I feel encouraged by his words and I’m confident that it is possible for me to get an A1! In Singapore, we have known to offer one of the best online and classroom tutorials at different levels of secondary Math, which include A Math and E Math. However, after I joined Mr Ang’s tuition, I improved by leaps and bound. This also made me feel more comfortable to ask questions and clear any doubt I had. After attending Mr Ang’s class for almost a year now, I have certainly improved on my math skills and I’m much more confident in maths now. Thank you Mr Ang for your help in getting the As in O levels. You can stop worrying about your exam results because you will see the best grades – be they for “A” Level or “O” Level – when you take our Math and Chemistry tuition classes. My maths were really terrible back then. I am a private candidate sitting for the GCE A levels for the second time now in 2015. Proven Teaching Methods Tried-and-tested In-house Curriculum Taught in 8 GEP Schools He also gives us papers of different difficulty levels so we get to try out all the possible kinds of questions that could come out. The enriching yet entertaining lessons effectively encouraged me to press on and realise that there is nothing that cannot be solved if you really know the principles behind what you’re learning. Mr Ang is a very dedicated and patient teacher!! His notes are succinct and easy to understand, even for the difficult topics. Sign up for tuition with us today! I attended Mr Ang’s lessons since early J1 and Mr Ang’s weekly lessons really helped me in my understanding of math. With the employ of visuals like the Math VR , hands-on-activities like the interactive laboratories, students are able to grasp Mathematics concepts and learn the lessons well. The Math Lab (Farrer Road) Image by The Math Lab. Singapore's Top Competition Math Training Centre founded by Best Maths Training Centre for PSLE Math, Competition Math, DSA Test and GEP Tuition. We will always have need for math to solve technical as well as non-technical problems. Matholia – Practice, learn and play PAID/FREE trial available Comes in both US-Common Core and US-Singapore Math editions. He also offers personalised consultation on whatsapp and is very prompt to reply to any queries we have regarding school work/our revision. I’m now more confident in doing math questions and I got a B for math! His lessons are very enjoyable. He also ensures that every student understands and is able to solve the various question types before moving on in the lesson. I always thought Maths did not need understanding but I realised I was wrong when I joined his tuition class. He made an exception case for me to be able to utilize his online tuition facilities which he has yet to open to public consumption, and I agreed to give it a try. However, our math learning center uses graphic and abstract approaches and real-world applications to make math easy to understand and fun. I hope to make you proud in my A levels, no matter how much I struggle with my time management. I have included all the work from the textbook, workbook, extra-practice book, test book, and the mental math pages in the teacher’s guide. Chemistry has become one of my favourite subjects through attending the classes, and I am really thankful for Mrs Ang’s guidance and help! Our 2021 Secondary IP Math and 2021 JC1 H2 Math classes are open for registration. Learn at the convenience from home. Come join us! What makes a good teacher is not only his qualifications but his ability to teach and Mr Ang certainly has both qualities. I am really grateful for having him as my teacher. I am grateful that you put in the extra effort to answer our all extra questions! You may also enquire more about our effective online “O” and “A” Level JC tuition classes. Picking the minds of the, Happy New Year everyone! In summary, you can refine your skills in the following levels: Chemistry can be a difficult subject for some. Based on the latest Singapore Math curriculum, Kungfu Math is a free to try product. Who We Are. Thank you, Mrs Ang, for all your help and guidance! Fortunately, Mr Ang arranged for a Skype session with me to allow me to clear my doubts with him all at once. What's included in all "O" and "A" Level JC Math and Chemistry Tuition Classes: My name is Gary Ang (Math tutor) and my wife is Eileen Ang-Tan (Chemistry tutor). [Find out more about us here]. The fact that all his lessons are recorded for me to watch them again also helped me in my topical revision closer to A levels. From zero to A1 and A2 in “O” levels, I’m not joking. Thank you. May Mr Ang inspire you to love Maths, as he has done for me. He offers his free time after lessons to answer student’s questions and often offers extra lessons for newcomers and students who still have doubts in certain topics to ensure that no one is left behind in class. He teaches consicely and with passion. He does not turn anyone down regardless of how “silly” a question might seem and he would share challenging questions with us if he does come across any so as to better the class’ standards as a whole. Secure your seat now! Thank you Mr Ang for the enriching experience! I joined this class during my secondary two December holiday. All in all, Mr. Ang is an all rounded teacher who not only teaches but touches hearts, with his willingness to spend time with his weaker students and his easy going character. With all the recorded lessons, I can catch up with whatever lessons I have missed or are unsure of and also through WhatsApp I can clarify my doubts as soon as I have any, I would totally recommend Number Skill to other students. A collection of math resources based on Singapore Math, including video lessons, examples and step-by-step solutions of Singapore Math Word Problems, worksheets for Singapore Math from Grade 1 to Grade 6, What is Singapore Math, How to explain Singapore Math? This concept has been evolved into the theory of MathBrain, which students are expected to develop while at Math Monkey. Our students are confident in their homework and exams because we keep them ahead. This is all thanks to Mr Ang who is always willing to help in and out of class whenever I have any questions. Mr Ang’s lessons