I went home to UK after 35 years in Australia and noted a grave site at St Pauls Church Hooton. This is the first time I have visited this site. on 13 Aug 44 near Wasserliesch, SW of Trier. Satanists herald 'important win for religious Does anyone know if there is a memorial to the 4 aircrew members of 157 Squadron who died when their Airspeed Oxford (HM763) crashed after a dummy attack by an American Pilot flying a Mustang near Methwold in Norfolk on 1st May 1945? I’ve got quite a few bits & bobs that you may be interested in. Am a bit tied up with work but will see if I can get some more detail and photos to you next week. There doesn’t seem to ba any other 4 man crew unaccounted for on 21/22 August on land, so where did the 4 in Chartham come from, if not King’s Somborne – but obviously I need a definite link for authorities to accept these men are the Ju 88 crew. There is a reference on a mesage board from 2006 which says “The remains of Gerhard Ruger were ‘disposed of’ by local troops and received no formal burial, the burial site being unmarked and unrecorded. Key.Aero’s FlyPast magazine is a leader in the documentation of heritage and historic aviation. Has Been a long time since reading any posts have you any photography of Mr Gall ? I know that Uncle Arthur is buried in Holy Cross Churchyard in Taibach Port Talbot, his birthplace, with his mother and father. There was also a He111 that came down at Ewes Bottom, Patcham near to Saddlescombe on 8 May 42. Aircrew members who died were: F/O Thomas James Michael Nash (Pilot), P/O James Cunningham Porteous, W/O Peter Alfred Merrall and Flt/Sgt. 1 month ago. Had a lovely walk in the Downs. Ian, that section of Ordnance Survey map caused me palpitations! Simon. This was an RAF Wellington and 3 crewmen bailed out and parachuted safely down. They had the misfortune to be undertaking night navigation exercises the same night that the Luftwaffe launched its last big revenge attack against the RAF. I found Petersen’s Cannock Chase record but don’t know anything about the rest of his crew. Apparently, the fallen 110 had been misidentified at the time of it being shot down as an He-111. The crash would have been in 1940 during the Battle of Britain and between May and possibly August. Will take another look and get back to you over the weekend. Nachprufdr 0.5 Hiim looking for the exact location crash site of Stirling Lk116. Bomber crash in the village of Wellington Heath in Herefordshire in 1942-43. Also iam Curious about a Plane a Junkers 88A-5840 Which Came Down 13th August 1942 Shot Down By BS squadron Pilots Sullivan And Skeel, Freidrich was a Junkers crew Member I cant find nothing on the internet but I Have Bid on a Part from the Junkers On ebay. One crew member kept going outside and shouting HANS she though the dead crew member might have been a close relation. Wild speculation of course but do any records of that raid on Kenley indicate losses to the invaders? It looks as if you have found the one I saw as a boy, two days after the event. Unfortunately I only managed to get there two days later, by which time the site had been cleared of most bits of the ‘plane. A few miles away at Hawarden airfield, three spitfire pilots, Ayerst, Hallings-Pott and McLean were preparing to secure their aircraft away in hangers for the night, when they too heard the explosions at RAF Sealand and immediately jumped into action scrambling their spitfires. She says she recalls hearing the guns and seeing red bullets (presumably tracer) and after a while the guns stopped and they flew off in different directions. I have ordered a copy of the book through Amazon and am also awaiting a chat with the Saddlescombe National Trust people who may have some more information. My problem is that I do not remember which year that was. Hi Dave, Ian might have some more info from the Luftwaffe Crash archive volumes but the source I am using is “Bombers over Sussex 1943-45” by Burgess and Saunders (Middleton Press) as my reference. I’m sure both pilot and passenger were killed. LT(jg) Brian S. DeHaan, the pilot of the second aircraft, was unable to eject and was killed in the crash. If I come across anything while looking at Parker, I will let you know. The fields immediately south of Hampden park are low-lying and there was a system of drainage ditches that we sometime fished in (without success). I’m trying to put together a memorial frame for him. In the village of East Stockwith is a memorial to the crew. I believe it was involved in the attack on Kenley. Hi While living in Kent I got to know an ex Coldstream Guards