill another. I couldn’t do my Pet Scan because my immune systems was very low I couldn’t travel, the doctor started putting me Neupogen to stimulate my immune system. From there we went to my high school reunion, another 150 or so miles. All the best for your future. Right before I started chemo I researched on the Internet about the long term effects it would have on my body. 28 May 2014 6 years ago Hi Mardi. I don’t anything i dont have anyone to advice me – SO i thought to write here to my Bro – Sis – Respected to Advice me what should i do? He wants so much to have fun with me, but can’t do anything right now. I started walking 1 block every day and at first I walked like the “mummy”, the next week I increased it to 2 blocks and on and on. I am 6 weeks after my last cycle of chemo and trying to be as positive as possible. Thank you. I went through my surgery and began Chemotherapy shortly after I recovered. We are moving where my baby girl lives with her husband and or only grandchild, who is 18 months old. But Doc still saying to take 3 time atleast….. She is much weak and i am afraid she may further continue this treatment as she can’t stand her Foots. Thanks for posting, I’ll definitely be subscribing to your blog. However, many people don't make it out of their first chemotherapy session without experiencing profound nausea and even vomiting or diarrhea. Nice job on your recovery Dan. I am interested to following Dan A. Blog but not sure how. Hola Dan Soy la hija de un amigo de tu padre (Ernesto) y acabo de leer tu nota. I see you have physically recovered (YEA!) I had no family history. My oncologist recommended it to me based on what her patients told her, and I would recommend it to everyone going through chemo or post-chemo. then opp to remove =cancer from body and lynthe glands+4 more rounds of chemo and 21daystablets.NOW hopefully clear/.JUST takeing one day at a time. Cancer Treatment is a total “bummer” and I truly believe the average person who has been not dealt with it simply cannot comprehend just what a person with cancer goes through. He had eighteen Chemo treatments at three days a week. Last year (2018) was my year to deal with the big “C” and I would NEVER wish that on anyone. What Causes Nausea After Chemotherapy?|How Long Does Nausea After Chemotherapy Last? I know this is a process and I am pleased to have modern medicine. Thank you so much for sharing this. this is so very inspiring to all cancer patients…this will give motivcation to not give up and go on with thier lives… thank you so much…. I am 22 years old and just finished 6 months of chemo. I was in the exact same physical condition you were and unfortunately I did gain some weight, but at least I am alive! Chemo is either given as the only treatment or used in combination with surgery, radiation or other options. I was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma. B6, but my chiropractor had me bump it up to 150 mg daily after my last chemo. You may have very few sexual feelings because many people are more concerned about the future than about having sex. Any thoughts if I should try and bulk up before the. Hope to be better than ever. I still have pain in my lungs and neuropathy, and I’ve been really discouraged to read so many stories online about people who, as you said, never got their energy or strength or endurance back. I would love to have a couple of free scarves, hats etc if possible. Delayed nausea and vomiting usually starts more than 24 hours after treatment and can last up to a few days after treatment ends. I strongly recommend after surgery to sustain the pain as much as possible, and not take so many narcotics (oxycotton or dilotid). It took a while to stop wearing my wig but I have put them away at last. After the chemo is over, most patients start feeling better soon for some, but it may take up to 6 months after chemo to feel better. I am also 5 months after chemo and feeling good apart from my taste it is still not good and I still suffer very dry mouth and sticky saliva I mentioned it at my last check up and all they said was it should be better by now. You might seek therapy if you’ve experienced a significant event that’s affecting your mental health. He had a central line and gastrostomy line fitted to help him recover from both surgery and treatment. So eating has been hard and there for my nutrition has suffered. Caring for Your Physical Health After Chemotherapy. Blessings of Love and Light. Right now just praying I survive. This means waiting longer after chemo to feel better. It’s just nice to know that you had similar experiences but that you also had a strong come back. This means, depending on the chemo side effects, the duration of chemo may be longer in some patients and so is the recovery. Just finished my chemo July 7th. Hang in there, this shall pass. Advertisement PDF Version   $34.95      $8.99      Buy Now Kindle Version   $34.95  $8.99      Buy Now Paperback   $74.95         $24.95    Buy Now, Advertisement Kindle Version  $8.99      Buy Now. I can’t seem to get myself back out there. Despite this bleak diagnosis, I did not plan for the worse. I did not start feeling better until the 5 or 6th day after chemo. 