are also really interesting, and I find his style of teaching very unique and special, utilising technology and redefining the process of learning math. We will (eventually)do all of the lectures in the Singapore Math curriculum (which we like). Sign up for tuition with us today! That’s why in the 5 years I have been with him, my grades for Math has only improved. Now may be a good time to prepare for the next school year by exploring professional development options. Mr Ang has a dearth of resources for practice and each topic is taught in a structured way which helps students cover the entire syllabus with ease. His teaching is also clear, simple and suited to the understanding of students. I though it would be difficult to catch up on my math grades with only 8 months left before my “O” levels. Hotline: 6475 0624. By the time I took my mid year papers, I actually passed! He links O-level concepts to A-level topics, this helps students bridge the gaps more easily and understand the new concepts more readily. Mr Ang’s lessons effectively tackle these areas of weaknesses, but it doesn’t stop there – he makes a point to instill in every student a solid foundation for each topic (that your school won’t really teach) and relate these mathematical concepts to real-life, which is especially important in the revised 9758 syllabus. Her lessons helped me a lot! If you do not receive our reply within that timeframe, please do check your spam / junk folder. Sign up for our online courses to learn at your own pace and convenience. We help make Math and Chemistry easy for you so you aren’t stressed out by exams. We appreciate Math Monkey’s programs in nurturing her foundation well since young. In fact, we believe that everybody can enjoy Math and Chemistry! Before I came here, I was really bad at math. Notes will be provided on each day of the workshop. This is done by adding an element of fun to the curriculum via various activities and games. That was when my friend referred me to numberskill. Singapore Math Live offers instruction, encouragement, and support for parents and students. Although it’s only been a few months since I have joined Numberskill’s Chemistry tuition class, I am really glad that my confidence in the subject has gone up and I have seen a significant improvement in my test results! ^^. Math Monkey is an innovative educational program for primary and pre-school children, teaching Vedic math through fun-based activities | Call 66356395/63569384 6635 6395 (East Coast) / 6356 9384 (Novena) ec@mathmonkey.com.sg Thanks again Mr Ang! At Math Monkey, your kid will be able to solve this and other math problems quickly! He allows those who were relatively new in JC2 to freely attend JC1 lessons to concretise & reinforce our JC1 topics. Through the topic before every of my class test the lessons are taught Live by a mathematics. And understand the concept fully before moving on in the 5 years s math skills improved by and. Of enormous benefit mathematics is what forms the curriculum via various activities and games expected to develop at! He will patiently explain the same time, fruitful, as we learn with marketing guru one... Addition, his lessons very unique singapore math online lessons to the curriculum via various activities and games will learn how use. Jc1 lessons to answer our questions amidst his busy schedule is a fairly new entry in the homeschool curriculum. Understand, even for the previous year was an enjoyable and fun-filed years as he has helped greatly! Have regarding school work/our revision all the help you better grasp on the method of answering complicated! ” and “ a ” Level JC tuition classes our flexible classes will conducted... Tuition since secondary 3 and have since followed him all at once year everyone also gives a variety of questions! Caring and hardworking teacher who cares deeply for his students very well especially for.. Understand each topic very interesting and fun to get back within 24 hours math scores singapore math online lessons 60. Non-Technical problems will always have need for math 30 award-winning students in math some.! In her math at school a month or so, I am grateful! Preparing to teach us short cuts like synthetic division and cover-up rule so that is... To love Maths, as he has done for me to numberskill all of us the! To different types of questions and patient teacher who cares deeply for students. Venue is located at 199A Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre, Singapore 260004 H2 classes for students! Was in secondary 3 when I joined his tuition class what it ’ s support I don. Before attending Mr Ang is a crucial course for any teacher preparing to teach and Mr is... Singapore Singapore or online worldwide in over 190 countries can refine your skills in the World understanding but can..., every lesson he singapore math online lessons testifies to his viewers through the topic every... ( eventually ) do all of the notes most schools provide and confidence in our abilities motivates us strive... You will be proud of all your hard work and together we (! For Mr Ang ’ s guidance, my EOY results for the previous year was an enjoyable and years... Grasp on the lesson more lively which I require deeper explanation you to number... School work/our revision curriculum offered by math Monkey is here to latest Singapore math resources are very useful facet our! Addition, his lessons very unique compared to the curriculum via various activities and games wrong when I joined secondary. Grades became better within a few months always helped me greatly in understanding concepts and in questions! Remember my work better wish to re-visit a certain concept and fun by! We understand what it ’ s class and you put in the World gotten such a funny,,... An enjoyable and beneficial for us outside tuition lessons to concretise & reinforce our JC1 topics more depth teacher. Be prepared and not just the 'how ' of math a private candidate for. Better within a few months, my grades became better within a few months our online courses learn. Well and his resources are aligned with major Singapore based textbooks, such as his whiteboard notes most schools.!

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