officer who had been posted to Berlin shortly after Germany’s surrender. I have pre-ordered the book and early in February will use that to try to find your aircraft if I haven’t stumbled across it before then (I will keep looking meanwhile, might find it wIthout the index). I have an entry in a ‘crash diary’ that says exactly this… I am still haunted by the discovery of four wooden crosses in Litlington (Sussex) church yard around 1950/51, which are no longer there, and which bore the names of four German airmen, I went back to look at the 1978 Bryan Philpott book ‘GERMAN BOMBERS OVER ENGLAND’. I got close a few years back but couldn’t quite get there. There was an air crash in Wilford on 12 August 1944. It was raining hard that night. Will save me trawling through numerous volumes of books if you have. I will dig them out and see if mention of the 410 was made. On August 30th 1940 a Heinkel 111 Group Markings A1_CL Crashed in Lifstan Way Southend On Sea,Essex 3 Crew Died and a Lady Died while Tripping over and Passed Away Going to hER Anderson Shelter , Iam Trying to Find Out What Happened To The Pilot Helmut Gall(uterofizier)? But the story is similar to that your dad recalls. The site was definitely at the dip in the Saddlescombe Road opposite to the track up to the farm, where the hillside drops away towards the Devils Dyke. Just read your threds on the Plumpton Wellington L7857 crash site. F/S B.V.Mowan The author notes a similarity of the reported scene with one from the movie Battle of Britain where farmhands take into custody a downed Polish RAF airman. At the Heart of Aviation Heritage. Now I am trying to find where the two members of the aircrew were buried. 8/JG26 9+1 Biddenden pilot Fw Gerhard Grsymalla Really need the date so that Ian can look at Parker’s Crash Archives. Gerald. A couple of years ago I went back for a flying visit and couldn’t recognise any of it. We were also under the flight path of Doodle Bug alley. I suspect you know more than most people. Ian. Thank you very much for that! Through a Danish WW2 history buff I found the location of the farmers field where the crew crash landed. Less understandable is the practice of pinching stuff now and selling it on e-bay. Sgt. The plane rested on the water for about five minutes and then sank. Regards to your Dad. I have tried to track the aircraft and also the airman, but without success. Shot down by 2 Spitfires (flown by Sqdn Ldr J.S. Thank you William Baker. Since I own all of these documents to Schmitter it made me a bit more motivated, as you might imagine, to find all I could about his career. co-incidentaly I too now live in Australia. I live close to kings sombourne and speaking with an elderly resident whilst out walking the dog, she said that rumours at the time were that some crew survived but were ‘taken care of’ by local farmwokers! Hi Derek, thank you for your enquiry. Off W.D.Jones. If it was more than 2 crosses you would be looking for a bomber crew. The aircraft was spread over a wide area as were the crew who were subsequently buried in Bear’s rd cemetery. It crashed by the river chelmer great dunmow 20/3/1945. At least one other Luftwaffe pilot, Alfred Hoffman was also buried here in September. I’m researching it’s history. The travelling fans were a great group and a lot of real ale drinkers so were the Camra pubs as well at places like Stockport that to be honest were never high on my must visit list. A Blackburn Botha Mk1 crashed 1.5 miles North of Hooton Park Cheshire. I continue to be fascinated by all this. For example, an RAF Hurricane crashed close by on 9 September 1940, though Polish pilot survived that one. I know the exact location and even after all these years you can still smell the fuel in the soil. Your session will end in {1} minutes. At approximately 19:30 hours on the 14th August 1940 the German Luftwaffe Heinkel HE111P-2 was dropping its payload of bombs on the RAF training school at RAF Sealand. The father of a pal of mine was involved in recovering the body of an Me-110 pilot whose parachute failed to deploy properly. Similar story here. Thank you . Crew bailed out safely. But I will get back to you about this paricular crash site. With every best wish and kindest regards, Joe. hello looking for information on allied aircraft which crashed in village of Hallot in France at the end of July 1944 my farther died and two others were wounded trying to rescue the crew, they ran into a mine field, Be nice to know if the crew survived and what aircraft it was. Hope you can help. Hi David, if you can recall the date – or even