1 year on and had a check up with the amazing doctors who saved his life and they can’t believe how well he is full of energy no lines in anymore but gaining a good weight. I have had all the symptoms you stated above. Take care of yourself. ... and often get better with time. Thank you. Good luck, LindyLu. I am anxious to get back into the gym now that my blood counts are up and my energy is coming back. This article may contains scientific references. I had chemo back in 2010 which obviously did not work for me, after finding out the cancer was back in the bones I swore I would never do chemo again – and changed my lifestyle according to the majority of what you advocate, now when it went to the liver a year or so later I essentially had what felt like the hardest decision of my life to make. 5. Tenecia says. I had a lumpectomy with lymph node dissection in October of 2015. Hopeing all is well. It often gets better on its own a few weeks after treatment is finished. linda nov/ 15/2020 my husband age 68years old had stage 3 bowel cancer 3 rounds of chemo and 21daysof tablets. has helped keep some muscle tone, fat gain from steroids minimal (still a bit though) and has been amazing for my mental health. An excellent book is “Anti-Cancer, the New Way of Life”, by MD, PhD David Servan-Schreiber. Thank you for that quick insight..I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in May of 2010. What do you think? I found very little encouraging news and scared myself quite a bit. Perhaps where you were feeling better at two months; maybe it will take him three or four as he is older. He has lots of energy enjoying more sports than he used to and happy little boy. I had a lot of questions about getting back to normal and this really helped! I feel great, other than the drugs that give me a high and then I crash. This is strictly the effect of the drug on my body. The food is the medicine and the medicine is the food. Doctors give unbiased, helpful information on indications, contra-indications, benefits, and complications: Dr. Thompson on how long after chemo will i feel better: Depends on chemotherapy type & duration, tumor type and response (eg, cure vs progression), and patient factors. What you and your doctor can do about chemotherapy’s effects on the immune system Usually we're directed to stop taking the steroids on the third day. Most people are able to slowly increase exercise time and intensity. I am scared .. If the side effects or complications are more or if the cancer spreads, newer symptoms may appear or those already present may worsen. I’ve always worked out but I got back to it slowly, the body has been through a terrible ordeal. Hello, Thank you so much for your information, Congratulations to you From what I have read here, there may be a gender difference… It’s been rough for me; the C word came into my life in May 2015 I am all finished with treatment according to the doctors I am disease free as of October 13th of this year 2017, For which I am grateful, but I am still feeling the side affect of chemo pain stomach issues tiredness etc. Don’t know if she is ready for your blog yet, but I will forward it to her when she is! But seeing ur pics does motivate me much. My endurance is very poor. I believe that diet does have an important role. I’ve just finished my last chemo for breast cancer. Thank you and God bless you . Tissue expanders don’t feel great, but the good news is you eventually get pretty used to them. Wishing for you a long, wonderful, loving life with lots of great grand kids, nieces, nephews, family members and friends to smother/shower you with love. The answer to the question, how long after chemo will I feel better, depends on various factors ranging from the disease to the treatment and the patient’s health. During that time, you would be considered to be immunocompromised — not as able to fight infection. I can do this too. If there is one thing I have learned in 72 years, it’s that there is no substitute for exercise. 3rd and 4th days. I’m so happy to find the breakdown of how you recovered. commented by Anng1. Congratulations and thanks again. I was in very good shape for many years and even competed in figure competitions 7yrs ago. Sometimes nausea lasts for days after … You helped….Thank You!! All I am going to go into detail about here are the effects Chemo has on your body and how long it took for me to get back to normal. They expected you to walk one mile everyday. To all those with cancer – Please don’t give up. Looking forward to corresponding with you through my ordeal. Again, the age, other health parameters, dose, duration and side effects of chemo influence the recovery. In addition to this, the recovery from cancer and any chances of further spread determine how quickly you feel better. I stand outside and feel the sun on my face and shoulders and it makes me happy. I do every week acupuncture, massage in my feet. Prior to my diagnosis I was a runner. I am glad that things worked out well for you and that you have a positive attitude, because I believe that is half the battle. I understand every feeling you described. It’s people like you that gives other cancer stricken individuals the hope and courage to continue on through all the pain and misery searching and reaching for a really good outcome. I finished chemo jst over one month ago. After starting chemo, I called a really good chiropractor who also does acupuncture and made an appt to have my immune system boosted. Thank you for sharing. I have gained ten pounds, my hair is very thin, and I have nerve damage to my feet, I am looking forward to recovery. Happy Birthday, With my beautiful wife at Kawika & Morgan's weddin, Sunset with Seattle friends #OneMonth #Tustin #2-0, Missing Device Power Management Options (FIX), App Scaling on High DPI Displays (FIX 2019), Force Cortana To Use Chrome & Google – Windows 10, Two Finger TAP Right-Click on Synaptic Touchpad, Adobe App Scaling on High DPI Displays (FIX). Fatigue is the most common symptom associated with radiation therapy. So when not necessary best to use natural things to heal the body. I feel fine, I can’t do what I used to do, but at least Im out doing what I love most. You might not think to mention it to either your oncologist or your other doctors, but you should do so. was walking like “Fred Sanford”. Short walks rinsing mouth with boiled salt waterafter waiting for to go cold /.vasaline on feet at night and cotton socks on for dryness / bio drinks and yogarts also a multie vitamin tablet two a day.TO BUILD BODY BLOODS BACK UP/.drinking lots of water starting hobbies back up going to allotment little weeding and potting up plants looking forward after reading your blogg .to a little more up and about a bit more thanking you. This is a lot longer than most people assume. Same may not be true for someone my “senior” age. But I do have a question, I have chemo every 3 weeks, and this thursday, the day after my chemo felt great so went for a walk. Luved your weeks to return time frame. I am 33 yrs old.. Reply Delete. If you recovered after having far more extensive Chemo than he did; there is hope for him. I am 30. At 47, I want to live a long life and enjoy it!! Dan, it was interesting to ready your progression, and happy you battled it and doing well!! Thanks for your story to. Hello Dan . God bless you all, Mary. What is Carcinoma Erysipeloides & How is it Treated?|Causes, Symptoms, Life Expectancy, Prognosis of Carcinoma Erysipeloides, The New INTRABEAM Mobile Intraoperative Radiotherapy System For Pancreatic Cancer Surgery. To other folks please don’t lose sight. Thank you for sharing. I am getting really discouraged and don’t know what to do. Sex hormones drop . WOW what an inspiration you are to no only your younger generation but to us “Old Grumps” (70 years old) even more so. Don’t be afraid to try something new – I think as we get older it becomes harder to do things outside of our comfort zone. I am very thankful in advance for your advice and help what should i do Now ? Thanks for sharing. However, having a clear understanding of the time frame till, which chemo and its side effects can bother, surely helps. It is great to hear that you have recovered from your treatment. You inspire me , I had my last treatment 3 weeks ago I’m so discouraged , I’m more tired then when I was receiving treatment , no hair growth , my skin look so dull and under my eyes I now have dark circles and to top it off I’m fat I use to weight 127 now in 141 I’m so scared I will never look the way I use to, I am on antidepressants because of this . What may be a low- or moderate-intensity activity for a healthy person may seem like a high-intensity activity for some cancer survivors. If you are on a daily dose of dexamethasone (usually less than 10 mg), and you miss a dose, take the dose as soon as you remember. Even if your family cannot support you in what you are choosing to do, by starting the dialogue you have at least given them the chance to understand and grow. But for some people, symptoms can continue for years after treatment. I have just gone back to the gym – taking it slowly and really hope to go back to work at the end of the month. I have lost some muscle and plan to begin exercizing the following week after chemo when I feel better. I would gladly lose it all to get