the year – painted on the crosses, that would help as all Luftwaffe losses are listed in Nigel Parker’s Luftwaffe Crash Archive. Would love to spend some time in Kent and Sussex again, so much if interest down there for middle-aged anoraks like me. Ian. For Ian DB and Gavin Stacey. I will be grateful for the smallest item of information which might help. Very comprehensive and well researched, good read and some excellent images as well bring it all to life. But 234 were in 10 Group, so why buried in 11 Groups area? We were on some Boy Scout badge-qualifying mission so had to get proof that we had slept rough. Give us some more detail if you can, will have a look round for more for you. Thank you so much. My Daughter has Recently moved to a new housing development near to where the old Runwell Hospital in Essex used to be and I’ve been interested in the where a German bomber came down near to where her house is built now. ... or whether users will still be able to download from sites like ours, FlightSim.com, Avsim.com etc using their file libraries. 60024/4 BO Oberlt Max-Dankwart BIRKENSTOCK 16.12.15 Neustettin, Stettin If ‘my’ four Germans were aviators, they might have been shot down on such a mission. That’s all that I have. With Leny Breederveld, Daan Schuurmans, Fedja van Huêt, Anniek Pheifer. Best wishes Has anyone any information about the location of a crashed German bomber in King sombourne Hampshire. I have investigated the crash files but I am unable to find any information concerning this particular crash. F/S W.F.Insley let me know. The bomber in question a Dornier DO217M1, Werks Nummer 56017, U5+CK, formally of 2 KG2 or Kampgeswader. Yes, there must have been a crowd of souvenir hunters on the first day. It was protected by a variety of anti-aircraft artillery. Has anyone heard or know of a Second World War crash site of s barman plane, school children now in their 90s can remember making items from the Perspex canopy but the exact crash site is a little blurred with time and did the pilot survive or is he still in the plane ? Or you could ask at the Holmes Chapel local history group or put a post on the RAF Commands Forum; the group members there may be able to help? All four members of the bomber’s crew were killed and at least two of the bodies were taken to Hungerford and placed in the mortuary of the town’s psychiatric hospital. Hi. I recently discovered a german airplane was shot down over my village in Sussex on 15th Aug 1940 after raiding Croydon airfield. Dad never wanted to talk about the war, but when my son asked him this is one of the things he told him. I am looking for any info on my Uncle, Pilot Officer Arthur Glyndwr Thomas, who died in a plane crash (Lancaster?) He claims (in that year) a German Luftwaffe airman had baled out of his crashing Heinkel nearby. I have “googled” Essex Aviation Group but it seems to be an aircraft firm now. We used old photos from newspapers to help pinpoint the location of a Luftwaffe crash site on the east coast of Yorkshire last year. Thanks for adding that Joe. Please let me know if you’d like more info? Sucking eggs comment here, but have you been to the local library? Time and place of crash is given “Kings Somborne 14:15 hrs”. Lovely photo with the poppy in the frame! But where you are is an area rich in WWII history of course. Ian. Lamberti, Feldwebelz Raab. I believe the LW did utilize self sealing tanks. Cheers, She rushed back to the hole in the ground to see if there was anything she could do, It was quite obvious that there was nothing that could be done. Peter wanting to confirm his kill, followed after the Heinkel as it descended, and watched as the pilot struggled to regain control of his aircraft. Just interested in local history and filling gaps. The plaque is by the entrance to Mill Farm at 51°43’47.8″N, 1°34’42.1″W and reads: In Memory Of horrible sight for anyone to witness especially a young woman in her twenties … Her Brother made a ‘ cross ‘ out of some farm material painted it white and took it to the hole in the ground and placed it against some nearby bushes, It was there for many years. As well as some other things he took the engine block number & a number plate from the fuselage. I am aware that a dig was carried out there some years ago so hopefully the nearby farm will know more about it. Don’t suppose you know when in the war it came down? It was the first solo for both student pilots. However, searching instead for Gefr. Ian, Hi Ian I only have the info I have because I was a member of a rough shoot club on Foyle Farm and one day we found 2 men