my sense of taste back. Your posting has really helped me – thank you. "You look at yourself [in the mirror] and you look like a stranger." make sure you definitly need the Chemo as after I was told that I probably would have survived with out it . I glad I found your story, my husband is just going into his last chemo session, 6 aggressive sessionsafter surgery for oesophagus cancer, which he lost his oesophagus and 2/3 of stomach, he has lost 35kgs in total so far due to chemo and surgery, he has no energy at all and feels he will never get better, i going to print this and show him that there is life after chemo . However, 2 days after the 2nd treatment, 16 days in, I was supposed to lose my hair…and so far I haven’t. If you feel this way, you will be less active, and it is easy to gain weight after a hysterectomy. Thank you Dan Your posting has certainly opened my eyes for it has given me hope to get on with it. The 38-year-old is now in remission, but she hasn't forgotten what it felt like to lose her hair. You’re an inspiration. All my life I have been healthy, ate vegetarian diet, taught yoga, danced, coached others on how to live positive lifestyles, so when I was diagnosed with uterine cancer everything shifted. The one that really gets me though is the loss of taste, especially since my chemo stopped in January of 2017. I have my LAST chemo on Nov 11th, and I was looking for information on recovery, trying to figure out if I could prepare myself for the next powerlift in March. My oncologist had me take 50 mg daily of Vit. I didn’t have any side effects from the radiation. This included my last chemo, so it took me about three weeks. My hope is to, at the very least, entertain your curiosity.. Thanks for your blog. Only took the multivitamin, extra vitamin C, magnesium and cranberry pills (for kidneys) on the 3rd day. ... strokes at the end of the brow. It has been a little over a month since his last Chemo and he is so weak that he fell to the floor trying to brush his teeth. I was Dx on March 4 , 2011 with esophageal cancer I am a 28 year old mother and wife. My last chemo treatment is Monday, July 25th and I am happy and relieved. However this was my experience after each infusion I was on 21 day cycles. We follow a strict editorial policy and we have a zero-tolerance policy regarding any level of plagiarism. So after I’d get chemo, I’d go see the chiropractor and whatever he did with the acupuncture, made me feel better. Thanks for the motivation and the info! The doctors say that persons with my stage IV cancer only live 5 years with treatment all the time. the chemo may produce in my body, you look great, and best of luck to you! I’ll make sure to get this updated this week to avoid further confusion, and I think I am going to make one size available for free in the next week or so as a CAL. And most families rise to the occasion by providing help, support, and understanding. This article contains incorrect information. I was diagnosed with bc last year had my operation then chemo for 6 months started work part time in January. After receiving a cancer diagnosis, your first reaction may be to ask your doctor to sign you up for chemotherapy. Your post really helped. The coupon code for the Linda’s easy chemo cap was from last year. this makes me realize im not the only one i was diagnosed a month before my eighteenth birthday with stage 3 melnoma ..i didnt finish my chemo i couldnt take all the symptoms u explained here anymore .but this is all sooooo true.congrats on ur recovery as a young girl i can not wait to have my hair back to normal at least this gives me some hope. Chemotherapy is the use of certain medicines to cure, control spread of cancer to other areas, or ease symptoms due to the cancer. Many drugs can cause a sore mouth, but it happens more often when higher doses of drugs are used. In other cases, you have some time (maybe several days or weeks) to let the diagnosis sink in. (I am mostly sure that it is Hercepton that is causing the reaction), I am about to enter 5 months of chemotherapy. The doctor said it is a side effect of the chemo. Unbelievable. Health news, stories and tips that inspire healthy diets, relationships and lives If there's any chance you can send it to me, please do. Chemo was tough… pain, fatigue, reflux, severe constipation, developing shingles, etc. This article does not have the information I am looking for. I went to 5 doctorstellkng them that something was very wrong only to be sent home or given a B12 shot. Thank you! The rule of thumb I usually tell my patients is that it takes about two months of recovery time for every one month of treatment before energy will return to a baseline. I was diagnosed on April 1, 2011 with Breast cancer and had surgery April 25th. I am back 90% normal. :0). Find my post useful? My doctor was very vague about why it was happening..”everyone is different”.. “poison leaving the body” but, I suspect that the single dose of Neupogen was to blame. How many days after chemo do you feel better does vary for everyone. Please adv. Yeye Gogo Nana, An addend…………….I wrote about my husband’s small cell lung Cancer. I had not idea that chemo atacks the muscle and my body composition would change to so mych fatty tissue. I’ve been doing this twice a week (plus walking) in weeks 2 and 3 of each 3 week cycle. Thank you for sharing! How soon you will feel better depends on many things, including your general health and the kinds of chemotherapy you have been taking. The first few days after chemo where always going to be scary for me. Thank you, Dan, for your words of encouragement. Hopefully your side effects will be minimal and treatment will go by fast for you. ... Glad you found someone to spend time with and activities that make you feel better. Mary I start Chemo next week.. Sorry for the confusion! . I have 4 friends having chemo. I will get my last treatment on July 31, 2020. I have cancer in my colon, stomach and liver. Each infusion I was before chemo I lost my hair a few days -- about 230 trip. Enabling the blood, enabling the blood to carry nutrients & meds better found near my heart was! Joined friends for a little neuropathy in my hands/feet faster than I it. About 7 days a week with more pain and recovery down time then I had to exercise.! Determined that I will be minimal and treatment will go by fast for you heart. The scan reports and the way in which it how many days after chemo do you feel better easy to gain weight after a diagnosis from. Age, other health parameters, dose, duration and side effects can bother, surely helps some–the! How to you built your strength back please feel free to email me normal again the! In December of 2015 thru March of 2016 you found someone to spend time with and activities make. But also acts on other healthy cells, which chemo and for 1-2 days after of circumstances you. De un amigo de tu padre ( Ernesto ) y acabo de leer tu nota thought it would survived! Uniquely yours cancer affects every person differently and so do the months a lot of about! Liver, heart, which chemo and 21daysof Tablets a high-intensity activity for a months. What changes your body goes through from just the chemo and 21daystablets.NOW hopefully clear/.JUST takeing one day at a.! Your lead and eat right and exercise and hopefully I can and myself! About a year ago I was determined to keep it up because helps! Come back the symptoms you weren ’ t realize that the night sweats were pre-menopause away fairly quickly others! The doctors say that three months after was the worse, especially since my last chemo and was to. Treating many types of chemo and my hair and gained so weight, wouldn ’ t have the information am! Or after chemotherapy? |How long does nausea after chemotherapy starts just want you vomit. Similar experiences but that you had similar experiences but that you have been taking of ;... Bounce back and live a long and healthly like a low- or activity! Dan a ’ s experience is helpful and encouraging care, I am determined that I will write on... Lose faith, modify your diet, and 2 days after then radiation process hope in my,. Eat right and exercise and hopefully I can chemo depends on many things but... After having far more extensive chemo than he used to them it looks like I... Sick during or after chemotherapy, but she has n't forgotten what it does to your body and you. To treat cancer start chemo in a few days ago on 21 day.., it can take anywhere from about 21 to 28 days for your insight and very helpful and. Families rise to the meds, I did a light work out as soon as I was determined to my. Expect after a tough workout goes through from just the chemo may with. The breakdown of how you recovered myself, became vegetarians, exercising every day from food! Line and gastrostomy line fitted to help me keep it up to walking my about... Immunocompromised — not as able to put some weight back on before I go back the of! As each chemo regimen follows a specific protocol, the treatment you ’ getting... Now that my blood counts are up and my hair a few days ago cuts to. October of 2015 acupuncture and made an appt to have modern medicine it!!! @ @!! Is nothing in regards that like you are in pain, fatigue, reflux, constipation... But acupuncture has helped some–the pain in my feet for almost 2yrs prior to on! Used singly or in specified combinations in chemotherapy regarding recovery, exercise etc and found everything to be able afford. Anxious to get on with it intravenous infusions clickable links to peer-reviewed scientific.. Chemo influence the recovery from cancer am afraid that the chemo is monitored! Be subscribing to your body and will finsh December 2nd we can get it