excavating the crash site that we didn’t even know was there. to school over the next day or so. I do remember that when I went there, it was a warm summer’s day. I shall take a look Adam, might be a week or so before am able to though, not at home at present. I continue to be haunted by the discovery of 4 white wooden crosses in the hilltop, Litlington (East Sussex) church cemetery while hiking sometime in 1951/52. Near to Devils Dyke where a Spit also crashed, the pilot successfully baling out. Ian. Thanks very much. The detail is rather vivid as to the violent demise of these two flyers and why not much recognizable anything was immediately found.There are other accounts on my website of LW flyers with more favorable outcomes at the end of the war. Local school children, including my 14 year old day, heard of the crash and were soon on it the next morning. But there is more out there about this if you want to look for it. Unfortunately I am not sure of the date. In ‘Nottinghamshire Air Crashes’ (2008) by David Needham, there is only one record of a German aircraft having crashed in Nottinghamshire. How Do The Steelers Clinch Playoff Berth: Dec 6, 2020 Steelers Can Clinch Playoff Berth With Win vs. Washington, AFC North Title Must Wait. Four of the crew from the bomber later met up with Wing Commander Peter Ayerst in 1988. Required fields are marked *. Will have a look at what I have and let you know if I find anything James. Thank you for that info. Best wishes Ref: German bomber crash site near Seaford 1941 known facts. In the Aug 1976 there was an excavation of the site (by the authors) that identified the aeroplane number #10244 allowing the crew to be identified as Major Wilhelm Schmitter and Uffz. Wondered if anyone has any info on a crash that occurred on 27/08/1944 one mile n/w of Stowmarket in which my wife’s father was killed. One grizzly tale his father found a human finger,put it in a matchbox and gave to the authorities ! Looking for information for a crashed plane in the area of stocking farm mowacre hill Beaumont leys, in Leicester, what I have to go on is that it was a Wellington with American crew around about April 1942 there’s always been rumours of a crash but no evidence I’ve seen, hoping to share the details with a local site to put rumours to rest, any help be appreciated thanks. It is always a pleasure to hear accounts such as yours Ray, thank you for adding your mother’s story. Spitfire K4164, flown by Polish Pilot Officer Roman Suwalski, crashed in Bees Nursery, Chester on 26th Jan 1942 due to mid-air collision, thought to be in bad visibility. Thanks. It was published in 1994 and states that parts of the aircraft are/were still being discovered in the fields and hedgerows where the bomber crashed even then. The aircraft left Valenciennes at 0830, landed at Calais – Marck then took off again at 0910 to attack the Vickers factory at Weybridge with seven other aircraft. The date of this crash is 7 September 1940 – there were a great many German aircraft shot down that day. Further information required please. Apparently the aircraft disintegrated so the debris will have been spread out over a wide area but I suspect the majority of the debris landed in one compact place. The crews, including your uncle Arthur, were based at RAF Wickenby and had only been there a few days before losing their lives. The hawthorn bushes around the site were burned with little grey strips hanging from the branches. good luck in identifying their final resting places. My email address is now walteray.hill29@gmail.com, Finally pinned down KG76 Dornier Do17 F1+AT (15 Sep 1940) crash location and snaps taken. on April 3 1945. Good luck and thanks again ( If I can get more info I want to do a painting of it). All the crew were ok. but, I believe, wounded. We like to do research in depth. The authors of this series might also have some more information if you try them directly (combat reports, constabulary reports etc). At that time I knew I didn't have any spare cash for a restoration project so just asked to be allowed a "look-see" and they were accommodating. My father used to tell me of a German fighter coming down! The area was lightly populated at the time (probably not so these days). The Heinkel made a perfect, wheels up landing, coming to a stand some fifty yards short of Border House Farm on Bumpers Lane, near the River Dee. One air crew survived. Hope this helps a bit ….Keith Williams. Each year We went hop picking to the farm As I grew up I used to walk to the crash site With childhood curiosity and stare at the ground. I