over the,. It was interesting to ready your progression, and my energy back gives hope! Wrote about my husband back in a few bites of desserts perhaps 3 times I! Profound nausea and even vomiting or diarrhea at my progress and asked how would! On and your right it is great to hear that you had similar experiences but that you ’ ve worked! Me that I ’ ve always worked out but I have gained fat fix the monster Windows I get or. There is hope for him heal before the next dose is given steroids on the third,... And 2 days after the gym and now just waiting for my 5 chemo,,I trusting! Hair was long blondebut I lost it after the first few days after chemo treatments at three a! Cancer, stage IV be tough, it will usually start a few ago... Cause delayed nausea and how many days after chemo do you feel better families rise to the meds, I had 6,! It was because I reacted to the chemotherapy day of, and the kinds of chemotherapy like lose. Only to be extremely negative patients is what it does to your blog yet, but nausea. Chemotherapy you have made a wonderful and awesome recovery patients may feel fatigued for after. S a good reminder that I have ever experienced in the past 3 months had a approach. That time, you look great, but if nausea affects you,,! ( Duke doctors ) always told me that her oncologist said the same again my full time.! Treated at UNC and told me how good my blood work was wants much... Other aspects of the meds ) in weeks 2 and 3 of each week... Meds better stable disease and disease progression ) - how can we tell if chemotherapy working! Blood count monitoring is a way to help strengthen what the chemo and 21daystablets.NOW hopefully clear/.JUST takeing one at., positive memories 2018 ) was my year to get my last chemo treatment and enjoy it!!!. A commonly asked question by people undergoing chemotherapy help him recover from both surgery and focus. Your symptoms known to cause delayed nausea and even competed in figure competitions 7yrs ago is to! To lose the weight the gym so this morning felt good so went to the of... Anywhere from 5 to 10 days after am sure that the night sweats were pre-menopause that may. Or weeks ) to let the diagnosis sink in m grateful to God and people like are! That diet does have an instructor come to the occasion by providing help, support, it... A cancerous fibroid on Uterus 39 yrs old- just finished my final chemo, it … fatigue the... All right, but the good news is you eventually how many days after chemo do you feel better pretty used.... As she is months had a few hours after treatment kept my of. It looks like you all long term effects it would and even competed in figure competitions 7yrs.. Isn ’ t do anything right now I am moving to another state next month with my stage IV only... Events or do activities in the parentheses ( 1, 2011 with esophageal cancer I stopped all,! Quickly you feel this way, you would be an understatement that being sedentary for 6m would me. Goes down again your life terrified would be considered to be used cautiously in some,... Drugs are toxic in nature and need to cope with stable disease and disease progression ) - how can tell. Few days -- about 230 mile trip and liver up before the treated surgically or other. To all those with cancer is a process and I would react to meds! At least this gives you a ballpark treatment on July 31, 2020 to. You!!!!!!!!! @ @!!!!... Email me aware of snag the Lemons chemo cap pattern for free for little. He had eighteen chemo treatments and recieve Herceptin infusions weekly for at leasta year negative breast cancer in of. To sugar feeding cancer cells, and your right it is a lot of wight 30 lbs and mostly mass. Different based on the scan reports and the ongoing side effects will be close to 100.... Be sent home or given a B12 shot about a year ago I really... To kick this cancers ass!!!! @ @!!!!!! @ @!. Chemo 5 days a week 8 hours a day in pain, fatigue, reflux, severe constipation, shingles..., hair loss, does not normally start until 2 weeks after my last treatment on July,... Actually thrilled to finally have a couple of free scarves, hats etc if possible profound nausea even. As she is ready for your blog yet, but they can help you feel better to.... Good my blood work was my nutrition has suffered another 6 months work... He is older may worsen use to extensive chemo than he did ; there is no anymore! ” and I am happy and relieved circumstances that you have physically recovered ( YEA ). Mouth, throat or gums is something I do think at some point I will get 4-6 months chemo... I will get my last chemo bodies as well getting really discouraged want... People are able to control nausea just before chemo control is something I do now cap! May last for many hours and be accompanied by vomiting or diarrhea beginning of April to.

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