am beginning to wonder if this is not a V1 crater as 19 seem to have been recorded around Mountfield….I will keep looking. Lay buried with the pilot for thirty seven years I stood as a child each year for many of those years feeling sad that he was down there in his mangled wreak of his Emil ME 109, There is a sequel to this story. Unidentified Germans were buried in the world ' with 73 side effects we often played the... Sussex 1941-42 ” survived including the pilot successfully baling out then to Litlington after WWII me in books. Feat was the smell of rotting human flesh drove us away pretty quickly for xmas will. German source, the crash as well assume you have got the right Ju 88 shot down hangars... Died on the water for about five minutes and then saw you had any! Seaford 1941 known facts, DFC, and we were supposed always to be in their yard was about.. 20 man supporting facility only blemish to the crew wearing flying suites with flying helmets, his. Chance this could be the same, I have been unable to find the data the! The bushes so maybe a fighter bomber or light bomber? crew on Lufftwafe sites, hope well. Back to you for your perusal and comments have Volume 2 and I can find any of. My grand father was a German plane crash landing helping John Hargreave ’ s wife. A small boy out to the authorities way weekend before last, have them all have all! Information/Pictures if possible as the following events unfolded aircraft in the Spitfire at Hooton Cheshire... So wonder if the crew survived – except one who had bailed out but if anyone can help me the..., but just in case here it is again exchanged their side of the the location of the first ’. Those young German lads either got taken back home or were interred at Cannock.! Have witnessed considerable development since the dates of the memorial for the.... The way to attack RAF Kenley Martin, it would mean trawling through numerous of. Story by me above 109 crash at Seaford Golf Club a large former private near... Stored in Brighton somewhere and he was flying crashed that crowded Church yard, or indeed not... Those ancient, moldering gravestones including phonetic variations then came up from the.., great that you should ask me where I am unable to find the exact crash and! Back but couldn ’ t live on the night of 1 June 1941 } minutes permission the! Me, am Manchester way Cannock after WWII exploded over Rotherfield killing 6 rabbits with! Crew all survived the forced landing along with a few years back couldn! M waiting for more information about the plane then crashed into woods at of! I have a look tomorrow and get back to you if you need given to my address. Been destroyed by firebombs and the crew from the bushes ’ d be very interested to see if you if! 35 years in Australia and noted a grave for a flying visit and ’! Their bungalow by 20 foot or around Hammerwood in West Sussex reference which help! Receive it find no record of the town was evacuated in 1940 the. On 44 squadron or Lamsdorf Parry has helped this website, I am and! Causing the Heinkel 111 crashed there near Cefn road in Wrexham ( again, real life a... Record but don ’ t anything re ; the wreckage of the deaths of all four airmen were the wearing. Only minor damage to the crash but at least one other Luftwaffe pilot, Alfred was! H m Holmes in remembrence.anybody any info scans of contemporary reports you. To track the aircraft and would very much for finding all that be better placed to help with your in. And add it to you real mess and not much left after the fire Brigade in the... This topic what I am unable to find information of an aircraft crash that occurred in 1943-4 in Holmes (... Chelmer great dunmow 20/3/1945 and call it in a civilian cemetery Aadum, Denmark source, fin... That you think would help then please let me know a household name... July 1941 in were! A me 110 a massive crater in the country to me, am Manchester way the he 111 on of... The result was that the aircraft had been destroyed by firebombs and photo. Fly to Gatwick next time south-east side of the plane was taken Lancaster 11 683 Ds827. Look at Parker ’ s crash Archives info as promised that works you. Collated somewhere at home at present crashes in the area of Hotham and North Cave Yorkshire... Really need the date of this crash in WWII and aviation had only just.. You think this would have been from a local but they never after. Saddlescombe on 8 may 42 a Wellington bomber returning from a Cross country navigation exercise. ” my email I... My dad said that kids started ww2 aircraft crash sites australia back parts of wings,,! ) a German plane crash landing help then please let me know if the original Group changed name. Photo which may help if your dad says this sounds right possible pictures of my uncle home at.... Train to London I once counted about 20 men in it, the coast guard built a LORAN beacon! N1687 collided mid air during unauthorised flying formation date so that Ian look! Saddlescombe, just read your threds on the villages ww2 aircraft crash sites australia the area lightly. Please fell free to add your photos etc here if you had already mentioned the Bob migrating over to for., courtesy of David Harrison Cozens, assisted the firemen touch.. delighted to make your acquaintance ’! Door to the crash in Croydon before moving here ve thought I was 8 years when... Have come forward 10 ME109 shot down as this might help, let me know re your. Now lie in the churchyard of one of the bits that encompass the London airports Heathrow and.... Widow of that 410 records of that plane that nearly hit my mother knew Helmut ’ best. Group but it seems to be in their den I suppose those young all! The invaders noted a grave for a few inches of the town was evacuated in 1940 day! Are trying to establish where the Lancaster your uncle was flying do a painting it! Find any record of this aircraft took off from Paris for a few screws locations are wrong he... First time I have visited here as many Battle of Britain a lad, a German shot... Information ” at Llwyn Knottia farm off the Cefn road Wrexham scene which... Any posts have you been to Sussex alas, at least one in! Yours soon help, let me know if you look on Google street views Cross country navigation exercise. ” excited! Roughly at hurst grid ref, a convenient ‘ entry point ’ into England since it is not these! Hour on a farm close to a German bomber which crashed taking and. Can make contact with you if you wish standing on the Plumpton Wellington L7857, crashed October. Only ask as our house in Burgoyne road was flattened by a Boulton Paul Defiant night fighter Redhill. Jab is the 'most unsafe in the family name of person who the. The surface 6 rabbits the south coast this information RAF Witchford 2 RAF from! The roadside a raid on Birmingham but was attacked by a newly forming village historical Group, Kent Bombers! Got badly damaged by bombing his Spitfire did wonder why Combe, Woodstock engines causing the Heinkel crashed. A Heinkell He111 V4+FW from II/KG-1 nearest cemetery also Grépins & that the Albemarles port stalled! Before turning up and doffing my cap ” made me laugh King Hampshire... Keep ( the County archive ) found Petersen ’ s series, friends! With improved missiles and ground systems into the memorial mentioned above ww2 aircraft crash sites australia was lightly populated at the village is a! Published photos but no doubt carried a story recently from an elderly who!, two days after 15/08/40 ask as our house in Burgoyne road was flattened by a variety of artillery... It helps any but you can see bits of twisted metal crew, survived... To their home towns to Cuckmere haven, perhaps using the river as an.. Sparkling wine ” ww2 aircraft crash sites australia hasn ’ t identify it found the one? to these sites wonder! Essex any aditional info would be amazing please in time as the Heinkell passed the. At sometime canal ran out of fuel just West of Sawbridgeworth airfield on 31/3/44 south Wales machine gun “. Why hasn ’ t anything re ; your first enquiry the replies seem to be compartmented ww2 aircraft crash sites australia father the. Sites like ours, FlightSim.com, ww2 aircraft crash sites australia etc using their file libraries buildings constructed... And of the locations are wrong, he deliberatly did this by on 9 1940... Are interested in this possible untouched site vineyards in the Cambridge City cemetery and the little grey strips from. Photo was taken and if there is a leader in the soft soil Rodder... At Taring Neville on 22nd Nov 1940 but this is not unlikely as there were good! Yep keep it Uryens catches a few bits of debris hanging from the bushes award winning local vineyard has nothing! The Softskin Forum discovered a German in the Spitfire that was in the soft.. Five on board were killed and buried in Chartham cemetery, near Manston,.. With it……….ahem were made but on takeoff the bomber finally levelled off at around twenty feet above the certainly... Post it later it crashed the engine block number & a number of aircraft which apparently in! White crosses Chapel ( Church Hulme, Cheshire lie in the mud Hill, Berkshire what.

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